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Buyers are increasingly outfitting their pickups with all the comforts of luxury cars, from heated and cooled seats to backup cameras to panoramic glass roofs.

What are the safest convertibles you can buy?

  • Sep 20, 2017
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For when you want to be both safe and stylish — here’s a look at some of the safest convertibles out there.

The most dangerous county in every state for car fatalities

  • Sep 15, 2017
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Recently released data from the U.S. government shows an alarming trend in car-related deaths.

Photos: The best from the Frankfurt auto show

  • Sep 14, 2017
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From frighteningly fast hypercars to new electric SUVs, the Frankfurt auto show is a major event for car lovers wanting to get a glimpse of the future. A look at scenes from the event:

Photos: Vintage trailer court takes tourists back in time

  • Sep 7, 2017
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Visitors arriving at the neon-illuminated office of the Shady Dell trailer court enter a kind of time warp, transported back to the 1950s when big Studebakers and Chevys rolled up carrying road-weary travelers, their trailers in tow.

The most dangerous states for car accidents

  • Sep 7, 2017
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Despite recent gains in car safety, 2016 ended up being a deadly year for drivers.

Which electric cars have the most range?

  • Aug 27, 2017
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So how far can you really get between charges in an electric car? The answer is surprisingly far if you buy the right one.

What are the best cars for dog owners?

  • Aug 23, 2017
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You’ll never have to leave your dog home alone again.

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Motors Parts and Accessories

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Featured Used Collector Cars

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Buy and sell cars

eBay Motors Australia

eBay Motors Australia is the ideal automotive site to buy and sell cars, car parts, utes, motorcycles, boats and more.

Buying a car

Read our Guide to Buying a Car on eBay Motors

Be safe while buying, purchase a Vehicle History Check

Sell a car

* All other fees including feature, final value and paypal fees still apply

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Welcome To Transport Rankings serves as a repository in providing information about auto transport companies that solely operate in the United States. Our host is primarily designed to serve as a guide aiming to help people explore the entire auto transport information right from Company name, Address, Phone number, email id, Whether they are broker or carrier, Licensed or not, Number of reviews, Number of ratings, Number of votes, Company license details, Company questionnaire, etc. We intend providing solution to your entire auto transport search. Our information index will surely help you to pick the right auto haulers.

How Do We Rank

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

Car ratings and reviews

We frequently update the reports on nationwide auto transport rankings, best auto transport broker companies and best auto carrier companies to help people take the right decision in selecting the best auto haulers. The criteria for ranking the companies are purely based on the performance of the company, number of user reviews and complying with our evaluation criteria.

The authorized companies that hold original license and documents are only considered for our ranking index. If the company provides any additional services or changes in existing program, those updates will be immediately tracked and recorded and evaluation priority for that particular company will be revised based on the positive impacts.

There exist many ways to pick the right transport companies and one among them is reviews. Reviews help in exposing the company’s true customer service feedbacks, novelty and help to get idea about the trueness of the hauler whether they took charge in resolving the issues of the customers.

Our reviews are accurate and trustworthy. Extensive screening has been done for every submitted review. We solely track the source of reviews in making it sure no single person posts multiple reviews. Reviews posted from same IP address are also literally removed and we don’t account those kinds of feedbacks. List of companies have been prioritized based on genuine customer reviews. Make use of our efforts in unearthing you the best hauler!

When any company signs up for evaluation they are directed to fill the company questionnaire which is an important part in boosting up the score of an auto hauling company. The company questionnaire is a pre- configured query set where the auto transporters have to fill the necessary details such as number of employees, number of operated vehicle, branches operated by the company, routes covered, customer retention area, number of customers per year and lot more.

Transport rankings own a complete set of database about auto transport companies where you can use that in multiple ways for reaping benefits. Apart posing as the largest catalog of auto transport companies we also help fetch competitive quotes from hauling companies through our exotic TRS quotes program.

You are facilitated to get instant estimates from various auto transport companies on enrolling in this program and even can receive sample quotes before you plan a move. To get instant estimates from trucking companies, all you need to do is just to fill the TRS quote form which drives your request to reach multiple auto transport companies. Quote estimates will be generated from the concerned companies providing you an ample space to grab comparatively the best deal.

We create space to explore auto transport deals rather making compromises with the offered quotes.

