Buying a Car Online or at a Dealership

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Buying a Car Online

There are two ways to approach online car dealership shopping:

  • Direct online sales.

Direct from Dealer

Several dealerships now have online sales departments. The entire purpose of these teams is to sell cars to their website visitors.

To take advantage of this service, simply ask the dealership for a quote on the car you are interested in buying directly from their website. The dealership will e-mail you back with its offer. Some dealership websites even offer live chats with online salespeople.

You can also ask for the dealership to list out all the fees so you can get an exact sense of the total cost of the car. Go through this process with multiple dealers and you will be able to see who offers the best price without ever leaving your home.

Dealership Aggregators

Most of the big name online car marketplaces are considered dealership aggregators. Dealerships throughout the country use such sites to list their inventory.

Through these sites—such as —you can search for the car you want and find several results within your vicinity, or even throughout the country. With so many results at your disposal, comparing prices can be exceptionally easy.

Cons of Buying Online

Shopping online for the best deal on a new car and reducing your time at the dealership sounds ideal for most people. However, there are some instances when buying a car online can be more complicated. Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

  • Out-of-state dealerships. Buying a car out-of-state isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you should keep in mind that the car registration and titling process can be more complicated than if you were buying in your home state.
  • No test-driving. If the dealer with the best online price is too far for a trip, are you comfortable taking the risk of never having driven the car?

Buyer s Guide

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Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide Comparison of Scale Model Car Brands

This is a guide to the scale model manufacturers that Legacy Motors represents. We hope to help those unfamiliar with the best diecast cars and best diecast brands understand what their money will purchase. It also helps the evaluation of models in terms of each manufacturer s reputation, standards and subject focus.

Looking for a specific make and model? Use the Fast Find search box on every Legacy Motors page or click on the Showrooms tab to see a drop down of useful categories.


This Italian company has always worked closely with Ferrari. In 1:18 scale models, price range is $325 $350. Highly recommended.


Brilliant collaboration between Germany and Japan; CMC models are synonymous with accurate reproduction based on: exhaustive research; obsessive attention to detail; precision manufacturing and superb finish.

1:18 scale model cars. Price: $ 280 $360. The yardstick by which all other 1:18 scale model cars are judged.

1:24 scale model cars. CMC no longer issues new models in 1:24, although some are still available on Legacy Motors.

1:12 scale model cars. Price $2,300 $2,560. These are peerless museum quality models.


Highly prized by collectors of 1:24 scale model cars for their inventive selection of subjects and renowned for their virtuoso detail. Primarily American cars from the 1920 s to the present time.


After decades of popular model-making, Ertl quit making 1:18 scale cars, so originally issued Ertl models are worth more. The molds were leased to AutoWorld who is remaking some of the original. Having stockpiled original Ertl diecast models, Legacy Motors still offers a selection of the original Ertl models. 1:18 scale model cars and trucks. Price: $50 $80.


No company did more to popularize the diecast collectible hobby in the eighties and nineties. Specializing in 1:24 scale model cars, the Mint models span an extensive and adventurous selection of American and European cars. Especially strong in Corvettes. Note that Franklin Mint s more recent issues are much more limited edition and they are not reproducing older issues. So these diecast models have increased in value. Price: $135 $145.


One of the reasons 1:18 scale grew to such popularity in model cars. Great detail for the price. Acclaimed by car people for their creativity and fidelity. Focus on muscle cars, European road racing, dragsters and hot rod scale models. Excellent finishing and good shut lines.

1:18 scale model cars. Price: $120 $150. For their Masterpiece editions: $290.

1:12 scale model cars. Price: $500. Highly detailed models of iconic road and race cars offer excellent value for money. GMP also makes: 1:24 scale model cars; 1:6 scale dashboards; scale figurines and lots of other stuff that makes the hobby so much fun.


Highway 61 specializes in scale model muscle cars, trucks and pick-ups, and mid Twentieth Century American models with occasional interesting and welcome diversions (like a series of Dry Lakes Model A racers scale models.)

