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We search through 13 Car insurance providers in Ireland to get you the best possible deal.

As one of Ireland’s leading Cheap Car Insurance brokers, allows you to easily compare quotes online with our quick and easy to use quote system.

Our staff are qualified insurance professionals so you can get the best advice on your insurance. We aim to get you the best value car insurance possible

Why fill out an insurance companies question set to get a single quote when we can give you 40+ quotes from 13 insurance companies when you use our quote engine.

  • Simple Online Quote System 24 Hour Breakdown Assistance
  • Windscreen Cover No Claims Bonus Protection
  • Easy Direct Debit Payment Options Friendly Staff Online Via Chat
  • Quotes from 13 Insurance Companies Click, Call or Drop into a branch to get cover

We can get car insurance quotes whatever your insurance requirements are, be they third party fire and theft cover, comprehensive cover or car insurance to allow business mileage. If your policy does not automatically include motor rescue we can very easily add it to your quote to ensure you have the level of cover that you need. Our staff make every effort to provide you with not only great pricing but also ensuring you have quality levels of cover.

Cheap Car Insurance

It’s easy to get a motor insurance quote and we will put you on cover as effortlessly as possible. If you like your online quote, order a CALL ME and you can discuss the product with our qualified staff.

If getting quotes online is not for you then why don’t you order a call me? We will give you a call at a time that suits you and take you through a quote over the phone explaining to you the benefits of each policy versus another.

Car Insurance Quotes Online – Compare Providers

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Consumer Guide

Shopping for car insurance doesn t have to be difficult, especially now that you can now shop online for the best policies. Browse our guides for tips on getting the most out of your auto insurance policy so you ll always be covered.

Find the Insurance You Need

A low rate is not enough. Explore what other factors you should consider when shopping for car insurance.

Learn More

Understanding Your Policy

From picking the type of policy you need to determining the exactly coverage you should purchase, we can guide you through it all.

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Get the Most from Your Policy

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your car insurance. Learn more about your coverage options.

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Consumer Glossary

Whether you re new to comparing auto insurance or just need a refresher on the aspects of a policy, take time to learn more about what components make up your car insurance plan.

State by State Information

From picking the type of policy you need to determining exactly how much coverage you should purchase, we can guide you through it all.

Tracking Devices

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Tracking Devices

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GPS Tracking Devices

Tracking Device: Past Track vs. Real Time

You may wonder what the difference is between a Past Track (passive) and Real Time GPS tracking device. If so, you are not alone. Essentially, the difference lies in the availability of the data from the tracking devices. Past Track tracking devices are items like the tracking key from Rocky Mountain Tracking. These GPS trackers collect and store the data about a vehicles travel, including direction, distance, speed, length of stops on a flash memory that can be downloaded to a computer at a later time.

Real Time GPS car trackers require a monthly subscription to a tracking service. The data from these tracking devices is uploaded to a secure website that can be accessed by authorized individuals to follow the movements of a vehicle in real time. These real time GPS trackers can track the direction, speed, engine status, length of time spent at a single location, violation of a geo fence defined by the user, and other features and make the data available to an internet connected computer within seconds.

It is up to the customer to determine whether past track GPS device data or real time tracking devices are needed for the particular application. Businesses using tracking devices to track their fleets tend to use real time tracking devices because it allows them to reroute drivers in case of emergency or when a new customer call comes in. The benefits of real time GPS devices for businesses are too many to list here, but the use of GPS trackers is invaluable.

On the other hand, if the tracking devices are being used to track the movements of a person or object, a past track GPS device like the Tracking Key is a less expensive alternative that is within reach of most individuals. These devices can be hidden in the car for up to three days of recording, and then plugged into a computer s USB port for reading.

Whether one uses past track or real time tracking devices, the GPS devices must interface with some sort of mapping software. This may be a mapping application purchased for the device or an interface with an internet mapping service such as Google Earth. These maps provide the context for the GPS trackers data so that it makes sense to the users and to authorities when there is an occasion to involve police or EMS personnel.

Car Insurance Online

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Article Highlights

Determine your car insurance needs and requirements

Check for discounts when you buy auto insurance online

Make sure you have sufficient coverage

Getting an online auto insurance quote from will help you save time and energy. While the process is simple, there is some essential knowledge that will ensure you get the best coverage for your money.