Our site has BBB information, FMCSA – DOT data, phone numbers and other information what customers are looking for. The additional information such as how to notify the difference in the handling process of the carriers/ brokers, packing and moving tips, documents to be checked before making your move, where to compliant in case met with fake services, how to plan shipping process, etc are provided in our site.

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Car Buying – Ready for your next car purchase?

Advice on buying new and used cars.

Car Buying Advice

We can help you avoid all of the nasty surprises in the preowned market and find an affordable, reliable ride. Here’s how to pay a fair price and avoid a car or truck that’s been abused, crashed or dunked in a flood.

November 27th 2015

You need the right information and a savvy negotiating strategy to drive away with the lowest price and cheapest loan. Let us show you how to be a smart, confident buyer.

November 20th 2015

Here’s where to get head-turning sports car style and performance in a ride with the comfort and driveability you need to get to work.

Buying a truck that’s 1,425 miles away isn’t easy, with lots of unexpected problems along the way. But here’s how I found and paid for a Jeep in Dallas and got my pride and joy back to, and licensed in, New Jersey.

I’ve wanted a Wrangler ever since I was in high school. A few weeks ago I decided I’d waited long enough. Here’s how I went online to find the used Jeep that had everything i was looking for even if it was 1,425 miles away.

That’s nearly 2 percentage points below the average cost of a 60-month auto loan. PNC Bank also allows buyers to qualify for a loan before picking out a car and taking a blank check with them when they go shopping.

A car can’t generate the kind of excitement and demand that makes it a highly-prized collectible 30 years from now if it’s not cool and desirable today. But the models on this list range from a breathtaking 550-horsepower European sports car priced at nearly $100,000 to a four-door urban runabout that barely costs $20,000.

To move a crowd from here to there you need a big ride with at least three rows of seats. We’ve sifted through scores of sport-utility vehicles, minivans and crossovers to find the ones most capable of carrying at least seven people in comfort and safety.

My 20-year wait for head-up displays to catch on appears to be over. Carmakers are finally embracing this technology, and once you see it, you’re going to love it.

Our 2014 Car Affordability Study found that median-income families in only one major city should be paying the typical price for a new car or truck. Here’s how to spend more wisely and save thousands more for retirement or sending your kids to college.

Buying a Car: What to Know Before You Go – Feature – Car and Driver #car #dvd

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Car-buying tips to follow before you ever set foot in a car dealership.


Now is a good time to buy a new car. The struggles facing the auto industry are unprecedented and so are the deals available to buyers. Car dealers need to sell cars in order to stay in business, which makes this a strong buyers market. Rebates, financing, and trade-in values are the best they ve been in a long time.

But that doesn t mean it s an easy time to buy a car, and it doesn t mean dealers are going to lie down and give the cars away. A savvy buyer must always be ready, and the preparation should start before you ever set foot in a showroom.

Know the Invoice Price

Once you ve settled on what car is right for you. look up the invoice price for that car in our Buyer s Guide. Invoice price is what the dealer pays the manufacturer for the car; the manufacturer s suggested retail price (MSRP, or sticker price ) includes hundreds usually thousands of dollars of profit for the dealer. With the exception of all-new or very popular models, you should be able to get a new car for closer to invoice than MSRP. Knowing the invoice price of your car will tell the dealer that you mean business and expect a good deal. Don t walk into the dealership without this information.

Check the Manufacturer s Website for Rebates

Many buyers will qualify for multiple rebates, some of which may not even be made public. You might belong to organizations or receive coupons in the mail that entitle you to additional rebates. Be aware of all rebates for which you qualify and make sure you receive them. Dealers are known for not giving buyers every rebate available to them, instead keeping one or two as additional profit.

Research the Dealers

Buying from a cooperative and fair dealer will save you money and headaches. There are a number of websites that allow people to post reviews of dealerships, but their coverage is spotty and incomplete. If you can t find online reviews of the dealer you are considering, just talk to people. Your friends and neighbors purchase cars and should be honest with you about whether they were happy with their car or dealer.

Check Your Credit History

Most people who shop for cars will need a loan. How much that loan costs will depend on your credit history, and knowing your credit history will give you a better idea what to expect from lenders. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACTA) allows every consumer to get a free copy of his or her credit report once a year from each of the three major credit-reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax). Get a copy of your credit report, and check it for accuracy. Pay the extra few dollars to get your credit score as well, as it is one of the major factors that banks use to determine your creditworthiness.