1:18 scale model cars. Price: $70 $120. Primarily muscle cars and a few classics and lake racers. Lots of diecast metal, yeoman like level of detail, reliably good value for money.

1:16 scale model cars. Price: $95. Marvellous vintage trucks, in a big scale, with satisfying detail and presence, that are imaginative subject matter.


Kyosho offers excellent value at every price range. Best Ferrari models for anywhere near $100. Excellent quality control.

1:18 scale model cars. Price: $100 $205. Range focuses on European sports cars and exotics with some Japanese thrown in. Both street and racing legends. Check out the Cadillac CTS! Admirable detail, fit and finish; well packaged to boot. Excellent quality control.

1:12 scale model cars. Price: $450+. They are highly recommended: unusual but high appeal exotics that will spoil you with their numerous details.


Lane Exact Detail helped GMP arouse collectors into an almost decade long mania for 1:18 scale muscle cars. No longer creating new molds, past issues are not reliably reproduced so these scale model muscle cars are destined for rareness.

1:18 scale model cars. Price: $100 $110. Not latest modelling technology, but still exceptionally well made diecast models. Never disappoints.


As their names suggests, Le Mans Miniatures makes scale model Le Mans cars. A sister brand to Spark from France, their scale models are made from resin. This means few if any operable parts, but exceptional detail and finish have been lavished on the exterior qualities of the cars.

1:24 scale model race cars. Price: $198. Very well presented curb side scale models that are intriguingly detailed and presented in their own display cases.


Mattel, the people that own Hot Wheels and Matchbox in 1:64, produces scale model cars in larger scales as well.

BUYING A CAR: Lease vs. buy a car – May. 28, 2015

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Buy or lease a new car?

Leasing is the easiest way to get a new car every few years while letting the dealer or leasing company worry about disposing of the old one. Leases have some major disadvantages.

Leasing a car rather than buying it will generally cost you much more than simply financing a purchase from the start. If you think you might want to buy the car, do that from the outset. Lease only if you’re sure you don’t want to keep the car long term.

If you buy a car or truck, you can postpone any decision about replacing it at least until mechanical trouble forces your hand. If you don’t mind driving an older car, the best decision on purely economic grounds usually is to buy a new car and keep on driving it long after your loan payments have stopped.

If you typically trade for a new car every four years or less, you’ll want to avoid the loan down payment of 10% to 20%, drive close to but not more than the 15,000 miles a year allowed in most leases and typically keep your vehicle in good condition to avoid end-of-lease penalties, you might well be happy leasing.

Keep in mind that there is a reason why those low lease payments look so attractive: Instead of paying for the entire car, you’re only paying the estimated depreciation over the time you are leasing it. So to get a really good lease deal, you need to look further than just the payments. You need to understand how leasing works, do your homework, and negotiate as hard as if you were buying the car.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Master the jargon. You can’t successfully negotiate a lease without becoming fluent in the industry’s terms. What you need to know before you start to bargain: The capitalized cost is the equivalent of the selling price, which you want to get down as low as possible. The residual value is the estimated worth of the car at the end of your lease. Your monthly payments are determined by the difference between these two figures, plus an interest charge known as the money factor. Thus, raising the residual value or lowering either the capitalized cost or the money factor will lower your payments.

Look for a manufacturer-subsidized lease. These deals, often promoted in splashy ads in newspaper auto sections, are likely to be the cheapest available.

Set a target and negotiate hard. You can find out the so-called dealer’s invoice cost for any car or truck by checking sites like or Kelley Blue Book. Set a target price about 2% above the dealer’s cost. Start bidding below your actual target and plan to wind up near that figure.

Be aware, though, that manufacturer-to-dealer incentives may lower the dealer’s costs to far less than the invoice price, which means you may have a lot more room for negotiating. Consult, which provides some information about manufacturer-to-dealer incentives. Or go to Kelley Blue Book’s site,, where you can access the actual prices people are paying for cars, as well as whether manufacturer-to-dealer incentives are being applied to a particular vehicle.

