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New vs. Used Car 6 Benefits of Buying a Slightly Used Car for Cheap

By Jason Steele

Other than your home, your car might be the most expensive purchase that you ever make. I love nice cars, but I also try to manage my finances responsibly. As a result, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that a new car is an unnecessary expense.

Sure, you can find overpriced used cars and bargain buys on brand-new vehicles, but it s not just the sticker price that makes a new car a waste. The associated fees, subsequent costs, and losses in value (i.e. depreciation) add up to thousands of dollars over the first few years of new car ownership. This is especially bad news if you end up upside down on your car loan .

On the other hand, a slightly-used car one that s only around two years old and has under 30,000 miles on it can help you keep cash in your pocket without sacrificing quality. Below are 6 benefits of buying a used car (in like-new condition) over a brand new one.

1. Used Cars: Lower Price Tag, Less Depreciation

Remember the old adage that a new car loses thousands of dollars in value the moment you drive it off the lot? It s still true, and it s why used cars are better bargains. It s also why you can buy a 2007 Porsche for the price of a 2011 Honda. Someone bought the Porsche for $50,000 and now it can be yours for $25,000.

Think about the average price of buying new. Figures from CNW Marketing Research show that the average price of a new car in 2008 was $25,536 before taxes and fees. That car could now be worth around $13,000. Would you rather  be the original buyer, who lost $12,000 or $13,000, or the second buyer who saves that much?

If you buy a car that s one or two years old, it ll still depreciate, but you ll lose less money less quickly. And you ll avoid that big initial hit that the previous owner took.

2. Sales Tax on New Cars

Every ad for a new car glosses over the tax issue. Many state laws subject new cars to state sales tax. but not used cars. In Georgia, for example, if you buy a used car from a private seller. you won t owe any sales tax at all. Comparatively, the sales tax that dealers have to add to the price of a new car can be thousands of dollars. Don t underestimate the savings, and research your state s laws on the subject before you make a decision.

3. Falling Registration Fees

In most states, the rate of your annual registration fee is based on your car s value and its model year. In Colorado, for example, registration fees fall dramatically during the first few years after a car is manufactured. The rate is highest in the first three years, and then levels off after five years. If your state has similar rules, you can save about a thousand dollars by avoiding the new car registration fees and buying a car that s at least three, or better yet five, years old.

4. Useless Extras on New Cars, Cheaper Features on Used Cars

The oldest trick in the dealer s book is to install additional dealer options. They ll add a pinstripe, a protective film, or the immortal anti-rust coating, but new car buyers who want these add-ons can easily get them for a much lower cost from an after-market installer. Regardless, these changes don t add a dime to the car s resale value anyway. When you buy used, you may not get every feature you want, but you certainly won t end up paying extra for things you didn t ask for.

On the other hand, when you search for specific features that you do want in a used car, like a sunroof or navigation system, you ll pay far less than the original owner did. Instead of needing to decline a dealer s expensive navigation package with fees and surcharges, you ll be able to afford the built-in features.

5. Dealers and Their Crazy Fees

As if paying $500 for rust-proofing isn t bad enough, dealers hit new car buyers with shipping charges, destination fees, and dealer preparation. These fees feel even worse because unlike the unnecessary, unwanted pinstripe, owners have absolutely nothing to show for these charges except a lower bank account. When you buy a used car, you ll have to visit the DMV to pay tag, title, and registration fees, but you won t deal with any of the nonsense that dealers add.

Instead of caving to dealer fees and buying new, you take on a more powerful role when you re in the market to buy a used car. You have a much better case for negotiating when you can tell a private seller you might just walk away from their old car. If they bought new, they re not going to know everything you know about the benefits of buying used. They ll be eager to keep you at the negotiating table.

6. Condition

Nowadays, cars are built to last for at least 100,000 miles, so you don t have to sacrifice reliability and overall condition just to get a good deal on a used car. You can get a used (or pre-owned ) car that s scratch-free and in excellent mechanical shape. In fact, if you know anything about cars, you should be able to find one that is in like new condition.