Determine Your Insurance Needs Before You Buy Car Insurance Online

Establish a definitive list of your auto insurance needs before getting an online auto insurance quote. There are two separate aspects to this list – the legal requirements of your state and your own coverage needs.

First, determine exactly what your state s minimum coverage requirements are. Each state is different, so make sure you thoroughly research what you need. This is your auto insurance coverage ground level and you can work up to build a policy that perfectly fits your needs.

The rest is based on your assets, driving record, and comfort.

The amount of coverage you want covered for bodily injury and property damage liability insurance is something to carefully consider. Given today s medical and repair or replacement costs, you want to make sure that you are prepared with adequate protection. It is highly suggested that you purchase enough coverage to insure your own financial security in case of an accident.

Next, checking into your driving record can unveil a wealth of information. This may help you understand why you are paying your current price for auto insurance. Perhaps there is a speeding ticket from a few years back or a small fender-bender that you will need to take into account during the insurance quote process.

Finally, there is your comfort level. Consider extra coverage if you have a newer vehicle, are nervous about losing your car for a week or two and not having extra money for a rental, or simply want to make sure that potential repair bills will be covered. This is the portion you have the most control over – do you want to pay more for peace of mind or save some extra cash on a lower deductible? With a little thought on this point you will know the answer.

Check for discounts when you quote auto insurance online

Make sure to check on what discounts may be available to you prior to buying auto insurance online 21st Century Insurance offers competitive discounts, including a discount for good students and buying a vehicle with safety features like airbags and Anti Lock Brakes (ABS). A little due diligence could uncover cost-savings.

Keep Consistent Coverage when you buy car insurance online

If you are switching auto insurance companies, be especially careful to avoid gaps in coverage. If your current insurance policy expires and your new one has a few days before going into effect, you could be left without coverage. This is not only unsafe, but may be illegal.

To ensure this situation doesn’t happen to you, wait until your new policy goes into effect prior to canceling your old one (if changing mid-policy). If you are changing at the end of your current policy, work closely with a 21st Century representative to ensure that your policy will keep you covered.

Also, when canceling mid-policy, be sure to get confirmation of the termination in writing from your current insurance provider. You will have proof if there are any issues in receiving refunds of an unused premium, just in case.

21st Century is Here To Help

Remember that 21st Century has representatives on hand to help with any questions or issues that may arise and provide you with an online auto insurance quote .

It’s easy to get a free auto insurance quote and even buy a policy if you like what you see – all online at .

All About Auto Insurance

Saving Money on Auto Insurance

Getting the Most from your Auto Insurance

Expert Tips for Drivers Everywhere

Car insurance quotes canada

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Information Regarding GEICO Insurance and Canada

If you are thinking of driving your car to Canada, rest assured that your GEICO insurance will still cover you. While we do not offer insurance to residents of Canada, GEICO’s coverage in the United States does extend north of the border.

Please read the following important information if you plan to drive your car into Canada.

Not yet insured with GEICO? Get a free car insurance quote now to see how much you could save.

What do I need to drive my car across the border into Canada?

If you reside in the United States and are planning to drive your car into Canada, you need to have all of the following items on hand when you arrive at the border:

  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship As of June 1, 2009, all travelers, including US citizens 16 years of age or over, are required to have a passport or other travel document approved by the Department of Homeland Security. U.S. citizens under the age of 16 can present their original birth certificate, a copy of their birth certificate, or other proof of U.S. citizenship such as a naturalization certificate or citizenship card. For more information regarding the travel documents that are needed for entry into Canada (and re-entry into the U.S.), visit the U.S. State Department Travel page for Canada.
  • Proof of Auto Insurance In order to provide proof of auto insurance at the border, your standard GEICO insurance ID card will work. Canadian ID cards are not necessary if you’re visiting Canada as a tourist.

If you need new or replacement ID cards, simply log in online and visit the Policy Documents section where you can choose whether you’d like to email, print, or fax a copy. If you haven’t registered your policy online yet, you can sign up now .

  • Vehicle Registration Drivers must also have their vehicle registration on hand at the border. Border officials are always on the lookout for stolen vehicles or people trying to avoid duties on vehicles purchased outside the country, so it is important to make sure you have your vehicle registration with you.
  • What can I expect when I reach the Canadian Border?

