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May 24 2019

Scrap Metal Prices – Copper Steel Recycling Metal Prices, scrap car prices.#Scrap #car #prices

Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap Metal Prices

We have provided current scrap metal prices for the United States as well as other countries for scrap copper, steel, aluminum and other metals as well as news on the recycling market, LME, iron ore prices, and other related markets. Please explore the pages of this site for specific scrap metal pricing and information.

Here are the current reference scrap metal prices in the United States. Go here for prices in Canada

#1 Busheling $220 gt to $170 gt

#1 Baling $160 gt to $110 gt

#2 Baling $140 gt to $90 gt

Plate and Struct 2 x 5 $160 gt to $110 gt

Plate and Struct scrap (unprep) $100 gt to $80 gt

Heavy Melt 2 x 5 $130 gt to $100 gt

Heavy Melt scrap (unprep) $110 gt to $70 gt

Junk Cars $90 gt to $70 gt

Auto Cast $210 gt to $170 gt

Scrap Yard Cast(breakable) $100 gt to $60 gt

Sheet Iron $100 gt to $70 gt

Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices Copper Scrap, Aluminum, Etc.

Prices are per pound

Copper Scrap Prices

Bare Bright Copper $1.70/LB to $1.90/lb

#1 Copper $1.80/LB to $1.85 per lb

#2 Copper $1.60/LB to $1.67/lb

#2 Communications Wire (Cat 5) .50/LB to .55 per lb

Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices

Aluminum Extrusions $0.40/LB to .42/lb

Aluminum cans $0.33/LB to .35/lb

Aluminum Siding $0.36/LB to .38/lb

Aluminum Wheels $0.48/LB to $.50 /lb

Recycling Info and Scrapping Tips

Scrap metal prices vary in the United States, Canada, India, China as well as in other countries on a daily basis depending on numerous factors including economics, supply and demand, LME and COMEX. There are non ferrous metals which include copper, aluminum, brass, bronze and then there are ferrous metals which include iron, HMS, steel. There are also nickel alloys which include stainless steels, inconel, titanium and other exotic metals.

To ensure you get the best pricing on your scrap metals you can utilize our site as a reference. Other recycling tips include:

* Always sort your metals keep non ferrous metals separated from ferrous metals

* Keep your scrap metals clean and free of debris and garbage

* Strip your copper cable use a copper stripping machine to get the best price for your copper scrap

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Steel Scrap Metal Weight per SF

Scrap Steel Plate weight per sf | 1 lb/ft2 = 4.88 kg/m2

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