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Feb 15 2019

Small Business and Commercial Insurance Quotes

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We Are Here to Support Your Small Business Insurance Needs

Small businesses drive the American economy. We understand that small business owners like you work hard every day, taking risks to better serve your customers, employ more people and strive to be successful. As the #1 Total Small Business Insurer 1 and 7th largest commercial insurance carrier, we can help you build and protect your business by providing customized insurance solutions to support you and your budget. You can rely on our financial strength and stability to be there when you need us most.

Is a BOP the right solution for your business?

A businessowners policy, also known as a BOP, combines property insurance, liability insurance and other common coverages into one convenient package.

A businessowners policy, also known as a BOP, combines property insurance, liability insurance and more into one convenient package.

Learn about the breadth of coverage options Nationwide offers to small businesses.

We offer coverage specific to your industry to provide the protection that’s right for you.

[1] Conning Strategic Study: The Small Business Sector for Property-Casualty Insurance: Market Shift Coming, 2014

Business Safety and Loss Prevention

Get disaster and safety planning support from Nationwide, a trusted business insurance company.

Accident Medical Insurance

Protect your organization and its participants during group events.

Medical Stop Loss Insurance

Limit your risk while keeping your employees safe and healthy.

Business Interruption Insurance

Keep your business running when the power, gas or other utility goes out.

Businessowners Policy

Find the right BOP insurance for your medium to small business.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

Prepare your business for natural or manmade emergencies.

Agriculture Insurance

Find solutions, resources and products for your agribusiness.

Commercial Business Insurance Discounts

Get up to 10% off uniforms and workplace safety products.

Business Banking

Find banking solutions that suit the needs of your business.

Business Alerts Insights

Keep on top of safety issues that can affect your bottom line.

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