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The Car Market provides a secure, undercover and orderly environment for Travellers / Backpackers / Tourists to buy and sell their cars.

The Car Market is a destination where buyers can inspect cars and talk directly with the owners of the cars without having to do it on the side of the road in Kings Cross. The advantages for the buyers are many:

  • our on-site staff will be able to provide buyers with information regarding transfer and registration;
  • 3rd Party Property Insurance for backpackers ;
  • Pre-purchase inspection advice.
  • Generally speaking the Car Market will make it very easy for BUYERS! Which is great news for the SELLERS.

    As a Seller you want buyers, the more buyers the better and buyers that can feel comfortable about their purchasing decision are even better.

    So, whether you have just completed a trip around Australia or whether you are just about to start a trip around Australia. The SYDNEY TRAVELLERS CAR MARKET is your first last must-do destination for self drivers.

    The Car Market is just a car market, a place for buyers and sellers to meet. If you would like to buy from a car dealer please click here .

    Sydney Travellers Car Market can inform you about companies that offer specials warranties for vehicles.

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