However, if you re not comfortable under the hood, you can rely on the certification programs and extended long-term car warranties that most car makers offer. When you buy a used car at a manufacturer s dealership. you ll know that they ve inspected the vehicle and that it meets the strict requirements for certification. The biggest benefit you might find is the manufacturer s warranty for used cars. Toyota, for example, offers a seven-year 100,000-mile warranty on certified used vehicles. This kind of peace of mind is crucial when buying a used car.

Final Word

New cars smell great, but how much is that scent really worth? By looking beyond the sale price and considering the total cost of buying new, you can get a better idea of how much you are really going to pay for the privilege of being the first owner of your next car. You might have to spend a little extra time on research, but from the initial price to the long-term costs, you ll thank yourself for buying a slightly-used car that s in good condition.

What are the pros and cons that you see to buying new or buying used? Share your success stories or nightmare deals in the comments below.

Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits #are #life #insurance #benefits #taxable


Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits

Sometimes life insurance benefits are left unclaimed after a policyholder dies. This is an unfortunate problem under any circumstances, but especially now, when many people are struggling financially. What is more, this is an easily preventable outcome.

To ensure that your life insurance benefits do not go unclaimed it is important to understand why this might happen. There are five major reasons; we will examine each in turn.

1.The life insurance company and the policy’s owner and/or insured might have lost track of each other.

The main mode of contact between you and financial institutions (banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, investment management companies, etc.) is by “snail” mail. As with anyone with whom you wish to keep in contact after you move, you must tell them your new mailing address or they will lose track of you. The U.S. Post Office will only forward first-class mail for a year to a forwarding address, and the sender is not aware that the mail is being forwarded to a new address as the Post Office does not inform the financial institution of the change. So if you move you should immediately inform every financial institution directly of your new mailing address, including your life insurer(s) .

Of course, the same principle applies to other forms of communication: tell the life insurance company of new phone numbers (cell and land line), email address, fax number, etc.

2.The life insurance company might not know that the insured has died.

Life insurance companies typically do not know when a policyholder dies until they are informed of his or her death, usually by the policy’s beneficiary. Even if a policy is in a premium-paying stage and the payments stop, the insurance company has no reason to assume that the insured has died.

Moreover, there are policies that have benefits called cash values, with an Automatic Premium Loan (APL) feature. An APL policy borrows money from the cash value to pay a premium due if the money does not come in by the end of the grace period; thus preventing an unintended lapse of the policy, which would have the disastrous effect of loss of the entire death benefit should the insured die after premiums due were not paid. Under an APL, the policy would continue in full force until all of the cash value had been borrowed, at which time it would lapse.

Also, many policies are in a stage in which no premiums are due. Some life insurance is bought with a single premium or a small number of premiums due (such as 10 or 20 annual payments), but the insured might live a long time after the premium payments end. Thus the life insurance company would stop sending premium notices after all premiums were paid.

Moreover, there is no master list of who is alive and who is dead. The Social Security Administration has the closest thing to such a list—a file on its income beneficiaries (those receiving retirement or disability income from Social Security) to record those who are alive and who have deceased, so as to avoid making payments that are not legitimate—but this does not cover everyone. Millions of people, in fact, are not covered by Social Security (federal employees, state employees in four states, railroad employees, etc.), and therefore would not appear on this list.

Employers who sponsor group life insurance to active employees will notify the life insurer if a covered employee dies. And, it is possible that the deceased would also have individual life insurance policies with the same company that issues the group policy, but this becomes less likely when people switch jobs but do not switch individual life insurers. So remember to provide your beneficiaries with the name of, and contact information for, your life insurance company, so they can report your death and file a claim.

3.The life insurance company might not be able to find the policy’s beneficiaries (legitimate claimants).

