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Welcome to Philadelphia s top-ranked Erivan K. Haub School of Business. MBA Program. Our uniquely flexible graduate business program is focused on you and your career, combining strategic leadership skills with relevant functional expertise. By integrating creative thinking, effective communication, project management, and technology applications into a relevant business context, this program provides the foundation you need to effectively succeed and distinguish yourself in your field, your organization, and your industry.

Click below to learn about our MBA Direct Admissions Program with Ursinus College.

Saint Joseph s University offers you the flexibility of an evening program at our convenient Philadelphia Main Campus location. We also offer a Fully Online program with no residency requirement. You can choose to customize your schedule by blending online and on campus options. You can also expect the same tuition rate for on campus and online courses. What s more, our staff, faculty, and students are united in the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, care for the whole person, and are dedicated to helping you succeed in the classroom as well as in life.

The Haub School is AACSB-accredited in Business and Accounting less than 5% of business schools worldwide meet this dual standard of excellence.

U.S.News World Report, Princeton Review, and Business Week have all ranked the Haub School as one of the nation s top graduate business schools.

Saint Joseph’s University is one of only 142 schools nationwide with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and AACSB business school accreditation, and has been recognized by Beta Gamma Sigma for five consecutive years with Outstanding Chapter Awards, including the 2010 Gold Chapter Award.

Online Masters of Business Administration MBA – Distance Learning – Aberdeen Business School #online #mba, #distance #mba, #distance #learning #mba, #e-mba, #amba, #mba #scholarship, #mba #by #distance #learning, #master #of #business #administration, #distance #mba #programs, #mba #distance #education, #distance #learning #mba #degree, #mba #online #uk, #online #mba #courses


Master of Business Administration MBA

Master of Business Administration – Online

1. Overview

Aberdeen Business School is recognised both nationally and internationally for its corporate and management education.

It has been developed to ensure that it meets the highest international standards and is of direct relevance to the real world. This distance learning MBA course is delivered online through the University’s virtual learning environment, Campus Moodle, where you will have access to teaching materials and communicate with lecturers and fellow students.

2. What you will study

You will study online through the university virtual learning environment, Campus Moodle. There will be the opportunity for you to interact with tutors and fellow students from around the world.

Semester 8
Choose 1 option module from the following group:

Modules and delivery order may change for operational purposes.

The University regularly reviews its courses. Course content and structure may change over time. See our course disclaimer for more information.

3. How you will learn

Online/Distance Learning
Our supported distance learning mode of delivery allows you to study online from any location and is designed to fit in around your work commitments. You will be taught and supported by experienced industry professionals who will recreate the same challenging interactive format of the on-campus courses for those studying at a distance.

Our virtual learning environment, CampusMoodle offers students flexibility of where and when they can study, offering full and open access to tutors and other class members. Students have the benefit of being part of a group of learners with the invaluable opportunity to participate in active, group-related learning within a supportive online community setting. The online campus provides students with lectures and course materials and it also includes:

  • Virtual tutorials
  • Live chat
  • Discussion forums – student and tutor led
  • Up-to-date web technology for delivery methods
  • User friendly material
  • Access to our online library

As online learners, students are part of a ‘virtual cohort’ and the communication and interaction amongst members of the cohort is a significant aspect of the learning process.

Details on the distance learning are also available from our Distance Learning Guide .

During the course of your degree you are required to attend a 10 day leadership week which takes place in the last week of May in your second year.

You will need to factor in the cost for travel, accommodation and subsistence for these 10 days.

This event brings together a number of speakers from academia and industry. During the event there will be a mix of academic and practical workshops. Each session will explore a different aspect of leadership and aims to enhance students skills and provide an opportunity to network.

The event will be hosted in the modern facilities at Aberdeen Business School, Garthdee.

4. Entry requirements

  • hold a 2:2 undergraduate honours degree or its equivalent in any subject discipline.
  • have at least 3 years of full-time professional work experience.

Applicants with a lower degree classification and/or relevant work experience will be considered on a case by case basis.

English Language

Applicants whose first language is not English should have an IELTS of 6.5 overall, with no component lower than 5.5, or an equivalent.

We accept a variety of in-country and secure English language tests, find out more:

* All entry requirements listed here should be used as a guide and represent the minimum required to be considered for entry. A small number of courses require higher levels, but this will be stated explicitly on your offer letter.