    Upon arriving at the Canadian border services booth, the driver will be required to roll down the front and back windows of the car so that the border officer can speak with everyone in the vehicle.

    The Border Services Officer will ask the driver a series of questions. They may ask for the address of the place you will be staying during your trip, how long you plan to stay in Canada, why you’re traveling to Canada, or similar questions about your trip. These questions must be answered honestly and directly.

    What can I expect when driving in Canada?

    Driving in Canada is similar to driving in parts of the United States. However, distances and speeds are posted in kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour.

    Some signs, particularly in Quebec, may be in French.

    What if I rent a car in the U.S. and want to drive into Canada?

    If the rental car company allows you to drive in Canada, all the information provided above still applies. Your rental car company can provide you with additional details.

    Why You Should NOT Buy a New Car – ReadyForZero Blog

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    Why You Should NOT Buy a New Car

    17 Oct 2012 by Ben

    Welcome to the 5th  Smart Money Debate at ReadyForZero . To see the other side  of this debate, read Miranda s post: Why You Should Buy a New Car (Not Used). And then let us know which argument was more convincing!

    Buying new things is fun. I love unwrapping the shiny packaging, opening up the box, and smelling the factory made scent of something brand new. There is nothing quite like holding something in your hands that nobody else has ever used. It makes you feel well special.

    You know what makes me feel even more special than buying something brand new? Saving money. That is why almost everything I purchase is used. Don t get me wrong I m not one to purchase a used pair of Hanes. However, with most items, you can find great deals if you are willing to buy used. This is especially true when it comes to major purchases like cars.

    While I wouldn t recommend buying any old lemon, buying used cars is the only thing that makes sense financially. Our family has purchased new before, and we consider it to be one of the biggest financial mistakes we have ever made. Here is why we will never buy a new car again and neither should you!

    Reason #1: New Cars Don t Hold Their Value

    We ve all heard this before, but it bears repeating: a new car begins losing value the minute that you drive it off the lot. How much value you ask? According to, a new car loses approximately 10% of its value as soon as you drive away. 10%. Furthermore, it loses about 20% of its value after the first year, and 10% off the original purchase price per year after that. Depending on the make and model of your new car, you may have lost up to 80% of the value from the purchase price within 5 years!

    Get offers for lower-interest rate debt consolidation loans here on ReadyForZero!

    Check your rate using ReadyForZero’s free debt consolidation tool. People have saved thousands by consolidating higher-interest debts using a single, personal loan, this will not negatively impact your credit. Check Your Rate Now

    Would you invest $25,000 in the stock market if you knew that you were going to lose $2,500 the moment you completed the transaction? Would you buy a house for $200,000 if you knew for a fact that it would only be worth $180,000 the minute you were handed the key and $160,000 a year later. Of course you wouldn t! No sane person would. Why would you do the same thing with a car? Let somebody take that huge financial hit by buying the new car. Then, you can take advantage of their silliness and buy the car used after they trade it in a few years later.

    Reason #2: Used Cars are Cheaper

    Since new cars are clearly a poor investment, it makes sense that the sticker price for used cars is far less expensive than the newer models. For instance, a brand new 2012 Toyota Prius is currently selling for around $28,500. Earlier this year, we were able to purchase a used 2009 Prius with under 25,000 miles for only $17,500. While red isn t exactly my favorite color, I was happy to suffer through it in order to save $11,000.

    Reason #3: Less Worry

    You know the nervous feeling that you get when you buy something new? You become very protective of it. You don t want anything to spill or scratch it. You re so proud of it that you want it to stay looking all brand new and shiny for forever. That is why you bought the product new in the first place. Afterall, what good is a new car if it doesn t actually look new.

    I hate to tell you this, but eventually everything that is new is going to become blemished. When it does, you may be devastated especially if you spent as much money on it as you would a car. Why not save yourself all of that worry, headache, and stress? Just buy your cars used. A nick, dent, or scratch doesn t seem like such a big deal then.

    Reason #4: Warranties are Available

    People who tell you to buy a new car will tout the great warranties with which new cars come. Guess what. Most used cars will come with a warranty as well. In fact, the most important warranty the manufacturer s powertrain warranty should still be in effect as long as the car has not exceeded its age or mileage limits. This warranty covers all of the big stuff that might break like your engine or transmission. So, the warranty argument doesn t really hold water. If the warranty is in effect, the argument that you are going to have to pay for more repairs to a used car than you would for a new car doesn t really work either.

