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Sep 24 2016

Right Hand Drive Vehicles for Sale – US Legal JDM Imports

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North America s ONLY True Import Dealership.

No customs or import paperwork

With RightDrive, you do not have to worry about any importation paperwork with your purchase. Our team handles everything from export/import documents and customs related paperwork to soil exams and shipping. All you have to do is fill our your custom order form . make your deposit (which goes towards your vehicle purchase) and then sit back and relax until your vehicle arrives.

Full vehicle servicing

We have a team of in house, licensed mechanics, a large in house garage and a full time parts team who s jobs are to ensure that the vehicle you receive is of the highest quality. Every vehicle we sell is DOT approved (DOT approved tires, daytime running lights etc), mechanically free of flaws and detailed to perfection inside and out. We also replace all fluids and filters standard with every vehicle purchase.

Staff in Japan and USA

Although we are headquartered in Toronto, Canada, we have full time staff located in Japan and the US. Our staff in Japan are responsible for vehicle sourcing and inspections as well as freight (shipping) preparation. Once landed in Toronto, our in house, licensed mechanics thoroughly inspect your JDM import for the road. Your vehicle is then carefully watched by our partners in the US who look after brokering and shipping.

Secured, insured shipping

Shipping a vehicle from the other side of the globe can be a real headache. Our team secures everything from freight preparation to actual overseas and inland shipping. Each an every vehicle we import is insured and professionally fastened inside a locked container with other RightDrive vehicles to ensure maximum safety and security. This is how we protect your investment.

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