5. Placements and accreditations

The course is accredited by Association of MBAs (AMBA). It is regarded as the international authority on the development of business leaders and the guardian of MBA quality standards. It plays a unique role in supporting business schools to develop business leaders and provides a network for MBAs, business schools and employer.

Robert Gordon University is one of only a handful of institutions worldwide that have been accredited in respect of every form of the MBA.

6. Student Funding

Alumni Discount

Robert Gordon University is delighted to offer a 20% loyalty discount on course fees for all alumni who have graduated from RGU, further information available via the Alumni page.

7. Course Fees

School of Accelerated Degree Programs #accelerated #business #administration #degree


School of Accelerated Degree Programs

Accelerated degrees are specifically designed for working adults who want to fast-track their education.

This makes it possible for you to finish your degree without taking time away from your family, work, or hobbies. In other words, sacrificing your life to earn your degree. By attending one-night-a-week classes and completing out-of-class assignments, you can earn your degree in as little as 18 months.

Practical Degrees for Working Adults

The Accelerated Degree Program uses a quarterly twelve week format. You will meet as a class with your instructor once a week for four hours in the evening, and then complete additional assignments as homework. This allows students to attend classes that will not interfere with their work schedule. Classes are held at one of eight convenient locations throughout the St. Louis area, including our St. Charles, MO and Belleville, IL campuses.

Benefits of the Accelerated Degree Program

The undergraduate and graduate degrees in this program include various in-demand majors such as business administration, MBA, information technology, human resource management, gerontology, health management/administration, communications, criminal justice, and MFA in writing. Our evening degree programs are designed for working adults like you and offer an accessible, condensed educational format that works with your busy lifestyle. The Accelerated Degree Program allows you to:

  • Complete your degree using an expedited design . The quarterly format enables you to obtain an enhanced number of credits by meeting once a week in the evening, plus finishing out-of-class assignments. In some cases, students can earn graduate degrees in as little as 15-24 months.
  • Jump-start your education and your career . Our programs include challenging, faculty-led courses for in-demand undergraduate and graduate degrees from Lindenwood University that will help you advance your career.
  • Participate in small classes with experienced faculty. Most class sizes have no more than a dozen students, offering an excellent opportunity for in-depth learning. Our faculty members are experienced instructors with real-world jobs, and you’ll be able to expand your business network by attending class with others in the same field.
  • Earn an affordable degree in a supportive environment. We know the challenges that working adults face, and we realize that many students have not been in a school environment for years or even decades. We want to see you succeed both now and after you’ve earned your degree. The Accelerated Degree program offers advisors to guide you, free tutoring to complete coursework, and professional support in our Financial Aid Office to help navigate your financial aid choices.

This unique program allows you to fast-track your degree so that you can begin the next phase of your career. Call or contact us today to learn more about the School of Accelerated Degree Programs.

Welcome to the School of Accelerated Degree Programs from Dr. Gina Ganahl

Welcome to Lindenwood University’s School of Accelerated Degree Programs.

We have proudly served adult students since 1975. We currently offer 21 fully accredited degree programs, with nine emphasis areas, plus three post-bachelor and graduate certificate programs. We have a degree program to fit your interests!

The School of Accelerated Degree Programs is committed to continuous improvement. We are developing more courses each year (onsite and online) to give students more choices and greater flexibility to tailor an education that works best for their lifestyle.

We constantly watch education and industry trends to identify new degree programs, such as our new Bachelor of Science in cyber security and online Graduate Certificate in gerontology. We look for ways to improve our student services, like the recent addition of the Student Success Center and Quantitative Learning Center that provide improved support for student learning.

We know it can be challenging for adults to earn a college degree because you juggle so many family, job, and community responsibilities. Our accelerated format makes it possible to earn a degree while managing the competing demands of your busy life.

Our accelerated format allows you to attend class one evening per week and take a cluster of three related courses at one time taught by one highly qualified instructor. With our 12-week quarter terms, you can earn up to 36 semester credits per year and complete a bachelor’s degree in less than four years or a master’s degree in as little as 15 months.

We make our accelerated format even more accessible by offering courses at eight convenient locations in the St. Louis region, from Collinsville, Ill. to Wentzville, Mo.

Why should you consider earning a degree from the School of Accelerated Degree Programs? Earning a degree is a great way to gain new knowledge, skills, and abilities that will help you stay relevant while building your professional credentials.

Read about our programs, and I’ll bet you get excited about the learning possibilities in your future!