    Reason #5: A New Car is a Bad Investment

    Have I mentioned that a new car loses 10% of its value the moment you drive it off the lot and 20% of its value over the first year alone. Oh, I did? Good. Well, this is so important that I m mentioning it again. If that new car smell is still tempting you, go back and read Reason #1 to help snap you back into reality. Then, go out and buy a New Car Smell air freshener to put in your used car, and save yourself thousands of dollars.

    As you can see, buying a new car is not the best decision for your finances. While that new car smell may make you feel like you are loaded, buying a new car is just another way of trying to look wealthy. It is a status symbol that savvy spenders can do without. If you re in the market for a new car, do yourself a favor and buy a used one instead.

    No matter what you decide, use ReadyForZero to track your debt payoff it s a free online tool that helps you stay motivated and pay off your debt in the fastest time frame possible.

    To see the other side  of this debate, read Miranda s post: Why You Should Buy a New Car (Not Used). And then let us know which argument was more convincing!

    This post was published by Ben, Content Manager and Writer for » ReadyForZero. ReadyForZero is a company that helps people get out of debt on their own with a simple and free online tool that can automate and track your debt paydown.

    Car Insurance Northern Ireland

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    Get cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland

    By Rachel Wait on Tuesday 10 November 2015

    If you live in Northern Ireland, there’s a good chance you’ll be paying more for your car insurance than those living in the rest of the UK. But there are still ways to cut the costs of your cover.

    Why are Northern Ireland car insurance policies different?

    Car insurance works just the same in Northern Ireland as it does in England, Scotland and Wales, but can cost significantly more – which means it’s vital to shop around for the best possible price on cover.

    In August 2011, the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland called for an investigation into motor insurance prices after they rose 73% over two years. Previously, the Office for Fair Trading found the average Northern Ireland car insurance quotes tend to be 11% higher than in the rest of the UK.

    But living in Northern Ireland doesn’t necessarily mean paying over the odds for cover because there are plenty of things you can do to make motor insurance more affordable.

    Read on as we explain why car insurance in Northern Ireland can be more expensive and just what you can do to keep costs down.

    Uninsured drivers and personal injury claims

    It’s thought that rising Northern Ireland car insurance quotes are having the same side-effects as in the rest of the UK, such as an increase in the number of uninsured drivers on the roads and an increase in personal injury claims.

    It seems unaffordable car insurance isn’t keeping some motorists from getting behind the wheel. When one of these drivers is involved in an accident, claims pay-outs have to come out of a central pot paid into by all insurers.

    The problem is, as the number of law-abiding drivers goes down, so too does the amount that can be paid into that central pot, even though the number of drivers and accidents remains pretty much the same.

    The only way for car insurance providers to tackle this is by hiking the premiums of those who do buy motor insurance to cover the gap, thus creating a vicious cycle as more people are priced out of the market.

    Also, as we’ve seen in England, Scotland and Wales, there’s been an increase in the number of personal injury claims in Northern Ireland, which has forced the insurers to up their prices to cover against expensive pay-outs.

    These dual pressures are thought to have made a significant impact on car insurance in the Six Counties, as they do elsewhere, but there are other things going on which means prices aren’t as competitive as in the rest of the UK.

    Just because you live in Northern Ireland it doesn’t mean you can’t get a fair price for cover

    Lack of choice

    Traditionally, the Northern Ireland car insurance market has been smaller and far less competitive than in the rest of the UK. With fewer insurance companies to choose from, there’s been less pressure on the insurers to lower their prices in order to compete.

    However, the MoneySuperMarket car insurance comparison channel shows that a 50-year-old Volkswagen Golf (1.6) driver from Londonderry/Derry would have their pick of quotes from 64 insurers – including big names such as the AA, RAC, Post Office and M S Bank.

    Car Insurance Northern Ireland Differences

    In February 2011 a Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Library Service Briefing Paper examined some of the possible reasons for the increased cost of car insurance in Northern Ireland.

    It suggested a number of factors which make Northern Ireland uniquely different from England, Scotland and Wales.