CNNMoney (New York) May 28, 2015: 5:39 PM ET

Buying a 2nd Hand Car in France

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Buying a 2nd Hand Car in France

Buying a 2nd Hand Car in France

There’s no doubt that most UK expats moving to France tend to keep their Right Hand Drive (RHD) cars to begin with.

Many keep them on UK plates for some years, though technically illegal, whilst others re-register them onto French plates within the required period.

Sooner or later though, usually after one or two near misses when overtaking, many expats start to question the wisdom of continuing to drive a RHD on continental roads. Their thoughts turn to buying a Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicle and they start to shop around.

If they’re wealthy enough they may look at new vehicles, but we’ll discuss here the rather more common expat experience of searching for a second hand car.

This is one of those things that shocks new expats in France, because in general they encounter three things when they start to look around:

1. Second hand cars in France are for the most part HUGELY more expensive than the same thing in the UK.

2. They usually have much higher mileage (kilometrage) than an identical vehicle of the same age in the UK.

3. Quite often they have signs of having been rather more ‘lived in’ in terms of dings, dents and scratches.

The reasons for this remain the subject of much heated expat debate and speculation but the upshot is that nobody really knows!

Prices are influenced by the fact that the huge corporate market for new cars does not exist in France to the same extent as it does in the UK. Good second hand vehicles are not quite so available as there are not thousands of firms ‘dumping’ 2-year-old ex-company cars onto the market. Add to this the fact that the costs of employing staff are much higher for a dealer in France and you probably have a good explanation for the price difference.

The mileage differences are perhaps explained by the fact that France is a BIG country of vast distances with a superb and usually jam-free motorway network. French people use their cars over longer distances partly because they need to, and partly because the excellent roads mean they can.

The third factor of dings and dents is very probably attributable to different attitudes to driving between the UK and France. Some people have said a minor dent in the UK is a badge of shame whereas in France it is a badge of honour. Perhaps the less said here the better!

The reality though is that the expat looking to replace their vehicle with a second hand vehicle in France is likely to find that the deals available offer very poor value when compared to the normal UK situation.

So is all lost? Is this a case of continuing to drive an unsuitable RHD UK origin vehicle or finding a huge amount of cash to buy a slightly tatty 3-year-old vehicle with 150,000 kilometres on the clock?

No. Fortunately for those expats with one eye on their budget there are two really viable options:

– Buy in Belgium

– Buy a LHD model in the UK

At first glance this may look horrifically complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is easy!

On the Internet now you can see vast numbers of vehicles being offered for sale from reputable dealers in Belgium. Their services often include delivery to your door and their prices are usually much better than you’ll achieve in France.

The same is true in the UK and you may be very surprised how many UK car dealers actually have extensive stocks of LHD vehicles available. Some are of course very up-market models with huge price tags, but many are humble family cars at prices that French dealers struggle to even come close to. Once again delivery to the door can often be arranged and not only will you save very significant amounts of money but you may find it easier dealing with people who are speaking your language.

Whether you buy from Belgium or the UK, the chances are upon arrival it will have Belgian or UK plates – although even here many dealers as part of their deal will re-plate the vehicle for you onto French plates.

So let’s assume it has arrived with non-French plates and you need to re-register. Is this a problem?

The answer is generally ‘no’. Registration (immatriculation in French) is very simple and you’ll only need the purchase invoice, the vehicle’s registration document, and the certificate of conformity.

There are just two things to keep in mind.

Firstly, if you’re purchasing a LHD vehicle for re-registration in France you should try to buy a French or European one. That’s because it will be a model the French registration authorities will be familiar with and the certificate of conformity should come with the vehicle. If you purchase an American, Japanese or other vehicle, then all will be well if it has a certificate of conformity but make sure to get one BEFORE you buy as getting one afterwards can be tricky.