Gina V. Ganahl, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Accelerated Degree Programs
Lindenwood University

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Accelerated Degree Programs within Lindenwood University is in alignment with the mission of the University.

  • Using the Socratic method of learning.
  • Providing a sound core in the liberal arts.
  • Providing a structured, but wide-ranging approach in majors in business administration, communications, creative writing, criminal justice, gerontology, health management, human resource management and information technology.
  • Preparing students to be competitive in an increasingly global marketplace.
  • Developing students’ analytical and communication skills, with emphasis on both written and oral communication.
  • Using a cluster format to serve the adult learner.
  • Providing mentoring for every student.
  • Developing an appreciation of the importance of continuing growth and education with an emphasis on values-centered thinking.

Contact Info

How To Get A Diploma In Business Administration – Iberpy Online #what #can #i #do #with #a #business #administration #degree


How To Get A Diploma In Business Administration

If you are trying to get a degree in business administration. there are a couple of ways that you can do this. You should be able to find a college that you can attend, one that will accept you, so that you can spend a couple years getting your degree. You can get an Associates degree, bachelors degree, or even a Masters degree. It just depends on what you are striving to accomplish. You also do not have to attend the physical school for most of your courses. You can do this on the Internet as well. Here is the best way for you to find and evaluate the different colleges that offer business administration degrees, allowing you to get a diploma in the next few years.

How Do You Find These Schools?

You can find these schools very quickly by searching online for business administration colleges. They should have application information so that you can submit that in order to get your college degree. You should also be able to find financing that you can take advantage of so that you can get your diploma without having to work a full-time or part-time job. If you are doing this online, you are also going to save a substantial amount of money if you can stay at home and attend classes. Mantissa Diploma in Business Administration offers all of these for you.

Ways To Evaluate These Schools

You can evaluate these schools very quickly by searching online for the different companies that offer this type of degree. Once you have one, you will be able to apply for jobs that are related to the business sector, helping you to earn more money in your profession. The college that you choose should allow you to complete your Associates degree in two years, and your bachelors degree in four years. A Masters degree is going to be much better, helping you to get higher positions in any company that is looking for someone with a business administration background.

Can You Use These Degrees Anywhere?

Most of the schools that offer this degree can be used in most countries. They just need to know that you have completed the training. There is the possibility that once you are hired, they may ask you to take different courses that pertain to not only the country where you will be working, but also the company that you will be working for. Best of all, once you are hired, they will probably pay for all of the courses that you need to take, and can help you advance to hire positions, all the while covering your classes. You just need to get your foot in the door, but this can only happen if you can first earn your business administration degree to qualify for your position.

You may be able to find several colleges in the span of a few hours that you can apply for. A couple of them will accept you, and you will need to decide on which one will work best with your schedule. Those that do allow you to take your classes online might be exactly what you need to do because of your current schedule. However, if you have to relocate because it is a very well-known college that could help you get better jobs, you might want to consider doing that. As long as they offer some type of financial aid, you should be able to easily cover the cost of your tuition, courses, and cost of living. Try the Mantissa College in KL if you want a quality school near an urban area.

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Improve The Intelligence Of Your Children With With Montessori In Malaysia

Doctoral Programs #concordia #university #chicago #s #college #of #graduate #and #innovative #programs #has #highly #ranked, #on-campus, #cohort #and #online #programs. #we #offer #masters, #post-masters, #endorsements, #certifications #and #doctoral #programs #in #education, #business, #humanities #and #leadership. # #/ # #meta #id= #metakeywords # #name= #keywords # #content= #concordia #university, #chicago, #illinois, #graduate #degree #programs, #master #s #degree, #master #s #programs, #ma #programs, #doctoral #degrees, #doctoral #programs, #edd, #mba, #mbas, #master #of #business #administration, #master #s #of #business #administration, #education, #early #childhood #education, #teaching, #reading, #christian #education, #curriculum #and #instruction, #c #amp;i, #esl, #esl #endorsement, #educational #technology, #school #counseling, #school #leadership, #accelerated #degree #completion, #adult #education


Doctoral Programs

Welcome to Concordia University Chicago and thank you for your interest in applying to one of our doctoral programs. All documents relating to admission should be submitted to Concordia University’s Office of Graduate Admission and Student Services prior to the deadline for your anticipated term of enrollment. See your degree of interest on this Web site for application and file completion deadlines.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the doctoral program occurs prior to initiation of course work. The number of students admitted will be limited to ensure quality of program and dissertation advising.

