Wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale: Second hand disabled vehicle access #dealer #car

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USED wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale

The following second hand disability access modified vehicles are advertised for sale, including private and commercial ex fleet or refurbished vehicles.

  • Vehicles listed are available for sale in Australia only. Business name is included under location for commercial sellers with simply suburb state for private sellers
  • New vehicles and vehicle used parts accessories e.g. child car seats, portable ramps, external hoists, swivel seats, transfer aids, spare parts used for adapting existing vehicles are listed separately
  • If you are interested in one of the products advertised, please contact the seller directly for more information and conduct your own due diligence before purchasing. All details in the ads are provided by the seller and e-Bility is not in a position to verify this information
  • We also rely on the seller to advise us when the item is sold – mostly this works well but if you do come across an outdated listing please let us know so we can keep the site current


You’ll read on other areas of e-Bility that IDEAS Inc are the new owners and will be managing the website and classifieds. IDEAS will continue the personal service and successful sales you have enjoyed in the past.

All existing ads will continue uninterrupted. Please email us using the new contact if your vehicle, equipment or property has been sold so we can keep the listings current, and any minor updates to existing ads are fine too.

Used vehicles for sale

SQL Server – How to Setup a Data Source in SSRS to MS Access, MS Excel, and CSV Files #ms #access #crm


SQL Server How to Setup a Data Source in SSRS to MS Access, MS Excel, and CSV Files

Not all data will come from a SQL Server database when you are creating reports in SSRS. There will be times you will need to create a data source to .CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, and MS Access databases.

Recently, I had a customer request setting up sample data sources to these types of files to help the developers complete a migration project.

Items Needed to be Installed on the SSRS Server

The first thing you will need are executables from Microsoft to enable OLEDB and ODBC connections to the source data. SSRS will not be able to use ODBC or OLEDB until the specific drivers for these types of files are installed on the server.

You will need to download and install the following on your SSRS server. While these look to be just for MS Access, they include the drivers for connecting to Flat files and MS Excel as well.

NOTE: I would recommend installing the 64 bit version first, and then the 32 bit version to help save some time troubleshooting the issue of trying to install a 64 bit version once the 32 bit version is already installed.

For Testing

The system is ready to set up the data sources once the drivers are installed on the server. For testing purposes, I have a folder containing sample files for the different types of data sources I would like to connect to:

How to Create a Data Source for MS Excel Files (.xls. xlsx)

We will need to create an ODBC connection on the server to the Excel file before creating a data source in Report Manager.

1. Create a system DNS using the Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)

2. Create a meaningful name for your data source. The name will be used later in SSRS when creating the connection string.

3. Make sure to select the correct version of Excel you are wanting to connect and then select Workbook button:

4. Navigate to the location of the document and select the file. Complete the process of creating the system DSN.

You will now be able to create and test your data source in SSRS.

Creating the Data Source in SSRS

1. Open the Report Manager and navigate to the folder structure of where you would like to save your data source. Select New Data Source .

2. Give your data source a descriptive name. Create a good description of the data source for documentation purposes.

3. Select ODBC as your Data Source Type from the drop down menu.

4. Your connection string is Dns=xxx , where xxx is the name you gave your system DSN.

5. Make sure to test your connection, and then select OK.

When writing your query for the report, you will reference your sheet in the excel file which has the data you are wishing to display on the report.

Example: select * from [Sheet1$]

Creating a Data source to .CSV file

For this process, you will use OLEDB to connect to the data source. The main item to note is the data source is defined to look a directory instead of a physical file. If you use a central location for all the .csv files to be located, you will only need to create one data source in SSRS. The queries inside your report will dictate which file the report is pulled from. If you are worried about security, you could set up multiple locations for the files and create individual data sources for the structure.

Unlike connecting to a MS Excel file, you will not need to create a SYSTEM DNS before creating your data source in SSRS.

Navigate to the location you would like your data source to be stored in Report Manager and select new data source.

Give your data source a meaningful name and don t forget to provide a description for documentation purposes.

For your Data Source Type select OLEDB. You will be using the Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider which was installed with the executables during the system set up listed above.

For your connection string, your provider is Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 and the source is the path to the folder which contains your file. For this example, we are assuming the file does not contain a header row. (HDR=No in the properties)

Your connection string will look something like this.

Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=D:SampleDataSourceFilesSampleDataSourceSampleFiles;Extended Properties= text;HDR=No;FMT=Delimited

Once your Data source connection has been created, you can test it by creating a simple report. Below is an example of a query you would use in Report Builder to display the information from a file called samplecsv.csv .

Example: select * from samplecsv.csv

To Create a Data Source to an MS Access database (*.accdb files)

To create a data source to an MS Access database, you will use OLEDB Data source type. The sample shown below is a connection to the MS Access 2010 version of the Adventureworks database.

For your connection string, your provider will be Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 and your source will be the physical location of the .accdb file.

After the Data sources have been setup, I always like to create a couple of quick same reports to insure they are working as expected.

This process was testing on the following architecture:

Windows 2012R2, SQL Server 2014, Reporting Services 2014

Windows 2008r2 SP1, SQL Server 2012, Reporting Services 2012

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Feedback is always welcome.

If you have questions on getting Data Sources set up in SSRS or need assistance with configuring SSRS for performance or SQL Server in general, reach out to us! XTIVIA can assist you with your Reporting Service needs.

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Remote Control

Remote Control that Enables Collaboration

Desktop Sharing enables administrators to connect and control remote Windows and Mac desktops in the LAN and WAN. Accessing computers at a remote location in WAN can be either through VPN or through Internet. It is a web-based tool enabling access from anywhere in the LAN without requiring any native client. It allows almost all operations to be performed on the remote desktop.

Web-based Remote Control

Desktop Central provides a web-based access to the remote computers. This means that a remote connection can be established from anywhere and it does not require any additional client software to be installed other than the Desktop Central agent in order to access remote desktops. The administrators can also establish connection through a VPN to take control of a remote desktop. It also avoids dependencies with other technologies like Java or ActiveX and can also control a computer from tablets.

Windows Remote Desktop sharing features

  • Access to computers on LAN and WAN.
  • Web-based tool enabling access from anywhere in the LAN.
  • Automatically installs the desktop-sharing agent in each desktop.
  • No individual authentication is required to gain access to a remote desktop.
  • Supports viewing/accessing remote desktops using Active X and Java plug-ins.
  • Prompts user confirmation before providing the access to a remote desktop.
  • Supports locking the users keyboard and mouse when accessing from remote. Users screen can also be blacked out so that they are not aware of the changes you make.
  • Ability to send “Ctrl+Alt+Del” command to access a locked computer.
  • Ability to switch between users’ applications using “Alt+Tab” command.
  • Ability to remotely transfer files across machines.
  • Usage of 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption protocols during Remote Control operations.
  • Multi-monitor support with easy switching options.
  • Integrated chat to improve collaboration
  • Control users by shadowing their session
  • Configurable screen resolution to fit the screen size.

Protects Users’ Privacy

When connecting to remote computers using remote desktop sharing option, the adminstrators can opt to get user’s permission before connecting to their desktop. A request pops up on the user’s screen requesting remote access. This ensures user’s privacy.

Desktop Central supports accessing a remote desktop either using ActiveX or Java plug-ins. This enables accessing a remote desktop from any browser such as,Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Flock.

Remote File Transfer

Desktop Central allows you to remotely access desktops and transfer files between them. The remote desktop sharing mechanism supports remote login to any desktop on the network user a user account that has remote control privileges. Files are transferred across domains and workgroup using the Active-X Viewer and Java viewers. And the entire process is fast, reliable, and secure.

Multi-monitor Support

When you connect a remote machine that has more than one monitor, Desktop Central’s remote control options will automatically detect this configuration and display it on the ActiveX tool bar. The user can select a particular monitor associated with a remote machine individually.This will be displayed over the remote control session. Multi-monitors are especially useful when you need to troubleshoot a remote machine in a collaborative manner. Desktop Central’s dual monitor support facilitates easy remote control set up and easy switching options between the primary and secondary monitors.

Recording Remote Sessions

Remote recording feature of Desktop Central ensures better security, and is useful for audit purposes. Administrators can view the recorded remote sessions to monitor the session activities, ensuring data security. Also, Recorded remote sessions can be downloaded by prompting user for authentication. This ensures that the information is under careful supervision and provides rock solid security. Companies who strive to comply with the regulatory bodies, like HIPPA compliance, PCI compliance, Trade Practice compliance, can use this feature to ensure that they meet the compliance standards.