There might be one or both of two problems in this scenario. The first is that the descriptions of the beneficiaries might be insufficiently precise for the life insurance company to locate them. This would be the case, for example, if the beneficiary designation says “my wife” or “my children” without naming them specifically and, ideally, providing a Social Security number and a current address for each one. Be sure to provide detailed personal identification information about every beneficiary to each life insurer from whom you have coverage for death benefits so that, when the time comes, they can be easily located and their identity confirmed.

The other problem is that, even if the company knows who it is looking for, it may be very difficult to track down a beneficiary, especially as it may be many years, or even decades, since the policy was taken out. Keep in mind that, for privacy reasons, until the death occurs, the life insurer cannot even respond to a beneficiary’s inquiry as to whether they are a beneficiary or not.

4.Beneficiaries might not know that a life insurance policy exists under which they are beneficiaries.

It may come as a surprise, but sometimes beneficiaries do not know that they are covered by the insured’s individual or group life insurance policy. The insured may have a variety of reasons for keeping this information secret from the beneficiaries, but an unfortunate consequence is that the benefits could end up unclaimed because no one actually realized that they could make a claim. It is wise to tell the beneficiaries of your life insurance (both individual policies and group coverages) that when you die they will be entitled to death benefits. Also provide them with the name and home city and state of the life insurance company and the policy number.

5.The original life insurance company no longer exists (it might have merged, changed its name, moved to another state) and cannot be located by the insured, owner or beneficiaries.

The name of the company that sold the original life insurance policy may have changed, possibly making it more difficult for the beneficiary to locate the insurer in order to make a claim. Life insurance companies are not any different from companies in any other industry in this respect—but the multi-decade length of the contract can transform this type of normal corporate development into an extra hurdle for beneficiaries. Some will not know where or how to look for the new insurer, leaving the benefits unclaimed when the insured dies. Typically, an insurer that is changing its name or location will notify its policyholders of such a change. Keeping a record of any notices regarding changes to the name, location or contact information for your life insurance company, will make it easier for your beneficiaries to make a claim.

If a family member dies and you are unable to locate his or her life insurance policy, we have tips available: How can I locate a lost life insurance policy?

Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney, #lawyers, #attorneys, #milwaukee #personal #injury #attorney, #wisconsin #workers #compensation #benefits #attorney

Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyer

Wisconsin Automobile Accidents and Workers Compensation Benefits Attorney

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, McCormick Law Office represents clients in the following practice areas:

Do not be intimidated and neglect to file a claim for the workers’ comp benefits to which you are entitled under the law. Our law firm is known for obtaining workers’ compensation benefits involving loss of earning capacity due to bulging and herniated intervertebral disks or back surgery .

Our clients have suffered work injuries due to workplace accidents, occupational diseases and heavy lifting. This includes construction workers and factory workers who have injured their backs in specific accidents or over time from their job duties. We also represent nurses and aides who have been hurt while transferring patients and employees working in shipping and receiving, landscaping and trucking.

We also have experience representing workers whose cumulative trauma has caused their careers to end prematurely, and we can assist with mesothelioma and asbestos cases.

Our firm works to help clients who have been hurt in car accidents recover the compensation they need, including damages for medical bills, lost wages or loss of earning capacity. as well as recovering for pain and suffering, disability and loss of enjoyment of life. We handle motor vehicle accident cases involving cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians which have occurred on the freeways, highways and streets in and around Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

We prepare each step in every auto accident case as if it will go to trial. We believe that this aggressive and proactive approach will cause both opposing counsel and the insurance company to take your case seriously, thereby securing the compensation necessary to recover. We will walk you through every stage of the case, providing information on what to do after an accident .

If a defective product you used at work or home is responsible for your serious injuries, we will help you hold all responsible parties in the chain of commerce liable. Let us protect your consumer rights, as well as your right to a workplace safe from defective punch press machines, farm equipment and other similar hazards. Our attorneys have also helped resolve cases involving dog bites, animal attacks, slip-and-fall incidents, and swimming and diving accidents, among others.

Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorneys

Please note that in addition to our core practice areas, our attorneys have also worked with personal injury cases involving wrongful death and medical malpractice. If you have lost a loved one due to the carelessness of another or suffered greatly due to medical malpractice, you and your family should consider consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

At McCormick Law Office, we provide clients with a free initial consultation and are available after-hours by appointment, including home and hospital visits. Contact us to discuss your legal resolution.

Practice Areas

The Business Benefits of PaaS in Cloud Computing #benefits #of #cloud #computing #for #small #business


The Business Benefits of PaaS in Cloud Computing

Hybrid Cloud For Dummies

Two of the business benefits of PaaS (Platform as a Service) in cloud computing are reduced costs and increased speed of development and deployment. The potential cost savings of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) are clear you can rent computing resources only when you need them. PaaS can operate in a similar fashion to IaaS by allowing companies to use a PaaS service during development and deployment instead of having to purchase many different independent tools.

In a hybrid environment, when the same PaaS environment can support both public and private services, organizations can benefit by this level of flexibility and agility. By providing a homogenous platform, workloads can easily be moved from a private cloud to a public cloud for deployment and efficient scaling. This allows organizations to have a high degree of control over where a particular application is running.

Reducing costs

By providing the underlying software infrastructure, PaaS can reduce organizational costs. PaaS reduces many of the costs involved with the traditional application development and deployment model, including the following:

Server and storage overhead: Writing and testing new programs is computationally intensive and requires large amounts of server and storage space. Typically, once the development and deployment stages are complete, a company s server and storage space lie dormant. This underutilized computing capacity requires power, cooling, and maintenance. As a result, organizations often devote considerable amounts of money to unused capacity.

With a PaaS, companies don t have excess resources in reserve. The development tools are provided by the PaaS, and not all of the iterations of the code need to be stored in the data center. These savings on server and storage overhead are realized whether developing on-premises or in the cloud.

Network bandwidth: The development and deployment process can put a strain on network bandwidth within a data center. Development teams must perform workload testing to see how the application will perform under different circumstances. This requirement to allocate network resources may slow down the operation of other applications or may require the acquisition of more bandwidth capacity. PaaS enables testing to be done in the cloud, rather than in the data center.

Software maintenance: The cost of managing software updates and changes is often a burden to development and operational organizations and a huge expense in terms of time and money. Although the cost structure of a PaaS requires a per-user, per-month charge, the cost is typically offset by reducing or eliminating software license costs and yearly maintenance fees. The platform vendor manages all patches and updates for the hardware and software and also provides physical and software security for the automation of day-to-day tasks.

Support personnel: To keep software and systems up to date and running smoothly and to fix problems when they occur, organizations must have IT staff at the ready for everything from storage and archiving to patch management, networks, security, and the help desk. By adopting a standardized platform across an organization, hardware and software conflicts are greatly reduced, resulting in simplified service and support. This level of standardization and automation allows organizations to reduce or refocus its teams away from routine tasks.

Careless mistakes: During application development and deployment, there s also a great deal of pressure on teams to get work done quickly. This pressure often results in careless mistakes. With PaaS, such mistakes are reduced or entirely eliminated because the platform has been fully tested and is known to work. Developers don t get tied down with the middleware and tedious tasks that are prone to hasty mistakes.

Lower skill requirements: Development tools and middleware are complex and aren t standardized. Successfully deploying an application takes a high degree of skill and experience. The learning curve on these skills is steep, and there s also an ongoing need to manage these components. By providing the development tools and middleware, a PaaS lowers the skill level required to deploy applications and removes the bottleneck that can form while waiting for one specific person s assistance.

Improving speed, flexibility, and agility

PaaS can provide greater speed, flexibility, and agility to the development process. By providing a predictable, heterogeneous application infrastructure, organizations don t get bogged down with enabling applications and can quickly meet the needs of customers.