Applicants who are successful in their application for admission for entrance into the doctoral program will meet the following criteria:

  • Master’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • A completed Doctoral Application for Admission
  • Submission of rationale statement, including personal goals for applying for admission to the program.
  • Transcripts: Submission of official transcripts of all previous credits.
  • Testing: Current Graduate Record Exam or Miller Analogies Test scores (test taken within the prior three years).
  • Letters of recommendation from two persons qualified to comment upon the applicant’s potential for doctoral study.
  • Past experience: At least two years of successful teaching/administrative experience (required only for doctoral programs in K-12 education).
  • Writing sample: Submit a paper that demonstrates your ability to write in a scholarly manner at a level typical of graduate work. A paper from your master’s program would be most appropriate. This sample should approach, but not exceed, five pages in length.

All documents should be submitted to:

Office of Graduate Admission and Student Services
Concordia University Chicago
7400 Augusta Street
River Forest, IL 60305

The office fax number is (708) 209-3454.

Once the admission file is completed and initially reviewed, qualified applicants will complete an extemporaneous writing sample followed by a personal interview with an admission committee.

Admission recommendations are submitted from the admission committee to the Dean of the College of Education, who will then make the final admission decision and communicate the decision to the candidate. The admission committee may establish an admission waiting list, if necessary. Students admitted should consult the Doctoral Program Handbook for additional program information.

Students who are applying for admission to the doctoral program are precluded from enrolling in any courses which met doctoral program requirements until the student has been completely admitted to the program.

The Graduate Admission Committee reserves the right to request additional information or documentation deemed helpful in evaluating applicants for admission.

Additional Testing

Depending on program of study, students may be required to take additional tests such as the Graduate Record Exam, Miller Analogies Test and/or the Illinois Basic Skills Test. A writing sample, essay, FBI fingerprint criminal background check, valid teaching certificate and/or interview may also be required to determine what may be necessary for a student to qualify for a graduate program.

Pending Status

Doctoral and international students are not eligible for Pending Status .

International Students

Applicants who are not U.S. citizens are required to meet all admission standards listed for the program they wish to enter. In addition, the following are required to be considered for admission:

  • TOEFL: A score of at least 550 (paper-based) or 72 (internet) minimum requirement on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or successful completion of Level 112 at an English Language School (ELS) unless English is the native language, and an unqualified recommendation from an ELS program director is provided. (International students who have earned an advanced degree from an accredited institution in the United States do not need to submit TOEFL scores.)
  • Transcripts: Official transcripts from each college/university attended showing all college/university course work with certified English translations of all transcripts originally prepared in any other language. Also, any international transcripts must be evaluated by a Concordia-approved international credentialing service such as WES (World Education Services), ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators), or AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers).
  • Financial Support: A certified document guaranteeing adequate financial support for at least the student’s first year of study and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, adequate funding from the same or an equally dependable source, for subsequent years.
  • Medical: A physical exam, adequate medical insurance, and proof of immunization are required prior to enrollment.
  • Regular Admission Requirements: International students must qualify for regular admission to a degree program in order to enroll.

All documents must be received by the Office of Graduate Admission and Enrollment Services at least three months prior to the expected date of entry. I-20 forms may be issued only after University acceptance is granted and will remain in effect only for students who continue to make satisfactory progress as full-time students in an accepted university program. The program length may vary for each student.

Application information

Undergraduate Business Program: Home #what #does #a #business #administration #degree #do


  • The School of Business at the University of California Riverside provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to fill the leadership needs of the growing global economy.

    UCR School of Business: Building the Next Generation of Leaders

    The Undergraduate Business Program at UC Riverside’s School of Business is all about opportunity.

    As an institution accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), our mission is to develop diverse, world-class managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and scholars who are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools required to lead and manage.

    At our world-class research university, we propel research-based innovation and support the sustainable growth of Inland Southern California, one of the most diverse and intriguing sectors of the global economy.

    With the largest undergraduate business program in the UC system, UCR’s School of Business strives to educate students in the art and science of management. The business administration degree from UCR is an exclusive professional degree, and students have the ability to get a job in the area they studied the moment they graduate from the university. With the help of a highly-regarded faculty and advising team. UC Riverside is dedicated in ensuring student success.