Integrated Chat

Administrators will be able to initiate a chat session with any user to improve collaboration or to seek any assistance.

Control a User Session

Desktop Central provides the flexibility to take control of the computer or just the user by shadowing the session.

Desktop Sharing – Supported Windows OS Versions

Desktop Sharing supports connecting to desktops running any of the following OS versions:

The free edition of Desktop Central offers remote desktop sharing for up to 25 desktops for free.

Refer to the online help documentation for more details on Desktop Sharing.

The Free Site offers a roundup of free Internet access providers and free WiFi hotspots #free #internet #access #services, #high-speed #internet #access, #free #dialup #connections, #free #wifi #hotspots, #free #and #low-cost #isp #services #roundup


Free Internet Access

Looking for free Internet access service? In this section, TheFreeSite.com offers a roundup of free Net access service providers, as well as sites that can help you find free WiFi Internet access hotspots near you. With the exception of WiFi hotspot providers, we generally don’t recommend free Internet access services for use as your primary Web connection, if you need solid, reliable service. Still, the free services reviewed below are handy for use as a backup service, if your primary provider experiences downtime. They also provide a convenient way for you to get online, if you’re on the road.

All Free ISP

This site offers a searchable database, complete with reviews and ratings, of free ISPs, including local ISPs, in the U.S. and Canada. Besides free services, the site also takes a look at discount ISPs.

WiFi Map

Looking for free WiFi hotspots? This handy smartphone app (which is available in a free version) offers info on over 100 million free public WiFi hotspot locations around the world, along with password info and user comments. (For iOS and Android).

1-2-Free ISP UK

This service offers subscription-free Internet access for those in the United Kingdom. 1-2-Free ISP UK offers free dial-up Net access, and supports both the Windows and Mac operating systems. (U.K. only).


This handy phone app can help you find free WiFi anywhere in the world. WifiMapper offers a huge database, with nearly 500 million WiFi networks worldwide, and over 2 million recommended free WiFi hotspots. WifiMapper also offers info what type of venue a given hotspot is in, as well as how reliable the Internet connection is. (For Android).

SafeLink Wireless Lifeline

This program offers low-income people who qualify a free SafeLink Wireless phone or SIM Card and free minutes and data every month. Note: benefits vary by state. See site for further details.


This service offers anonymous, speedy and reliable free dial-up Internet access for U.K. residents. It’s suitable for people who surf the Web occasionally (or who travel frequently on business). You simply connect to the Internet from any U.K. landline via an 0845 number. (U.K. only).


A useful site that lets you look up your IP (Internet Protocol) address and check your Internet speed. This site offers loads of info on all things IP-related. Here, you can learn how to trace an email, change an IP address, and hide IP information.


Are you getting your money’s worth from your Internet connection? This popular free service lets you easily and quickly test the speed of your Internet connection. To use the service, simply click the “Begin Test” button. This service is internationally available.


NetZero offers you up to 10 hours per month of free Net access in exchange for displaying ad space in your browser. They provide local access numbers to most major and many medium-sized U.S. cities. (U.S. only).


One of the two major players still offering free Internet access in the U.S. (along with NetZero ), Juno offers you ad-supported free Net access service for 10 hours a month. (U.S. only).

FreeSpot Directory

This handy directory serves up an up-to-date roundup of WiFi hotspot locations that offer free wireless Internet access. Most of the listings here are in the U.S. but there are also listings for locations in Canada, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

6 Reasons Why Authors Should Avoid GoDaddy #godaddy #ftp #access


6+ Reasons Why Authors Should Avoid GoDaddy

There was a time when I had almost 40 domains with GoDaddy. I started using them ten years ago, back when GoDaddy was a new website with dungeon low prices.

Now I don t own a single domain with GoDaddy.

Here are seven reasons why you should move away from GoDaddy:

#1 GoDaddy Has Terrible Support

I had one client who had constant trouble with her email because GoDaddy support constantly gave her wrong advice. She would have a small problem with her email and would call GoDaddy. By the end of the call her email would be totally broken.