PaaS helps to do the following:

Enable faster time to market by allowing development teams to focus on the application

Enhance ability to react to changes and opportunities because the organization doesn t have large up-front costs associated with typical application development and deployment

Spread capital investments further, which allows a company to be more competitive

MVP Managed Services #administering #aca, #administrative #solutions, #alternatives #to #aso, #alternatives #to #peo, #back #office #providers, #back #office #support, #benefits #administration, #compliance #solutions, #cost #effective #workers #compensation #insurance, #employer #of #record, #hr #consulting, #hr #support, #human #resources, #independent #staffing #company #resources, #integrated #payroll #options, #loss #control, #managed #services, #options #to #a #captive #insurance, #outsource #hr, #pay #as #you #go, #payroll #processing, #payroll #services, #personnel, #personnel #administration #risk #management #consulting, #regulatory, #simplified #back #office, #single #system #pay #and #bill #solution, #staffing #resources, #staffing #support #services, #turnkey #staffing #solutions, #workers #compensation #coverage, #workers #compensation #insurance


MVP Managed Services is a division of MVP Staffing, which provides Temporary, Temp-to-perm and Direct Hire staffing services for a wide range of industries. With exceptional local market expertise as well as nationwide capabilities, MVP Staffing is a turnkey solution built on responsiveness and a commitment to long-term relationships.


Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how Most Valuable Personnel (MVP) uses and protects any information that you give MVP when you use this website.

MVP is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

MVP may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from August 25, 2015.

What we collect
We may collect the following information:

  • name and job title
  • contact information including email address
  • demographic information such as postcode, preferences and interests
  • other information relevant to customer surveys and/or offers

What we do with the information we gather
We require this information to understand your needs and provide you with a better service, and in particular for the following reasons:

  • Internal record keeping.
  • We may use the information to improve our products and services.
  • We may periodically send promotional email about new products, special offers or other information which we think you may find interesting using the email address which you have provided.
  • From time to time, we may also use your information to contact you for market research purposes. We may contact you by email, phone, fax or mail.
  • We may use the information to customize the website according to your interests.
  • We may provide your information to our third party partners for marketing or promotional purposes.
  • We will never sell your information.

We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

How we use cookies
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We use traffic log cookies to identify which pages are being used. This helps us analyze data about web page traffic and improve our website in order to tailor it to customer needs. We only use this information for statistical analysis purposes and then the data is removed from the system.

Overall, cookies help us provide you with a better website, by enabling us to monitor which pages you find useful and which you do not. A cookie in no way gives us access to your computer or any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us. You can choose to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer. This may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website.

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Controlling your personal information
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We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law. We may use your personal information to send you promotional information about third parties which we think you may find interesting if you tell us that you wish this to happen.

You may request details of personal information which we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 1998. A small fee will be payable. If you would like a copy of the information held on you please write to Most Valuable Personnel, 1751 Lake Cook Rd, Suite 600, Deerfield, IL 60015.

If you believe that any information we are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please write to or email us as soon as possible, at the above address. We will promptly correct any information found to be incorrect.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR ?>


Attention A T users. To access the menus on this page please perform the following steps. 1. Please switch auto forms mode to off. 2. Hit enter to expand a main menu option (Health, Benefits, etc). 3. To enter and activate the submenu links, hit the down arrow. You will now be able to tab or arrow up or down through the submenu options to access/activate the submenu links.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR E) services to help with job training, employment accommodations, resume development, and job seeking skills coaching. Other services may be provided to assist Veterans in starting their own businesses or independent living services for those who are severely disabled and unable to work in traditional employment. Click on the “How to Apply” tab to learn more and apply for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment services.

VA’s Education and Career Counseling program is a great opportunity for Veterans and Servicemembers to get personalized counseling and support to help guide their career paths, ensure the most effective use of their VA benefits, and achieve their goals. Learn more and apply for education and career counseling

For Employers

Veterans leave military service with a wealth of transferable skills and professional experiences. Salary subsidies, assistive technology, non-paid work experiences, and special employer incentives may be available from VA to help you hire those who have served. Explore what VA offers to make hiring or rehiring a Veteran with a service-connected disability that much easier.