  • Masters in Healthcare Administration #master #of #health #administration #salary


    Masters in Healthcare Administration

    Capella University offers an online Master’s in Public Health (MPH) and Doctor of Public Health (DrPH). These programs are designed around NCHL outcome-based competencies and prepare you to solve real-world challenges while developing your leadership skills, all in an online learning environment. Request information to learn more about Capella’s public health programs.

    Benedictine University CEPH Accredited Online MPH Program. Choose to focus on Health Education & Promotion, Health Management & Policy, Emergency Preparedness, or Epidemiology and earn a graduate certificate along with your MPH at no added time or cost. Request information .

    Master of Health Administration Overview

    A master of health administration, or MHA is a graduate degree that focuses on such topics as the management of hospitals and other medical organizations, and also the general infrastructure of public health. With this degree, you will be well prepared to manage and operate the daily functions of a large health care facility, or a department within that facility. Some of the jobs that you might take with an MHA include clinical health care manager, health service manager, and nursing service administrator. Compare MPH vs MHA .

    As the industry of health care continues to evolve, a professional with an MHA will need to adapt to many changes in laws and regulations.

    Master of Health Administration Salary

    The average salary for a professional with a master of health administration was $84,200 in 2010. The lowest 10% earned $51,200, and the top 10% earned in excess of $144,000.

    What you earn will vary depending upon the size of the organization and how much responsibility you have. If you work in health administration in a large facility, you can earn $150,000 a year. If you are in a small facility, your salary would be more in the area of $85,000 per year. Read more about the MHA salary outlook .

    Master of Health Administration Jobs and Careers

    In their careers, people with an MHA will work in some type of health care facility, such as hospitals, nursing homes and group medical facilities. The most common places of employment for professionals with an MHA are:

    • Hospitals: 39%
    • Doctors’ offices: 9%
    • Nursing homes: 7%
    • Home health care: 6%
    • Outpatient centers: 5%

    Master of Health Administration Online Programs

    Online programs provide you a very convenient, highly flexible way to attain your MHA, while continuing to work full time. Some of the top online master of health administration programs include:

    Featured Online School Offerings

    Master of Health Administration Requirements

    Master of Health Administration Scholarships

    Master of Microbiology, Masters Degree in Microbiology course outline – Online Distance Learning degree program for adult students Atlantic International University #master #of #microbiology, #masters, #microbiology, #food #microbiology, #medical #microbiology, #microbial #metabolic #regulation, #microbial #cell #biotransformations, #immunology, #microbial #diversity, #microbial #biotechnology, #molecular #virology, #plant #pathogens, #food #microbiology, #soil #microbiology, #mycology, #online #university, #continuing #education, #distance #learning, #online #college #education, #online #college #education #degrees, #degree #programs, #university, #scholarship, #bachelors #degree, #masters #degree, #doctoral #degree, #home #study, #on-line #schools, #andragogy, #work #experience, #distance #education, #diploma, #schools, #college, #business #administration, #education, #undergraduate, #graduate, #adult #learning, #self #learning, #professional #recognition, #executive #program, #correspondence #study


    Master of Microbiology (MS)

    School of Science and Engineering
    Atlantic International University

    The Master of Microbiology (MS) program objective is to provide students with knowledge in the basic sciences which are essential to microbiology and to the application of science to issues in the modern world. The Master of Microbiology (MS) program is offered online via distance learning. After evaluating both academic record and life experience, AIU staff working in conjunction with Faculty and Academic Advisors will assist students in setting up a custom-made program, designed on an individual basis. This flexibility to meet student needs is seldom found in other distance learning programs. Our online program does not require all students to take the same subjects/courses, use the same books, or learning materials. Instead, the online Master of Microbiology (MS) curriculum is designed individually by the student and academic advisor. It specifically addresses strengths and weaknesses with respect to market opportunities in the student s major and intended field of work. Understanding that industry and geographic factors should influence the content of the curriculum instead of a standardized one-fits-all design is the hallmark of AIU s unique approach to adult education. This philosophy addresses the dynamic and constantly changing environment of working professionals by helping adult students in reaching their professional and personal goals within the scope of the degree program.