Get Your Own Financing

The biggest profit center for a car dealership is its finance department. Dealers contract with banks to get the best rates available but might not actually give you those rates. They might get you a car loan for 4.9 percent APR but draw up your finance contract at 5.9 percent. That one-percent markup is strictly profit for the dealer. You can often get a better interest rate from your local bank or credit union, or you can present the rates you were offered elsewhere to your salesman and challenge him to match or beat them. That being said, promotional rates from manufacturers sometimes as low as zero percent can be tough to beat.

Time Your Purchase

Dealers run on a month-to-month basis. At the end of the month, many will accept lower offers to reach their goals and qualify for manufacturer bonuses. If you re not picky about having the latest and greatest, the end of a model year is a great time to get good deals on remaining inventory. And December particularly the last week before the new year is a slow time for car sales, so if you can hack some time out of your holiday-shopping schedule, it s a wise time to buy.

Also, most dealerships are busier on weekends. The weekdays are generally slow, especially in the morning. If you come into the dealership on a midweek morning when business is slow, the salespeople are more likely to make a good deal as well. They need sales and they want to look busy, which keeps them motivated to give you a better deal and earn your business.

Do Not Buy a Car on Your First Visit

Use the first visit to look at and test-drive the car(s) you are interested in. Gather your information and then leave, and be adamant that you will not be buying a car today. This will communicate to the dealer that you are not going to be bullied. Watch what you say to the salespeople especially if they ask you how much you are prepared to pay monthly because whatever you say will be used as a starting point from which the dealer will go up when negotiations eventually start.

Get Internet Quotes from Several Dealers offers free online pricing quotes from your local dealers. Get quotes from multiple dealers before you ever visit any of them. If dealers know they are being pitted against other stores, it will be easier for you to get their best offer right off the bat, and waltzing into a dealership with a first offer already in hand gives you an advantage in negotiations.

Make an Appointment with the Sales Manager

Once your research is done and you are ready to head to the dealership to purchase a new car, call ahead and make an appointment. By calling a sales manager to make your appointment, you communicate that you are serious about this transaction and know what you are doing. You will still be paired with a salesman when you arrive, but your chances improve of getting a straight shooter who knows you won t be easy fodder.

There is no guarantee you will get a good deal on a new-car purchase, nor is there a set price to negotiate toward with any car; pricing always varies with content, age, supply, and demand. But following these rules will start you in the right direction to get the best deal possible on your new car.

Brian Munroe is the author of Car Buying Revealed. You can find out about Munroe and his book at his website,

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# Your One-Stop Source for Financial Assistance

These days, a consumer’s credit rating counts for a lot, and it seems like every time you turn around, someone else is checking your credit. Banks, credit card companies and various types of lenders of course make it a habit to check into an individual’s credit history when that person is applying for a loan or credit card, but insurance companies, landlords and even employers routinely look into individuals’ financial backgrounds as well. And what are they generally hoping to find in their investigations? That you have good credit, which can magically open the door for you to whatever they are offering.

But what if you, like so many nowadays, have decidedly less-than-perfect credit, or maybe even no credit at all? Well, normally that can pose a significant obstacle to your being able to acquire such things as a home loan, credit card, new apartment, better job, or anything else for which exemplary credit can be a prerequisite. Thankfully, however, there is a simple solution to your problem: taking advantage of what has to offer, and going through us to get the help you need.

Not only can we connect you with lenders and credit card companies that will be able to provide you with fast financial help, but we can also direct you to companies that provide a variety of services and items designed to assist you in fixing your financial situation and shoring up your credit standing so you can ultimately avail yourself of more opportunities in all kinds of arenas.

Representative APR Range is not a lender and does not provide short-term loans but refers consumers to lenders who may provide such loans. is unable to supply you with an exact APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that you will be charged if you are approved for a loan. APRs vary according to the information supplied by you in your loan request and your lender. You will be given the APR, loan fees, and other terms by your lender when you are redirected to your loan agreement in the loan request process. For help with any related services consumers may Contact Us.

The APR on a short term loan can range from 200% to 2,290% depending on how the APR is calculated (nominal vs. effective), the duration of the loan, loan fees incurred, late payment fees, non-payment fees, loan renewal actions, and other factors. Keep in mind that the APR range is not your finance charge and your finance charge will be disclosed later on.