Finally, she hired me to conference in with the GoDaddy representative and interrupt each time the GoDaddy rep would give her bad information. I had to interrupt a lot.

Update. GoDaddy has made some improvements in the last few years in the support arena. They offer better support than they used to. I don t think this reason alone is reason to move away from them. But it is not the only reason to avoid GoDaddy.

#2 GoDaddy is Overpriced

GoDaddy lures customers in with prices that look low.

GoDaddy makes it look like .com domains cost $1.99 per year when in reality domains cost $10 for the first year and $15 for every year after that.

GoDaddy also charges you extra for things Namecheap throws in for free, like landing page customization. Now these prices go on sale from time to time so your millage may vary. The key is to focus on the renewal price. Sale prices typically only apply to the first year.

#3 GoDaddy is Hard to Use

I cringe any time I hear a novice say they bought a domain on GoDaddy.

GoDaddy spends so much time trying to up-sell customers that it is hard to buy what you came to buy. If you don t know what you are doing, you may find yourself paying for all sorts of things you don t need. These added services can make your domain harder to use.

You have to be fairly savvy to use GoDaddy and not get ripped off.


  • 6+ reasons why authors should avoid GoDaddy. Click to tweet.
  • Thinking about GoDaddy? Read this first. Click to tweet.
  • I cringe any time I hear someone say they used GoDaddy. Click to tweet.
  • Is GoDaddy giving bad advice? Click to tweet.
  • Ever wonder why we don t recommend GoDaddy? Here s why. Click to tweet.

#4 GoDaddy Hosting is Slow

iThemes. a major WordPress theme development company, blasted GoDaddy for overselling hosting space. GoDaddy puts thousands of websites on a single server. All those websites compete for server processing time and bandwidth. This causes the sites to run slow, especially if any of them are popular. The GoDaddy speed issues are exacerbated by the fact that Google now penalizes slow sites on its search results.

Not only is the hosting slow but making server changes is slow as well.

If you change the wrong thing you may not know anything is broken for thirty minutes and it may take another thirty minutes to unchange whatever it is you broke.

#5 GoDaddy Gives Too Little Control

Not only is GoDaddy slow but their server back end is difficult to use and limited. Instead of giving users an industry standard admin interface (like cPanel or Plesk), they give users a proprietary admin interface that is more interested in selling you more GoDaddy products than in giving you the tools you need.

This makes it harder (i.e. more expensive) to do simple things on GoDaddy.

#6 GoDaddy Uses Smut to Sell

Some people are more concerned about the moral degradation of our country than others. Many people feel the country is moving in the wrong direction. Let me just say that GoDaddy is no force for good in our culture. GoDaddy notoriously has the most offensive Super Bowl ads every year. Each year they submit ads that are deemed too inappropriate even for TV.

They then feature these too hot for TV ads on their homepage.

Even the ads that do get approved objectify woman s bodies and degrade women into objects of lust for the purpose of making money. This is inappropriate, uncalled for, and not something conscientious people should support with their money. If we allow companies to manipulate our sexual desires to make a profit, how can we say we are any better than animals?

Authors can do better than GoDaddy.

#7 GoDaddy Backed SOPA PIPA

While I applaud GoDaddy for finally coming out against SOPA, the fact is that we can t trust them to protect the internet. It also shows us that if enough people transfer away from GoDaddy due to the offensive ads, that they might change course on that as well.

The Good News

You are not stuck with GoDaddy.

We help authors move away from GoDaddy all the time. Namecheap even offers a discount to GoDaddy users who transfer their domains away. Just use the coupon code Switch2NC and you will get a year added to your domain for a discount.

There are also a lot of better hosting providers. We recommend that you host with us

But to host on our server, we need to build your author website .

If that is not an option we also recommend:

We recommend you register your domain with a 3rd party company and not your web host. Your website is safer when you don t have all your eggs in one basket and the companies who are the best at domains (like Namecheap ) are often not the same companies who are best at hosting (ZippyKid and Host Gator ).

Krowd Darden Login Guide #darden #secure #access


Krowd Darden Login Guide www.krowd.darden.com

To make sure it’s easy for their valued employees to access all their employment related information; Darden introduced their employee portal: https://krowd.darden.com

Employees can access this website 24X7 to view information such as their paystubs, work schedule, leave planner, benefits, and a whole lot more.