    Important: Below is an example of the topics or areas you may develop and work on during your studies. By no means is it a complete or required list as AIU programs do not follow a standardized curriculum. It is meant solely as a reference point and example. Want to learn more about the curriculum design at AIU? (Course and Curriculum )

    Core Courses and Topics in Microbiology:

    • Food Microbiology
    • Medical Microbiology
    • Microbial Metabolic Regulation
    • Microbial Cell Biotransformations
    • Immunology
    • Microbial Diversity
    • Microbial Biotechnology
    • Molecular Virology
    • Microbiology
    • Biology of Plant Pathogens
    • Food Microbiology
    • Soil Microbiology
    • Mycology

    Orientation Courses:

    • Communication Investigation (Comprehensive Resume)
    • Organization Theory (Portfolio)
    • Experiential Learning (Autobiography)
    • Academic Evaluation (Questionnaire)
    • Fundament of Knowledge (Integration Chart)
    • Fundamental Principles I (Philosophy of Education)
    • Professional Evaluation (Self Evaluation Matrix)
    • Development of Graduate Study (Guarantee of an Academic Degree)

    Research Project in Microbiology:

    Masters Thesis Project
    MBM300 Thesis Proposal
    MBM302 Master Thesis (7,500 words)
    Publication: Each Master of Microbiology graduate is encouraged to publish their research papers either online in the public domain or through professional journals and periodicals worldwide.

    Career Center Master of Microbiology

    Job Description Master of Microbiology

    A microbiologist is a science professional who deals with the study of small organisms that can usually be viewed through a microscope. A microbiologist has to isolate a microorganism and identify its characteristics. He also has to study the effect of the microorganism on various chemicals and other stimuli like human health, food, etc. Plants, bacteria, fungi, animal, etc. are some of the microorganisms that are studied under this field and a microbiologist can become an expert at the study any of these microbes.
    Most microbiologists work for colleges and universities, where they teach the students of microbiology and which also includes research. Some microbiologists also work for private industries, that can include, clinical laboratories, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Microbiologists who work for clinical laboratories study the relationship between a microorganism and a disease. They study and microorganisms that are responsible for developing particular diseases. Microbiologists working in pharmaceutical industries analyze the effect of a medicine on a particular virus or bacteria.

    Professional Associations

    Resources and Tools

    We understand how busy adults do not have time to go back to school. Now, it’s possible to earn your degree in the comfort of your own home and still have time for yourself and your family. The Admissions office is here to help you, for additional information or to see if you qualify for admissions please contact us. If you are ready to apply please submit your Online Application and paste your resume and any additional comments/questions in the area provided.

    Trump Administration Seeks Deep Cuts In Health Care, Medical Research: Shots – Health News: NPR #health #care #administration #programs


    Medical Research, Health Care Face Deep Cuts In Trump Budget

    Budget Director Mick Mulvaney holds up a copy of President Trump’s proposed fiscal 2018 federal budget at the White House on Tuesday.

    This story was updated on May 24 to clarify include new information on proposed cuts to Medicaid.

    The proposed budget unveiled Tuesday by the Trump administration doubles down on major cuts to biomedical research; programs to fight infectious disease outbreaks; health care for the poor, elderly and disabled; and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

    It restates the goals of the “skinny budget” the administration released in March, which was widely condemned by scientists and public health advocates.

    Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, said Monday that the goal is to cut back on public assistance and instead put people back to work. “We are going to measure compassion and success by the number of people we help get off of those programs and get back in charge of their own lives.”

    No one thinks the president’s budget will pass as proposed, since Congress has budget and spending authority. But it does provide a baseline from which negotiations may begin.

    “The president is right to take a close look at spending,” says Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. But “Congress has the power of the purse strings. I’ve never seen a president’s budget proposal not revised substantially.”

    Here’s a rundown of the budget’s medical research and health care proposals.

    Medicaid: The budget proposes cutting Medicaid and CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, by $616 billion over 10 years, with almost half the savings occurring in the last two years.

    But it appears that the $616 billion number doesn’t include the roughly $800 billion that would be cut from Medicaid funding by the House-passed version of the American Health Care Act. Mulvaney told the House Budget Committee Wednesday that there is some overlap in the two numbers, but the exact amount of the overlap remains a mystery.

    The joint federal-state programs provide health care and support services for 75 million low-income, elderly and disabled people, about half of whom are children. In 2015, federal and state spending on Medicaid was about $545 billion.

    The budget mirrors the changes in Medicaid included in the health care overhaul bill passed by the House earlier this month. Rather than the federal government matching state spending based on beneficiaries’ health care needs, it would give states a fixed amount of money per enrollee or, alternatively, offer states a fixed block grant. That would cut the program’s growth over time and reduce services because health care costs grow faster than the broad economy.

