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Oct 31 2016

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Important Facts You Need to Know About Spoiler 21 December 2012

Many think spoilers are meant only for sports cars-WRONG! Just because spoilers are generally used by high-powered sports cars for balance at great speeds doesn’t mean that that these auto parts are not applicable for street cars.A spoiler is an aerodynamic device designed to disrupt air movement across the car’s body. Once installed, this device ensures better stability by decreasing the lift and drag caused by accelerating at high speeds.The spoiler interrupts the air flow over the vehicle’s body and decreases the amount of lift generated by the shape of the vehicle. The increased traction enables your moving vehicle to effectively turn, brake, and accelerate with the increased stability and control.Want to enjoy all these benefits? Get your spoiler today, only from Auto Parts Deal. We offer a variety of spoilers made from different materials.

Fiberglass. Durable and shiny, fiberglass is commonly used in car parts production due to its strength. Spoilers made from fiberglass usually consist of fiberglass filler fastened with synthetic tar.

ABS Plastic. Fragile and cheaper, ABS plastic is a major part of OEM factory spoilers. This plastic is usually combined with different admixtures.

Silicon. This material has enhanced thermal characteristics and guarantees longer service life, making it the most preferred material for spoilers.

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