VA created a Veterans Employment Toolkit for employers. This toolkit provides a variety of outside resources for employers, managers or supervisors, and human resource professionals, including information about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It also includes a link to Department of Labor’s America’s Heroes at Work site, which offers on-line trainings, webcasts, and presentations for employers and a Hiring Veterans Toolkit as well as a TBI, PTSD and Employment Training Tool.

For Family Members

If you support a Veteran or Servicemember with a service-connected disability, who faces difficult employment challenges, there may be little left in the household budget for your higher education and career advancement. VA may offer assistance to help you assess your career goals and abilities, find your next job, further your education and skills, and identify places where you can get job training.

VA may extend vocational counseling and support to family members on topics including:

How to Apply

Eligible Veterans and Servicemembers may apply for either Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits or for Education/Career Counseling on-line through eBenefits. It’s simple to apply. Just follow these steps:

  • Log in to your eBenefits account
  • Select “Additional Benefits” from your Dashboard
  • Select “Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program” – be sure to read the program information and to update your contact information – and apply for either the “Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program” or “Education/Career Counseling”
  • If it is determined that you are eligible, you will be invited to attend an orientation session, in-person, at the nearest VA Regional Office
  • Servicemembers who have a disability that began or became worse during active duty and who have not yet received a service-connected disability (SCD) rating do not need to wait to apply. See VA Form 28-0588 for further instructions

For Servicemembers: Ill or injured Servicemembers who have not yet received a SCD rating do not need to wait to apply. Servicemembers expecting a discharge that is other than dishonorable who possess a VA memorandum or Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) rating of 20 percent or more as well as Servicemembers currently going through a Physical Evaluation Board may be eligible to receive VR E services.

Certified Pre-Owned Program Benefits #car #scratch #remover

#pre owned cars


Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

Under the Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty*, your Jaguar vehicle is covered for up to 6 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned warranty coverage and roadside assistance start at the conclusion of the Jaguar New-Vehicle Limited Warranty, so you have continuous coverage. Coverage begins on the vehicle’s original in-service date and zero miles**. (For complete coverage details, please see your Jaguar Retailer.)

*See your Retailer for complete Limited Warranty coverage details.

**Original sale date is the date of sale or in-use date, as reported to Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC.


Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned cars have been hand-selected from only the finest, most carefully maintained Jaguar vehicles available from the previous five model years. The entire range of Jaguar products is available, from the stunning XF luxury sports sedan to the elegant XJ premium luxury sedan to the legendary XK coupe and convertible to the breathtaking F-TYPE convertible.

Vehicle History Report

All Approved Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar vehicles come with a vehicle history report which you can review prior to your Jaguar purchase.

A Rigorous 165-Point Inspection

Every Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is carefully scrutinized and evaluated as a function of a comprehensive 165-Point Inspection process.

Roadside Assistance

The Jaguar Roadside Assistance Program comes standard with all Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. This means all Approved Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar vehicle owners have the benefit of 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency roadside services for unforeseen events like flat tires, battery jump starts, keys locked in the car and running out of fuel mid-trip.

Transferable Warranty

There may come a time when you decide to sell your Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. The new owner will feel assured knowing that the warranty that came with your purchase is fully transferable.

No Deductible

Any and all warrantable repairs covered under the Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned program require absolutely no deductible whatsoever.

Trip-Interruption Expense Benefits:

Reasonable reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses if a warranty-related disablement occurs more than 50 miles from home.

Orange County (California) Employee Benefits and Perks #orange #county #employee #benefits


Orange County (California) Benefits

Checkmark Employer Verified No Data

Insurance, Health Wellness

  • Checkmark Health Insurance (7)
  • Checkmark Dental Insurance (1)
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Vision Insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Health Care On-Site
  • Mental Health Care
  • Retiree Health Medical
  • Accidental Death Dismemberment Insurance

Financial Retirement

  • Checkmark Pension Plan (7)
  • 401K Plan
  • Retirement Plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Performance Bonus
  • Stock Options
  • Equity Incentive Plan
  • Supplemental Workers Compensation
  • Charitable Gift Matching