    Medicaid benefits for the elderly and disabled: Medicaid pays for services — including personal care, shopping or cooking for the elderly, and occupational therapy and work support for the disabled — that allow people to continue to live on their own.

    Under the law, those services are considered optional. But Medicaid is required to pay for nursing home and institutional care.

    “We’ll see a return to more people with disabilities and more older adults not having access to services that allow them to remain at home,” says Barbara Beckert, director of the Milwaukee office of Disability Rights Wisconsin. “Instead, we may see people forced into institutions, forced into nursing homes.”

    Refugee benefits: The proposed budget makes the argument that the U.S. should reduce the number of refugees it brings into this country because those fleeing persecution in their home countries often end up using public assistance, including 50 percent who were on Medicaid in 2015. “The larger the number the United States admits for domestic resettlement, the fewer people the United States is able to help overall,” the budget document says.

    National Institutes of Health: The NIH, which funds research into medical treatments and basic science, would see cuts of almost $6 billion, to about $26 billion. That would include a $575 million cut to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and $838 million cut to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is involved in a wide range of diseases including AIDS and Zika. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases would be cut by $355 million.

    The proposed cuts drew immediate and harsh criticism.

    The cuts would “cripple our nation’s scientific efforts, undermining our economic growth, public health and national security,” Mary Sue Coleman, president of the Association of American Universities, said in a statement. The cuts could “hobble our ability to provide tomorrow’s cures and technologies.”

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: The administration proposes trimming the CDC, which helps states and other countries fight infectious disease outbreaks, by $1.3 billion — 17 percent. That could include a $186 million cut in programs at the CDC’s center on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases. The CDC’s chronic disease prevention programs, such as those for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity, would be cut by $222 million.

    The proposed cut to CDC “would be perilous for the health of the American people,” says John Auerbach, president and CEO of the Trust for America’s Health. “From Ebola to Zika to opioid misuse to diabetes to heart disease, the CDC is on the front lines keeping Americans healthy.”

    Food and Drug Administration: A 31 percent proposed cut, from $2.7 billion to $1.89 billion, would be offset by $1.3 billion in proposed increased fees to be paid by drugmakers and device-makers.

    The budget shows a basic misunderstanding of how these agencies function, says Ryan Hohman, vice president of public affairs at the group Friends of Cancer Research. “To further suggest that private sector industry make up for such a significant cut to the FDA as proposed by the president shows a lack of knowledge for how user fees can be used and the scope of the FDA’s pivotal role in assuring the safety of the daily lives of Americans.”

    The budget doesn’t explicitly address high drug costs, though Trump has frequently inveighed against drug prices, telling Congress in February that it should “work to bring down the artificially high price of drugs and bring them down immediately.”

    Planned Parenthood: The family-planning organization has been the target of efforts to cut funding for years because it provides about one-third of the nation’s abortions.

    This budget would be the first to bar a specific provider, according to Planned Parenthood. And it would bar the organization not only from Medicaid funding but also from any other Health and Human Services program, including the Title X family planning program, maternal and child health, STD testing and treatment, and Zika prevention.

    “From Day 1, President Trump has worked to keep his pro-life promises, including stopping taxpayers from being forced to fund abortion and abortion businesses,” says Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List. “Taxpayers should not have to prop up Planned Parenthood’s failing, abortion-centered business model.”

    Planned Parenthood officials said Tuesday that many of their clients don’t have other places to get health care. “We’ve already seen the results of these sorts of policies in Texas, so we know what would happen,” says Kevin Griffis, vice president at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “The heartbreaking truth is that if this budget were enacted, the results would be catastrophic for countless women and their families — cancers and diseases going undetected, higher maternal mortality and more unintended pregnancies.”

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    Program updated to version 4.8.3, amended the authorization process for the Connection ID using the public NOIP. Connection by ID through common NOIP changed.

    09 January 2017 LiteManager 4.8 and client for Mac OS and iOS New Litemanager 4.8 via global chat jabber trough NOIP. New Teacher mode for testing and file distribution and collection.

    LiteManager OSX client and iOS client.

    07 June 2015 – remote support software A new website design was created; help system, overview of solutions, instructions and documentation for the program are now available. Support Linux, Mac OS by Wine.

    31 May 2015 LiteManager – remote access software Remote access over the Internet without IP address with the use of ID. Remote desktop with support for Windows 10. Classroom management software free. Demonstration and online Presentation.