Representative Example

Representative Example



Payday loans are relatively expensive when compared with other loan products. Payday loans are not recommended as a long term financial solution and they should only be taken for emergency financial needs.

*Calculation: (lender fee / loan amount) x (amount of days in a year / duration of the loan) x 100

Low End of Range: ($30 / $200) * (365 days / 14 days) x 100=391.07%

High End of Range: ($60 / $200) * (365 days / 14 days) x 100=782.14%

Loans to Fit Your Needs

If you need a loan, look no further than We are partnered with a vast network of reputable lenders offering various kinds of loans to consumers with poor or nonexistent credit. Need some quick cash to take care of an emergency medical expense? A payday loan may be just what the doctor ordered. Or perhaps you require some help with a considerably larger expense: the purchase of a new house. In that case, a home loan would fit the bill. Depending on your circumstances, you could also be looking for any one of a number of other loan types. Whatever you’re seeking, we can get you to the right lender.

The loan process through is fast and hassle-free. To get started, all you have to do is go to the Loans section of our website and take a few minutes to fill out our simple loan request form, providing just some basic personal information. There is no need for you to submit extensive paperwork. Also, you don’t need to meet a laundry list of exceedingly strict eligibility requirements to be able to submit a loan request for help. Our requirements are simple and designed to make loans accessible to the largest number of people possible.

Once you’ve submitted your loan request and we’ve preapproved you, we’ll redirect you to lenders in your area, who will have competitive offers waiting for you. You can browse these offers at your leisure, and if one strikes your fancy, then you can proceed accordingly. And depending on the type of loan it is, you could have funds in your hands within just hours.

Credit Cards Running the Gamut

If a credit card is more what you’re looking for, then we can help you there as well. We are partnered with a number of credit card issuers offering cards designed specifically for consumers with less-than-stellar credit. Here on our site, you will find competitive offers for prepaid, secured and unsecured credit cards. The different cards vary in terms of their annual percentage rate, fees, and whether or not they require you to secure them with a cash deposit.

To submit a request for a credit card through, you simply have to visit the Credit Cards section of our site and follow the simple steps outlined there. Be sure to take some time to carefully compare the different offers that are available. If you do so, you are bound to find one that will work for you. And remember, you can use a credit card not only to make purchases, but also to build up your credit.

Additional Services

Besides helping consumers get loans and credit cards, we also connect people with companies offering various services and items aimed at helping them fix their financial situation and improve their credit rating so they can have a greater range of options in the future. Among these offerings are debt consolidation, debt settlement, credit repair and free credit reports. If you are dealing with dire debt or other issues that are seriously impacting your credit rating, you can visit the appropriate sections of our site and investigate the aforementioned options, all of which have the potential to help consumers tremendously.

Best and Worst Months for Deals on Used Cars #best #cars

#best used car deals

Best and Worst Months for Deals on Used Cars

By Keith Griffin. Used Cars Expert

Keith Griffin has been an automotive journalist and new car reviewer for more than 13 years. His experience as a journalist dates back 35 years. He is currently immediate president of the New England Motor Press Association.

There s, believe it or not, a certain science to selling used cars that deals with algorithms and buying habits and types of analytical tools. When all is said and done, though, it comes down to this: when is the best time to sell and buy a used car? Obviously the answer is going to be different depending on which side of the equation you are on.

Mojo Motors has done the scientific research to determine the best months and worst months for buying a used car.

Continue Reading Below

(Basically, we re going to concentrate on buying a used car for purposes of this article.) Michael Milstein, the business intelligence manager at Mojo Motors, did the basic research and came up with some interesting discoveries.

But first a little bit of information about Mojo Motors. It is a used car vehicle sales aggregator website that offers a new way to buy used cars. guaranteed pricing at a discount available only through a free membership. When it comes to vehicle sales, it is much more profitable to sell used cars.

That explains the proliferation of used car vehicle sales sites. Especially popular are those that aggregate offerings from several used car dealers in a set geographical area like Mojo Motors does.

Millstein came up with these conclusions at his Mojo Motors blog :

  • Dealers drop the price of a car an average of 1.32 times per month, but some months it happens more, and others less.
  • Between July and October dealers drop the price of their cars most frequently, whereas January through March dealers drop their prices least frequently.

