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Sep 28 2016

Selling a Used Car in France

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How to Sell a Used Car

Make sure you know what the seller should provide for the buyer of a used car in France.

All documents required by the seller can be downloaded and completed by hand. The seller must provide the buyer with the following:

  1. Certificat d’immatriculation barrée . this is the vehicle registration document, the certificat d’immatriculation with written on it, by the seller, in indelible ink the words “Vendu le. ” and the date, or “Cédée le. ” and the date, followed by the seller’s signature
  2. C ertificat de situation administrative (commonly known by its old name of certificat de non-gage ), which certifies that the car is not acting as security against a loan (valid for one month) and that there is no judicial opposition to its sale (valid for two months). The form is available from the Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture
  3. Déclaration de cession . form Cerfa n°13754*02 (certificate of transfer and document of sale) in triplicate. One copy is given to the buyer, one is kept by the vendor and the third is sent to the Préfecture after the sale is complete. The form is available from the Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture.
    • Or download a certificat de cession from the French Government (PDF)
  4. If the car is more than 4 years old, provide a contrôle technique (CT) certificate (or, if the vehicle is not roadworthy, a certificate from a contrôle technique non roulant ). This must be no more than 6 months old when the car is sold, or 2 months if a contre-visite (re-test) is required
    • See AngloINFO INFOrmation Page Contrôle technique

Within two weeks of sale, the duplicate of the Certificat de vente/ cession must be posted to the Préfecture of the place where the car was registered. There is no administrative charge when selling a car.

Valuing a used car

These French websites may be used to get “book value” of a used car for sale; L’Argus Auto is a paid-for service that is the standard used in the motor trade:

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