    Remote access software, free remote desktop software, remote administration Windows

    LiteManager Pro/Free remote access software for remote administration of computers over the Internet or remote control in a local network, for distant learning, providing remote support to users and supervising work activity of employees.

    The program allows to quickly and easily control computer desktop in real-time mode with full support for Windows, provides secure remote access to the file system, processes and services of the remote computer. LiteManager has built-in tools for creating network map, collecting technical data, ability to deploy and update using remote installation services, configure private ID router (NOIP) and many other features. Classroom management software.

    Remote administration is now possible without IP address. Using Connect by ID mode, you can choose your personal unique ID by yourself and connect by it. Client and server modules of the program can work in networks connected to the Internet via a proxy server. LiteManager remote access software, remote administration .

    Licensing policy for LiteManager is one of the most flexible, lifetime license and technicians unlimited. More information on buying LiteManager

    Free version of remote desktop software that includes key features and allows you to control up to 30 computers simultaneously free of charge! and more computers if you have a license key. Remote desktop without limits on session time and speed.

    This version is available free of charge for both individuals and legal entities.

    You can use the program to provide technical support for users. The ability to configure your own connection by ID server (NoIP) ensures completely autonomous and independent operation, and as a result, the operation of the whole technical support service.

    Main features of the Free version and its key differences from the Pro version are shown in the table LiteManager Free remote desktop software, remote control .

    LiteManager QuickSupport optimized for instant support does not require installation or administrator rights simply download and run it.

    LiteManager portable generally comprises all the features of the full version without the need to install anything, portable runs directly from a USB stick. More about portable version .

    Advantages of our product:

    • You can control and view the desktop of a remote computer. Remote Desktop control.
      • You can use Drag Drop function, system clipboard, Copy Paste function, switch between the monitors and users working in different terminal sessions. There is support for graphical shell of Windows 7 Aero which doesn t turn off when connection is established. The program can work in economy mode to decrease the network traffic consumption.
    • File manager for working with files and folders.
      • It allows browsing the file system, copy, delete, run and open files for editing and offers a tab system for faster navigation. File manager can transfer data between two connected computers.
    • Remote task manager
      • It allows you to control processes and services, view information about running programs, launch and stop them. Task manager also displays information about connected users.
    • Power management
      • This mode allows you to restart or turn on a computer by using Wake-On-LAN function. You also can turn on, turn off or switch a monitor to the standby mode.
    • Text chat and audio and video chat
      • You can communicate with users in a text chat. You also can send a message to a user in the form of notification. Audio and video chat for communication via a microphone and webcam. The chat can work in dialog, broadcast or audio and video capture mode.
    • Telnet control of computer via command line.
      • Connection in the form of command line, you can work as a user or as a system.
    • Device manager and inventory.
      • It allows to quickly and easily collect information about installed hardware and software.
    • Screen recorder.
      • Independent desktop recording into a video file. It is a convenient and efficient tool for controlling working time of employees.
    • Network map.
      • You can create a topology map of your network with all equipment to facilitate the administration process. The map is fully interactive with the ability to connect and configure connections.
    • Connecting a server with a dynamic IP address and cascade connection functionality that allows to work in complex networks.
      • Using Callback connection or Connect by ID functions you can connect to computers that are not accessible in the Internet. Cascade connection allows you to create a connection to a LM server via another LM server. The program can be used through a proxy server.
    • Remote installation and update.
      • Several methods of program installation by means of built-in Windows tools, MSI and program s auto update function. A server can be configured before installation.
    • Server search.
      • This feature allows finding computers both with installed server side components and without them, after which you can add them in the main list.
    • Registry editor.
      • Connecting to the registry with ability to edit data as well as to import and export registry keys.
    • Connect by ID and NoIP application.
      • Using Connect by ID mode you can connect to computers without IP addresses and specify a convenient ID by yourself. Additional application NoIP ships with the program and allows to connect LMViewer and LMServer without an IP address and to configure your enterprise server of ID connections. NoIP can also be used on UNIX systems running Wine.

    Reliable remote desktop software for unattended access.

    Get secure remote access to network computers and servers. Employee monitoring feature allow managers to watch over users activity while employees are left alone.

    Provide instant tech remote support.

    Provide remote technical support for individual or commercial users via LiteManager, 24/7 help desk support for daily computer issues.

    Classroom management software.

    Effective software to help teacher and students in daily classes. LiteManager demonstration share your screens and display your presentations on student computers.