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Apr 10 2019

SAS Marketing Automation

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SAS Marketing Automation, REMMONT.COM

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SAS ® Marketing Automation

Create more customized campaigns with less hassle.

Need marketing automation software that will provide immediate value? You got it. Automated, trackable, easy-to-repeat processes help you get more targeted campaigns – from simple to complex – out the door faster. Easily define selection criteria and rules. Assign communication channels. All with drag-and-drop ease. Schedule and execute campaigns – and analyze performance – at the click of a mouse.

Turn insight into competitive advantage.

Unmatched analytical capabilities help you turn meaningful customer dialogue into long-term loyalty. Assess customer profitability. Create highly accurate retention, cross-sell/up-sell and response models. Determine ideal product mixes and next best offers. And send more effective communications. In short, our marketing automation software delivers better analytics for better targeting, higher response rates and improved ROI.

Get the data you need. Anytime, anywhere.

Custom information mapping technology means the enterprisewide customer data you need – whether it’s online social data or offline channel data – is available and accessible. And clean. Data quality processes – deduplication, standardization, cleansing, appending – ensure that your customer data is trustworthy and valuable. The result? A complete customer profile that powers better marketing programs.

Don’t compromise – customize.

One size does not fit all. And it doesn’t have to. Campaign designers can create custom campaign processes based on unique business requirements and industry issues. And once created, these custom processes can be stored and used again and again. Any time the need arises. That means less marketing waste and greater efficiency.

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