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Oct 30 2016

Street Legal Golf Carts – Low Speed Vehicles for Sale – citEcar Electric Vehicles #japanese #used #cars #for #sale

#electric cars for sale

American Built Electric Vehicles from citEcar

citEcar Electric Vehicle s offers the best selection of eco-friendly and cost effect low speed electric vehicles that are perfect for everyday use. All of our electric vehicles are built in our Gainesville, Florida manufacturing facility. Our major electrical equipment including the batteries, controller, and charger are all American Made.

citEcar electric shuttles can hold anywhere from nine to twenty-nine passengers depending on the model you choose. We offer ADA shuttles that will hold six to eleven passengers and a wheelchair or scooter. Our low speed electric shuttles are ideal for use at resorts, churches, and theme parks. After the initial electric shuttle investment you can expect to pay less that 1-2 cents per mile to run your electric vehicle. So not only are you reducing the impact on the environment, but you are saving money as well.

Are you in the market for street legal golf carts. We offer a broad selection of electric street legal golf carts and low speed electric vehicles that are ideal for use in urban areas and for short trips to the grocery store, gym, or work. With models ranging from two to eight passengers, these golf carts and electric cars are great not only for residential use, but also in rental or commercial fleets as well. They are the perfect way to get around your neighborhood!

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