Secondly, remember that British LHD cars sometimes have headlights that are deflected to the left for UK driving conditions. On French roads they must of course deflect to the right to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic. If they are adjustable this will not be a problem – in fact it is not a mandatory consideration for re-registration but it could cause you some issues with the police if stopped. Best checked before you buy and ask your UK dealer to adjust if necessary.

Apart from those two minor points it is usually easy and cheap. By shopping around and buying your second hand car outside of France you can save yourself literally thousands!

Expat Health Insurance Partners

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

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Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

At, we allow you exclusive access to one of the most comprehensive networks of local dealerships who offer buy here pay here financing.  All you have to do is submit a 3-minute credit application, and we will most likely be able to find you a local dealer who wants to put you in the drivers seat today .  Approval rate is greater than 90% for distribution to our dealer network.  Click Here to Apply.

What to Expect at Your Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot

Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships are not too different from a normal dealership.  On the outside, it might look the same.  Or it might be a normal franchise dealership that also offers in-house financing.  In any case, the main difference you can expect is making the terms of your financing package the #1 priority.  After all, getting approved for financing is often the most difficult part of the car buying process, especially if you have bad credit, no credit, or bankruptcy in your history.

Used Vehicle Inventory

Most buy here pay here auto sales are for pre-owned vehicles.  Although you may be tempted by the hottest new models on the market, you should know that a brand new car depreciates 20-25% the second you drive it off the lot.  That means you might agree to pay $20,000 for a car that s instantly worth only $15,000, and that s the makings of a financial trap.  Too many Americans are currently upside down on their vehicles like this.

A used vehicle, on the other hand, has already endured this initial hit in value.  It s more affordable, less expensive to insure, and with a Carfax report you can ensure it s proven reliable to past owners.

Trade-ins Down Payments

On the whole, buy here pay here car lots are more flexible than traditional dealerships when it comes to trading in your used vehicle, especially if it s an older model.  Too many franchise dealers only accept models a few years old.  If you have an older vehicle, you may be able to get more trade equity at a BHPH car lot, putting the trade-in s value toward your new purchase as a form of down payment.

Buy or sell a vehicle (transfer ownership)

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Buy or sell a vehicle (transfer ownership)

What must the seller and buyer do to transer vehicle ownership?

The seller  must either

  • complete and sign the transfer ownership section of the title certificate, and
  • sign a bill of sale
  • provide other acceptable proofs  of ownership and transfer of ownership

The buyer  must

The proofs of ownership needed to register and title a vehicle in New York are different for different types of vehicles (for example, cars, trailers, boats, snowmobiles, manufactured homes).  Find the acceptable proofs ownership for your vehicle, or learn what to do if proof of ownership is not available .

Before you buy a vehicle, make sure it is not flood damaged.

You can check the National Insurance Crime Bureau database to see if a vehicle is flood damaged. You will need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

No. You cannot change the name on the vehicle registration or the title certificate to the name of another person. You must transfer the ownership of the vehicle.

Buy little used small automatic cars for sale in Exeter, Devon

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Established in 1995, Exeter Small Automatics are the largest specialist retailers of high quality previously owned small automatic cars in the UK.

Our customers now come from across the South and West of England, including Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Hampshire, plus an increasing number from as far afield as Wales, London, the South East and the Midlands. Situated as we are, close to the M5 junction with the A30, we are easily accessible via good direct road connections from the Plymouth, Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Yeovil and Bournemouth areas.

So as to give our customers the widest possible choice we endeavour to keep on-site at least one example of almost every make and model sold in the UK within the last eight years.

With our comprehensive specialist stock we can usually satisfy our customers particular requirements without delay. In the event that we cannot, then we will locate and secure that car for you via Autosearch .

Most makes and models of small automatic cars are usually available immediately, many with detailed service history and low mileage. Our stock changes daily. Please see our car finder stock list for current details. If you cannot find the car you are seeking, please telephone, write or email with your request. Many of our cars are suitable for adaptation to the special requirements of those drivers who have disability needs. These modifications are undertaken by qualified specialists.