Krowd Darden is an online resource with which employees can keep up with all the affairs of the company, get information on the company’s financial health, communicate with management and HR, etc. etc.

Krowd Darden Employee Login

The Krowd Darden Login Portal (akaKrowd D ) is a one-stop service station where employees can access a multitude of information. You can visit the website through a home pc or your mobile device and login with your username and password. This way, you can access your information either while you are at work or away from it. Krowd Darden offers the following services:

  • Pay Stubs: You can view all your past and present pay stubs and have them saved or printed out. You can also check the hours worked for any specified period and the wages earned in that period.
  • Work Schedule: Information about your work schedule gets posted into your account, normally on a weekly basis. But it may also be posted fortnightly or monthly; get that confirmed through HR. This will help you plan your work and personal time more effectively.
  • Time Offs: You can check the number of leaves you are left with and apply for time offs directly from your account. No more queueing up at the HR’s office.
  • Benefits: You can choose from all the company benefits at your disposal. You can also make changes to your existing benefits through Krowd Darden.
  • Communication: Krowd Darden offers itself as a medium through which the company and employees can communicate with each other. Company sends out company updates, e.g. stock updates company bulletins, through Krowd Darden; and the employees can communicate their suggestions or grievances to the management and/or HR in return.

These are just a few key features of Krowd Darden ; the site offers a lot more.

How to Set up a Krowd Darden account

First up, set up your Krowd Darden account. You could follow these steps:

  • Visit the Krowd Darden Homepage .
  • Click Find/Activate Account (Managers and RSC call helpdesk).
  • Enter a few (basic) information like First Last Name, Birthdate, Restaurant Number, etc. With this, the system will create a unique Username for you; you can change this Username from your profile preferences if you feel like. Click Next .
  • Provide answers to at least 3 of the 8 security questions asked (avoid using special characters in your answers). This will come in handy if you ever forget your password.
  • Finally, click Activate Account .

How to Login Krowd Darden

But what if you forget your Krowd Darden password?

While you are at the Krowd Darden Login Page ; you’ll be given 5 attempts to login after which you will be locked out for 30 minutes. When that happens, click Forgot Password? You will be asked a few security questions and when you answer them correctly, you will be allowed to set up a new password. But if you used a Dish ID (instead of a new account), you can bypass the verification part and jump straight into setting up a new password.

Krowd Darden App

You would be delighted to know that Krowd Darden also has an Android App called The Krowd . You can do everything from this app that you could from the Krowd Darden website. The only difference being the fact that you can access your account, with this app, while you are on the move.

The app comes loaded with a lot of features but the one that really stands out is that it does not track your location and does not share your information with any third parties.

Click here to download and install this app from the Google Play Store and log in using the same login details.

To know more about Darden

William (Bill) Darden opened his first restaurant back in 1938 at a young age of 19; he called it The Green Frog. Fast forward to 2017; his firm is known as Darden Restaurants, Inc. and is headquartered in Orlando. Darden owns the following chain of restaurants:

  • Love Garden
  • LongHorn Steakhouse
  • Bahama Breeze
  • Seasons 52
  • Eddie V’s
  • The Capital Grille
  • Yard House

The firm posted a net income of US$ 475.5 million in 2012, along with a revenue of US$ 7.9 billion. Their operations span across the world and they have more than 200,000 employees serving over 1500 of their restaurants.

Helpful Resources

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Security Risk Management Consultancy Loss Control services

  • Most advanced data collection device in a sleek enclosure with large touch screen display
  • Rugged and durable ZK optical fingerprint sensor coupled with V. 10.0 matching algorithm provides optimized matching performance
  • Optional support for built in ID/HID/Mifare and iClass card reader
  • Large 7 capacitive touch screen provides rich user interface and experience
  • High resolution camera with fish eye lens captures users photos during clock in/out
  • Relay contacts for external doorbell or dry contact for door lock
  • 2GB SD card for data storage
  • Voice prompts and LEDs indicate acceptance or rejection of user ID
  • Multi-language support for English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese
  • WinCE v6.0 and feature-rich SDK tools allow software developers to write directly on the device

    LiteManager – unattended remote access software and support tools #remote #access #software, #remote #desktop #software, #remote #administration, #remote #access, #free, #remote #support, #remote #control, #windows, #litemanager, #classroom #software


    Program updated to version 4.8.3, amended the authorization process for the Connection ID using the public NOIP. Connection by ID through common NOIP changed.