Family Parenting

  • Checkmark Maternity Paternity Leave (7)
  • Work From Home
  • Fertility Assistance
  • Dependent Care
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Childcare
  • Reduced or Flexible Hours
  • Military Leave
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Unpaid Extended Leave

Vacation Time Off

Perks Discounts

  • Employee Discount
  • Free Lunch or Snacks
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Gym Membership
  • Commuter Checks Assistance
  • Pet Friendly Workplace
  • Mobile Phone Discount
  • Company Car
  • Company Social Events
  • Travel Concierge
  • Legal Assistance

Professional Support

  • Diversity Program
  • Job Training
  • Professional Development
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Tuition Assistance

Work at Orange County (California)? Share Your Experiences

What are the benefits of repossessed cars? #cars #online

#repossed cars for sale

What are the benefits of repossessed cars ?

Cars are some of the most indispensable machines in the lives of countless of people, and comprehensively ensure the smooth running of their lives. From conveniently navigation to your workplace to running an errand to the nearby store or even going to any other place, a car can be of significant help. It is, thus, extremely prudent when you might be on the look out for the right car for you to be capable of weighing the pros and cons in a impartial manner. And this will ensure that you obtain the right type of vehicle for your peculiar needs.

Most well informed drivers have been over the years turning to repossessed cars, which are sold on auction by most governmental institutions like police car auctions departments, the IRS, FBI or even the DEA. Such vehicles carry typical outrageous low price tags that can shock even the most astute car enthusiast, judging by the unmatched quality and condition of these vehicles. And they range from functional sedans, elegant SUVs to even trucks that are all in good working condition, and you can efficiently find the right vehicle that matches your preferences.

Don t assume that seized and bank repo cars are junk. Drug dealers drive nice big Cadillac Escalades that are not junk. People who have repossessed cars don t all mistreat their cars they just fell on hard times, lost jobs, got divorced, etc.

Most repossessed cars for sale are at the peak of their “lives” and are generally 2 or 3 years old, which ensures that you can still get the most out of them for many long years. Not to mention the fact that they are naturally impeccably maintained, and buying one wouldn’t obligate you to make drastic maintenance or repair jobs on them. In their eagerness to dispose of these vehicles, these governmental agencies can at times start auctioning them for up to 95% less than their real worth. And this can be a great boon to an informed and cautious buyer in making a real lucrative bargain.

On the other hand, due to the ongoing economic woes that have recently plagued the world, the sales of new cars has taken a deep plunge, which has invariably escalated the demand for functional and well maintained used vehicles. If recent statistics are anything to go by, it has been established that the demand for fuel efficient vehicles has particularly hit the roof. And this attests to the confidence most drivers have in these second hand vehicles .

To buy bank repossessed cars which are for sale, you can contact the bank or the auction house where the cars are being sold. Most banks and finance companies usually hand over repo cars to a professional auto auction company.

What’s more, the insurance you would ordinarily pay for repossessed cars is significantly lower than what you might foot for a new car. Most especially in collision and comprehensive car insurance policies, which can decrease the overall amount of money you might have to pay to put your used car on the road. It has also been determined that used cars depreciate at a much more slower rate than new vehicles. and you can undoubtedly get the most out of a well maintained used car. Here are some vital tips that can assist you in making an informed purchase of the vehicle that will befit your distinct needs.

Take careful thought of the cost you might incur

It is extremely imperative to ascertain just what type of car you can comfortably afford in your peculiar circumstances, and should you be obligated to dispose of your old vehicle, it can pay to reflect on its current worth in relation to the used vehicle you will ultimately purchase. It can be also wise to insist on getting accurate insurance quotes on the car you set your eyes upon, which will ensure you make a well informed purchase.

Find the repossessed car that fits your distinct needs

From the onset of contemplating to buy repossessed cars, you should always focus on the distinct features you might be searching for in the used car you want to buy. And this can include the specific model or design you are looking for, the engine capacity and performance you wish, its accumulated mileage, its seating capabilities, or even its cargo holding capacity.