Our very special Parts Labour Warranties are, we believe, the best in the business as they cover almost everything, excluding driver abuse and accidental damage. For further details see under Buying .

Good allowances are offered for part exchange vehicles, particularly for auto models similar to those which we sell. Please see Makes and Models. and also Selling .

All usual dealer facilities are available including competitive finance plans, details of which are available upon request (more. ). We are happy to arrange vehicle modifications for customers with special needs. All cars are sold with a twelve month MOT certificate and extended warranty, and for your peace of mind are checked and cleared on the HPI Identity, Outstanding Finance, Condition Alert Stolen Vehicle Registers.

At all times we endeavour to meet our customers individual requirements, offer free, helpful advice and provide a professional, courteous service.

We are situated in an easy to find and reach, central West Country location, just off the new A30 near Exeter Airport in Devon. For directions and a map please see How To Find Us .

Our usual opening hours are 9.30 am until 5 pm Monday to Saturday. We will be closed on some bank holidays. We are of course happy to meet customers at other times by prior appointment.

Buy Here Pay Here

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We have gone Mobile!


A buy here pay here auto dealership, now located in the Hollywood Casino District, Kellie Auto Sales Columbus Ohio is the area’s largest used car lot. Choose from our selection of previously owned vehicles, priced as low as $1000 down. With buy here pay here financing available and trade-ins accepted, it’s never been easier to put yourself behind the wheel of a used car from Kellie Auto Sales.

Kellie Auto Sales has quality pre-owned Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUVs that will fit your budget. Located in Columbus at 101 Phillipi Road, Kellie Auto Sales’ staff has a proven track record of quality customer service, creating a courteous and respectful buying experience. Contact us 1-614-851-9111 or stop by our showroom located at 101 Phillipi Road. We are a short drive from the Columbus, Dublin, Westerville, Lancaster, Newark, Pickerington, and Springfield areas.

Kellie Auto Sales has been in business for over 17 years and pride ourselves on the fact that 95% of our business is return customers or referrals! Our 3-acre lot has an incredible selection of hundreds of used cars of several makes and models and we are constantly updating our large used car inventory. We provide an affordable solution to your vehicle needs. Remeber, buy here, pay here. No Credit Checks! No worries! Stop by Kellie Auto Sales today and take one of our fine pre-owned cars for a test drive!

Kellie Auto Sales Buy Here Pay Here dealership in Columbus, Ohio is one of the largest used car dealerships in Ohio. Kellie Auto provides top quality customer service to all its clientele.

We are expanding our services to better address the needs of customers in the Columbus Ohio area. These additions include Kellie Auto Sales Construction, Kellie Auto Sales Transportation, Kellie Auto Sales Sports Cars (underconstruction).

Buy Here Pay Here OKC

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I m Covered

for the lifetime I own the Vehicle

Buy Here Pay Here OKC

Welcome to The Key, Oklahoma City s premier buy here pay here OKC used car dealer. At our car dealership, everything you ve ever heard about used car dealers no longer exists. We re getting rid of all those things you don t like when purchasing a vehicle from a buy here pay here OKC car lot. There’s no hard selling at The Key. We put your needs first and help get you back on the road of life. Even if you have bad credit and think you won t qualify for a vehicle, take a moment to visit with an experienced customer service agent. We will walk you through a quick pre-approval process that takes about 30 seconds – you can do it online right now if you want! After that – you re on your way to choosing a quality, well-maintained vehicle from our buy here pay here lot with a Lifetime Warranty.

Banks and other car dealerships always say they understand that bad things happen to good people – but then they don’t help. At The Key, we ve been there. We ve seen our families, friends and neighbors navigate through some tough life challenges, and we never turned our backs on them. If you are struggling with bad credit, no credit, divorce, new employment, or other credit challenges, don t get down on yourself and believe there’s no hope. Come see us at The Key, the only buy here pay here OKC car lot with onsite credit counseling, and a career program.