    09 January 2017 LiteManager 4.8 and client for Mac OS and iOS New Litemanager 4.8 via global chat jabber trough NOIP. New Teacher mode for testing and file distribution and collection.

    LiteManager OSX client and iOS client.

    07 June 2015 Litemanager.ru – remote support software A new website design was created; help system, overview of solutions, instructions and documentation for the program are now available. Support Linux, Mac OS by Wine.

    31 May 2015 LiteManager – remote access software Remote access over the Internet without IP address with the use of ID. Remote desktop with support for Windows 10. Classroom management software free. Demonstration and online Presentation.

    Remote access software, free remote desktop software, remote administration Windows

    LiteManager Pro/Free remote access software for remote administration of computers over the Internet or remote control in a local network, for distant learning, providing remote support to users and supervising work activity of employees.

    The program allows to quickly and easily control computer desktop in real-time mode with full support for Windows, provides secure remote access to the file system, processes and services of the remote computer. LiteManager has built-in tools for creating network map, collecting technical data, ability to deploy and update using remote installation services, configure private ID router (NOIP) and many other features. Classroom management software.

    Remote administration is now possible without IP address. Using Connect by ID mode, you can choose your personal unique ID by yourself and connect by it. Client and server modules of the program can work in networks connected to the Internet via a proxy server. LiteManager remote access software, remote administration .

    Licensing policy for LiteManager is one of the most flexible, lifetime license and technicians unlimited. More information on buying LiteManager

    Free version of remote desktop software that includes key features and allows you to control up to 30 computers simultaneously free of charge! and more computers if you have a license key. Remote desktop without limits on session time and speed.

    This version is available free of charge for both individuals and legal entities.

    You can use the program to provide technical support for users. The ability to configure your own connection by ID server (NoIP) ensures completely autonomous and independent operation, and as a result, the operation of the whole technical support service.

    Main features of the Free version and its key differences from the Pro version are shown in the table LiteManager Free remote desktop software, remote control .

    LiteManager QuickSupport optimized for instant support does not require installation or administrator rights simply download and run it.

    LiteManager portable generally comprises all the features of the full version without the need to install anything, portable runs directly from a USB stick. More about portable version .

    Advantages of our product:

    • You can control and view the desktop of a remote computer. Remote Desktop control.
      • You can use Drag Drop function, system clipboard, Copy Paste function, switch between the monitors and users working in different terminal sessions. There is support for graphical shell of Windows 7 Aero which doesn t turn off when connection is established. The program can work in economy mode to decrease the network traffic consumption.
    • File manager for working with files and folders.
      • It allows browsing the file system, copy, delete, run and open files for editing and offers a tab system for faster navigation. File manager can transfer data between two connected computers.
    • Remote task manager
      • It allows you to control processes and services, view information about running programs, launch and stop them. Task manager also displays information about connected users.
    • Power management
      • This mode allows you to restart or turn on a computer by using Wake-On-LAN function. You also can turn on, turn off or switch a monitor to the standby mode.
    • Text chat and audio and video chat
      • You can communicate with users in a text chat. You also can send a message to a user in the form of notification. Audio and video chat for communication via a microphone and webcam. The chat can work in dialog, broadcast or audio and video capture mode.
    • Telnet control of computer via command line.
      • Connection in the form of command line, you can work as a user or as a system.
    • Device manager and inventory.
      • It allows to quickly and easily collect information about installed hardware and software.
    • Screen recorder.
      • Independent desktop recording into a video file. It is a convenient and efficient tool for controlling working time of employees.
    • Network map.
      • You can create a topology map of your network with all equipment to facilitate the administration process. The map is fully interactive with the ability to connect and configure connections.
    • Connecting a server with a dynamic IP address and cascade connection functionality that allows to work in complex networks.
      • Using Callback connection or Connect by ID functions you can connect to computers that are not accessible in the Internet. Cascade connection allows you to create a connection to a LM server via another LM server. The program can be used through a proxy server.
    • Remote installation and update.
      • Several methods of program installation by means of built-in Windows tools, MSI and program s auto update function. A server can be configured before installation.
    • Server search.
      • This feature allows finding computers both with installed server side components and without them, after which you can add them in the main list.
    • Registry editor.
      • Connecting to the registry with ability to edit data as well as to import and export registry keys.
    • Connect by ID and NoIP application.
      • Using Connect by ID mode you can connect to computers without IP addresses and specify a convenient ID by yourself. Additional application NoIP ships with the program and allows to connect LMViewer and LMServer without an IP address and to configure your enterprise server of ID connections. NoIP can also be used on UNIX systems running Wine.