It s fine to buy a repo car if you take someone with you who knows a bit about cars. Where repo cars are sold is different from place to place. Try Googling your city and car auctions or else looking up auctions in the phone book.

Make sure that you base your list of indispensable features on what is on the ground for your particular situation, which always helps in choosing the best vehicle that fits your immediate needs. It is also important while accomplishing this task, to keep your options open by considering 2 or 3 likely vehicles. This will ensure you have an infinitely easy time of narrowing down the line to the best vehicle for you. While still bearing in mind that different makes of the same class can at most times depreciate at varying rates. You should always go for the car that can hold on to its value longer, and it will, consequently, cost you a significantly lower price as the days go by.

Take time to ascertain the exact condition of the repossessed car you want to buy

It is important while assessing repossessed cars for sale, to always take time to acquaint yourself with its nitty gritty particulars, which can effectively guide you to make the right purchase. To this end, always ascertain the car’s model year, mileage or even the condition of its tires treads. As this can be an excellent way of determining just how long you will use it without necessitating maintenance checks.

Bank and loan companies sometimes sell repossessed cars to pay off defaulted loans. Quality varies from car to car. Since the vehicle is being sold to recover the amount due on a loan, it may be possible to get a good deal on a reliable car.

It can also be good if possible, to test drive the vehicle in question, and be on the close look out for its distinct handling performance, its braking capabilities or even its acceleration. You should also make a comprehensive background check on the used car you wish to buy, which will tell you a lot about the previous owner’s relevant history, its certified mileage, or if it has been subjected to major maintenance or repair works.

It is also of great import to ascertain if the vehicle has not been salvaged from a car accident, and you can do this by checking its identification number against the National insurance crime bureau’ s comprehensive database. This will ensure you get only the best and safest vehicle that matches your particular expectations. Finally, should it be advisable you can enlist the aid of a professional car shop to make an in-depth under the hood inspection to ensure that everything is in the right condition. There are many other elements to mention where this topic is concerened but the above is an insight.

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Makeup – Pros and Cons

Freedom is the birthright of people of every race and gender. It gives women a right to look beautiful. As such it is a boon to modern women who love to play with colors. Makeup, at one time only belonged to the stage and galleries of theaters, but a few revolutionary women like Elizabeth Arden and Shehnaaz Hussain introduced makeup to normal women from everyday walks of life to look extra-ordinarily beautiful.

It didn�t take much time for women to understand that make-up could make them beautiful and stunning, thus it became an integral part of women�s everyday life. By using make up women accentuate their strength and hide their flaws. Girls as young as thirteen are obsessed with lip glosses, kohl, nail enamels and tinted powders. Though at times, this beautiful obsession could be expensive on health and skin. Hence, it is important to know the risks and benefits of make-up.

It is no longer a secret as to why women are obsessed with makeup. It can be applied quickly and efficiently. Women feel strong, confident and happy when they wear makeup. Some benefits of wearing makeup is that it helps women to hide blemishes and other flaws on their face. Also helps them highlight facial features which otherwise would not be as defined without makeup. There are thousands of products lined-up on shelves which suit different complexions, textures of skin, shape and size of the faces, and conceal blemishes. A study shows that older women who used make-up had less falls and a better posture than those who never or rarely used any makeup. Statistics say that 67% of women received better treatment from others when they wore makeup.

Wearing makeup everyday can cause serious skin problems. Most of the cosmetics available in the market contain chemicals, colors, additives and preservatives, some of them are even toxic. For instance, lipsticks contain dangerous ingredients including lead. Similarly there are equally harmful chemical compounds in blushers, kohl, powders, eye shadows, foundation and more. A layer of makeup on the skin clogs the pores and prevents skin from breathing.

Women rarely check the ingredients of products, nor do they discard them on expiry. Makeup should be worn lightly and occasionally. It is very important to remove makeup before retiring for the day.

Using light make up enhances a woman�s beauty and allure.