What Is Buy Here, Pay Here?

The KEY is not just any used car dealership. As an Oklahoma City Buy Here, Pay Here dealership, we offer a number of advantages to customers that might have trouble getting a car from a traditional dealer.

At The KEY, we offer financing directly to our customers. This prevents you from needing to get outside financing from a bank or credit union. If you have poor or no credit, or you have circumstances such as a pending divorce, a new job, or financial problems, you probably won’t be able to get a loan from a bank. However, these circumstances won’t prevent you from getting a loan at The KEY.

We specialize in helping customers that need a car but can’t obtain credit from a bank or a traditional dealer. Through our buy here, pay here dealership, you will be able to get a high-quality used car at a competitive price. You’ll also be able to get financing faster than at any other dealership in the Oklahoma City area.

Another big difference between The KEY and other buy here, pay here car dealers in Oklahoma City is the quality of the cars that we offer. Many buy here, pay here car lots take old cars from trade ins or auctions and put them up for sale as-is. These cars could have cosmetic damage, mechanical problems, or extremely high mileage. Furthermore, the dealer only rarely offers service agreements or warranties on the car you buy.

We, on the other hand, do things differently. At The KEY, we buy most of our cars from rental agencies like Hertz and Enterprise. These cars generally have 30,000 miles or fewer, have been taken care of, and come with an AutoCheck report to verify their histories. We also offer lifetime warranties on every car we sell, an offer that you won’t find at any other buy here, pay here car lot in OKC.

Our car lot contains a huge variety of vehicles, from sports and muscle cars to compacts to full-sized pickups. We also put our entire inventory online for you to see before you come to our lot, so you can pick out the car you like from the comfort of your own home.

The KEY offers a number of other services that make us a different kind of buy here, pay here car dealership. For instance, we offer free Life Services that can help you organize your finances, find a job, and get motivated to succeed. Qualifying customers can also take advantage of our VIP program, where we’ll pick you up from your home and bring you right to our lot.

These are only a few of the things that make The KEY different from other Oklahoma City buy here pay here car lots. If you have bad or no credit but still need a new vehicle, come to The KEY. We’ll get you

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

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What is Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots?

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

If you’re looking for bad credit car financing that offers guaranteed approval, one option you might consider is a buy here pay here car dealership. More and more people are suffering from poor credit scores and many are being turned down by traditional lenders and at car dealerships. We are here to tell you that you’re not alone, and that we can get you the financing you need regardless of whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit.

Special Financing

Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships are different Before you can understand what makes a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots different, you need to know what it means. Buy here pay here financing means that you arrange a loan and make payments on it at the dealership. You purchase the car, truck, SUV, or minivan through in house financing car dealerships instead of through a third party lender.

Many things separate these dealerships from traditional lenders, but the biggest is the shopping experience. Here at, it is our goal to keep you within your budget so you can make each payment on time and comfortably. This is why the BHPH car dealerships we send you to discuss your financial situation first. Before you get your heart set on a car you can’t afford our financial experts will sit down with you and figure out exactly how much you are approved for, including your interest rate and loan terms. Then they will find a car that fits that mold.

Along with the shopping experience there are other things that separate buy here pay here car lots from other used car dealerships and these include:

  • Loan repayment structure
  • No credit check required
  • The types of vehicles sold
  • Interest rates

Buy here and pay here dealerships will structure your loan or rent to own terms to meet your pay schedule. This means if you get paid weekly then you will have an affordable weekly payment; if you’re paid bi-weekly then you will have a bi-weekly car payment. This is especially helpful when you need low payments.

Generally, these car dealers don’t care about your credit score, which is why they are so popular among the consumers with bad credit. They don’t normally perform a credit check when you apply for auto financing, and therefore, there is a guaranteed approval to anyone with a steady income.