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  • As the volume of sales increases in the summer months, dealers seem more willing to drop the prices of their used cars.
  • The average price drop on a used vehicle is actually 5.42%.

Those tidbits of info prompted us to have a little discussion with Paul Nadjarian, founder of Mojo Motors. Here are his answers to some questions we raised.

Q. Can this data be used as an effective tool when used car shopping? For example, it s July. You know the average price of a used car is going to drop 5.6 percent. Should you just go to the dealer and offer 5% less off the bat? Tell them you know it s still going to be there a month later. How do you think consumers should use this information?

A. This information should be used to assess market trends, not individual vehicles. The data shows that a dealer will drop the price of a vehicle around 11% in July (5.6% per drop x avg of 2 drops in July). You can t use that as a negotiation tactic. What you should do instead is be aware that July is a good month to catch a great price on a used car and Mojo Motors can keep you aware of these price drops as they happen if you Follow some cars.

Q. What are the conclusions based on? How much data did Mojo sift through to come to this conclusion?

A. These findings are based off the data Mojo Motors aggregated from users Following cars from Jan 1 to Dec 31 2012: 161,385 vehicles and 333,568 price drops were analyzed.

Q. Why is February such a low month for price drops? It would seem in great parts of the country this would be a tougher time to get consumers through the door.

A. Typically, February is a fairly strong sales month for used cars because car shoppers start to receive their tax return checks they can use for a down payment. Since dealerships know this trend, the number of price drops may be lower.

Q. And on the flip side, why the upward trend towards the end of the year? Are dealerships trying to hit year-end numbers?

A. A couple of factors are at work for end of year price drop trends. Firstly, there is a general slow down in car sales during the end of the summer that motivates dealers to drop prices. Secondly, dealerships are working extra hard to pump their sales numbers to clear out inventory as the year comes to a close.

In the market for a used car, then? Looks like July is going to be your best bet to get a deal. As always, though, keep in mind this is general advice and may not apply directly to a used car you are buying. I still have to believe used convertibles sell for less in February!

Trucks, Vans, SUVs and Crossover Vehicles #used #cars

#find a vehicle


1. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. See your GMC dealer for details. Click here to see all GMC destination freight charges .

2. City/Highway. Sierra HD models: Not rated by EPA

3. Trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming properly equipped vehicle, plus driver and one passenger. The weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the trailer weight your vehicle can tow. See dealer for details.

4. Available maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). When properly equipped, includes vehicle, passengers, cargo, and equipment.

5. Maximum payload capacity includes weight of driver, passengers, optional equipment, and cargo. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.

6. At participating dealers only. Based on supplier price of $48,094 and $6,902 customer cash on select vehicles in dealer stock while stock lasts. Not compatible with special finance, lease and some other offers. Tax, title, license, and dealer fees extra. Take delivery by 1/4/16. See participating dealer for details.

7. Monthly payment is $16.67 for every $1,000 you finance. Example down payment is 7.1%. Not available with some other offers. Some customers will not qualify. Take retail delivery by 1/4/16. Residency restrictions apply. See dealer for details.

8. Not available with some other offers. Take retail delivery by 1/4/16. Residency restrictions apply. See participating dealer for details.

TrueCar and ALG Reveal New Car Residual Values #muscle #cars #for #sale

#vehicle values

TrueCar and ALG Share Top New Car Residual Values

Used in calculating lease and loan payments, ALG. A TrueCar Company, has been the industry benchmark for providing residual value – how well a vehicle is predicted to hold its value – to automakers and financial institutions in the US and Canada for nearly 50 years.

Just last week, ALG announced its 14th Annual Residual Awards at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Honda and Acura ranked highest, Toyota’s family of brands took home nine awards, and Hyundai netted three awards, landing second among mainstream brands. The infographic above identifies the top five brands based on resale value. The chart below shares the top three-ranked brands in each vehicle segment, but you can read the entire report at (This infographic is provided on an “as-is” basis without any guarantees, and should be used for informational purposes only.  There are no representations or warranties with respect to the residual value information, or the results from use of such information.)

“Residual value is a complete indicator of vehicle value, taking into account quality, durability and brand desirability,” said Larry Dominique, President of ALG.  “The Residual Value Awards measure the most important brand performance metric – the statement consumers make with their wallets when they purchase a vehicle.”