    Reliable remote desktop software for unattended access.

    Get secure remote access to network computers and servers. Employee monitoring feature allow managers to watch over users activity while employees are left alone.

    Provide instant tech remote support.

    Provide remote technical support for individual or commercial users via LiteManager, 24/7 help desk support for daily computer issues.

    Classroom management software.

    Effective software to help teacher and students in daily classes. LiteManager demonstration share your screens and display your presentations on student computers.

    Admissions – East Georgia State College #east #georgia #college, #university #system #of #georgia, #usg #state #college, #swainsboro #ga, #savannah #ga, #statesboro #ga, #augusta #ga #access #school



    This handy College Readiness booklet provides helpful information and resources to guide you through the process of getting started on your path to a degree! Once you ve been accepted, here s a handy guide to walk you through the rest of the way! Check out our handy Financial Planning Sheet to help determine your expected cost of attendance.

    Welcome and congratulations on taking the next step to further your education!

    We are excited to know that you have expressed an interest in attending our institution. East Georgia State College (EGSC) is a member of the University System of Georgia. After being granted State College status in 2012, EGSC now offers targeted bachelor s degrees!

    With “ONE AND DONE,” we ve removed the stress and waiting from our admission process!

    Attend one of EGSC s One and Done Admission events being held on each of our three campuses, and you ll be able to apply. submit documents. take the Accuplacer Exam and complete your 2017-2018 FAFSA. ALL IN ONE DAY!

    May 30 at EGSC Statesboro for Summer and Fall Semester enrollment (Register at http://www.ega.edu/statesboro/events )

    June 6 at EGSC Augusta for Fall Semester enrollment ( Register at http://www.ega.edu/augusta )

    June 9 at EGSC Swainsboro for Fall Semester enrollment ( No registration is necessary; Just stop by the Admissions Office in the Jean Anderson Morgan Student Activities Building, 8 AM – 5 PM)

    June 10 at EGSC Statesboro for Fall Semester enrollment (Register at http://www.ega.edu/statesboro/events )

    Why East Georgia State College?

    At East Georgia State College, we strive to provide our students with a rewarding college experience filled with student activities and apartment-style on-campus housing that makes our campus feel like your new home. With numerous student organizations, intramurals, athletics, and on-campus events – EGSC provides you many opportunities to develop personal leaderships. Our concerned professors and welcoming environment will provide you with the personalized attention and first class education you need to succeed.

    Studying at East Georgia State College can take many different paths. Whether you select our main campus in Swainsboro, our extension campuses in Statesboro or Augusta. or obtain a degree online you will be glad you have chosen to enroll at East Georgia State College. We offer small classes with faculty who are dedicated to teaching and preparing you for whatever challenges you wish to pursue beyond EGSC. Our flexible course offerings provide day, evening, weekend, and on-line options. We invite you to take the time to learn more about how to get started at EGSC by reviewing the information on our website as you take that next step in your education.

    The Admissions Office is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal and career goals. Our staff is eager to assist and we welcome your contact by email, phone or in person to discuss your academic goals. If you would like to schedule a campus visit or would like to speak with us, we are located at 131 College Circle, Swainsboro GA 30401 in the Jean Anderson Morgan Student Activities Center. Our office hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday. You can call us at (478) 289-2169 or email us. Most importantly our first priority is YOU. our future student, and the Admissions staff will assist you in any way we can to make your transition the best it can be!

    You may also contact our other locations for more information or scheduling entrance exam appointments:

    EGSC Statesboro (912) 623-2400

    EGSC Augusta (706) 729-2127

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