    Northern Ireland has a relatively young population, said the paper, which means it has a greater number of higher risk drivers because young and inexperienced drivers are statistically most likely to be involved in accidents and make car insurance claims.

    The Six Counties also has a high proportion of single carriageway roads, more traffic on rural roads and greater distances travelled per driver – all increasing the risk of accidents and car insurance claims.

    It also suggested that because of differences in the legal systems in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, and that compensation pay-outs tend to be much higher. As a result, insurers have to weight their prices to cover the potential cost of compensation pay-outs.

    Ways to get cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland

    Just because you live in Northern Ireland it doesn’t mean you can’t get a fair price for cover. As in the rest of the UK, there are things you can do to help bring the cost of cover down.

    Adding an older, more experience driver to your policy as a named driver can help to bring your premiums down because, theoretically, it reduces the amount of time you’ll spend behind the wheel.

    You must never pretend that an older family member is the main driver of a vehicle if you’re actually the main driver to get a cheaper quote. It’s called fronting and is illegal. If you’re caught fronting you risk fines, court appearances and you could struggle to get car insurance ever again.

    As young drivers are hit particularly hard by car insurance, they might consider telematics insurance – where a GPS-enabled tracking device measures how you drive and charges you for insurance accordingly.

    If you’re a careful driver covering fewer miles, you could save a lot of money with telematics insurance.

    You’ll earn a No Claims Discount just by driving carefully and sensibly, bringing your premiums down over time.

    Also, keeping your vehicle parked in a secure location and making it harder to steal should bring your premiums down. Installing insurer-approved alarms and immobilisers will also help.

    And finally, you should always be sure to compare Northern Ireland car insurance quotes and switch insurers each year come renewal time. The best deals are reserved for new customers, and you won’t be rewarded for your loyalty by sticking with the same insurer – so shop around using our Car insurance Northern Ireland comparison service.

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    Car Insurance: Insurance Plans for Canadians from CIBC Insurance

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    Vehicle Types

    Auto insurance to protect your vehicle

    If you are involved in an accident or any other type of incident that causes damage or injury, CIBC Auto Insurance can protect you from the losses you may incur, whether or not you are liable.


    The protection you need, plus the customization you want

    Auto insurance in is provided by a government-run insurance company.

    Third Party Liability

    Provides coverage when a policyholder or insured driver is responsible for an automobile accident:

    By law you must have at least $200,000 $500,000 in third party liability coverage, but most people choose $1 million or $2 million.

    Provides coverage for:

    • Medical, rehabilitation and funeral expenses
    • Death and loss of income benefits

    Increase your Accidental Benefits coverage with:

    Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)

    Your vehicle is protected in case of an accident that takes place in. and is not entirely your fault. This means you call your claims department at your insurance company. Because this coverage is mandatory, it is automatically included in the calculation of your premium.

    Uninsured Automobile Coverage

    Protects you in the event the accident is caused by an uninsured driver. For example:

    • If you are injured or killed by an uninsured motorist or by an unidentified driver
    • If you are injured or killed by an uninsured motorist or by a hit-and-run driver
    • Damage to and loss of use of the insured automobile and its contents, when the result of an accident is caused by an identified, uninsured motorist

    Civil Liability

    You’re covered up to the amount specified in your insurance policy:

    By law, you must have at least $50,000 in civil liability coverage for your auto insurance, but most people choose $1 million or $2 million.

    Car Insurance for Young Drivers – Compare The Market

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    Car Insurance for Young Drivers

    Ups And Downs Of Being Young!

    If there’s a downside to being young, it’s that car insurance can be pretty expensive compared with older drivers.

    Getting your first licence is like a rite of passage, and yet you’re often penalised just for being the age you are! Is it fair? Probably not if you’re under 25, but the reality is younger drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than others, nothing more.

    Compare themarket recognises how tough it can be starting out with insurance, that’s why we’ve made it easier for you to compare quotes right here and see if you can strike a better deal.

    Leveling The Playing Field

    Okay, so you’re young and it’s likely that you’ll need to shell out more on your insurance than those older than you. It’s not all doom and gloom, though! There are certain things you can do to give yourself the best chance at reducing your premium, both in the short and long term.

    Perhaps the biggest factor that will influence your premium is the type of car you drive. Sports, luxury and highly modified vehicles will almost certainly attract higher premiums.

    Paying by the month can curve the cost of insurance by spreading out the payments across the year in installments. Above all, developing a safe driving record is a sure-fire way of progressively lowering your insurance premiums long term.

    Don’t Be Fooled…

    While you can get cheaper insurance options like third party fire theft, these policies don’t cover your own car in the event of an accident. You could wind up losing the most valuable thing you own, or at the very least, be left with huge repair bills.

    Comprehensive car insurance is the most popular insurance taken out in Australia, and offers the highest degree of protection on the road. See if compare themarket can help you find the right cover for your situation.

    Whether it’s time to renew or you’re simply looking for a better deal on your existing cover, comparing car insurance rates online helps you save time and money.

    Car Insurance For Young Drivers – Compare Quotes Online

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    Car Insurance For Young Drivers

    We Can Help You Find.

    Credit Cards


    Young Drivers’ Car Insurance

    Passing a driving test and getting a first car are big milestones in a young driver’s life as they signal the arrival of a new kind of independence. But sky high insurance premiums can be a major obstacle when it comes to actually getting on the road.

    At we know that finding cheap motor insurance for young drivers can be a struggle, as young motorists have been experiencing significant increases in insurance premiums.

    With the price of car insurance steadily rising, the financial strain placed upon young drivers to get insurance for their vehicles is becoming more of a burden than it has been in past years. Young drivers’ insurance is usually considerably more expensive than insurance for other driver groups and the reasons for this are explained below.

    Why is Young Driver Insurance So Expensive?

    As with all car insurance, in order to calculate premiums insurance providers need to evaluate the likelihood that a driver will make a claim. The greater the risk, the higher the premium. Younger drivers generally present a bigger risk to insurance providers as, statistically, they are more likely to be involved in accidents. Consider this statistical information from the Driving Standards Agency:

    • One in five drivers has an accident within their first year of driving
    • Male drivers under the age of 21 are ten times more likely to be involved in a car accident than male drivers who are over 35 years old
    • One in three male drivers aged 17 to 20 have an accident within the first two years of passing their test
    • An 18 year old driver is more than three times as likely to be involved in a crash as a 48 year old

    All of this has an implication on the cost of car insurance for younger drivers. Put simply, insurance providers pay out more on policies that are held by younger drivers and, therefore, they charge this group of drivers more for their car insurance.

    However, is here to help. We have a large list of insurers on our panel, many of which specialise in young drivers’ insurance.

    What Can Be Done To Make My Insurance Cheaper?

    For many young drivers a great way of getting cheaper car insurance is to consider telematics-based insurance. Telematics insurance (sometimes known as “black box insurance” or “pay as you drive insurance”) requires a small device that is about the size of a mobile phone to be installed behind a cars dashboard. This will record a range of driving information such as what time of day the vehicle is driven, how fast it is driven, how quickly the driver accelerates and decelerates and the distance driven. Premiums are often set based on risk factors that include specific criteria, such as not driving at night or limited mileage and when it comes to renewal, premiums may be adjusted depending on the safety of the policyholder’s driving.

    One of the most important factors for the price of car insurance for all motorists, not just young drivers, is the type of insurance cover chosen. Many young drivers opt for one of the lowest levels of cover, Third Party, Fire & Theft, often assuming that this will be the cheapest.

    Third Party Fire & Theft provides cover for fire and theft claims but only covers damage to third party vehicles and property and does not cover any damage to the owner’s vehicle in the event of an accident. Fully Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, protects the owner’s car and property as well as that of the third party.

    However it may be useful to know that Third Party, Fire & Theft cover is not always cheaper than Fully Comprehensive cover and it is always worth comparing the prices of each – look at all insurance policy types available before making a decision.

    There are many things young drivers can do to make their insurance cheaper. A few of them are listed here. More ways to save can be found in our Young Drivers Insurance Guide :

    • Add an older driver to the policy. If you own the car you must be the principal driver on the insurance policy but putting older siblings, parents or grandparents on the policy as a second driver could help to obtain cheap car insurance for young drivers. Do not be tempted, however, to name an older driver as the main driver if this is not the case. This is an illegal activity known as “fronting”.
    • Start off with a smaller car. Having a small car will make it easier to find cheap motor insurance for young drivers. Not surprisingly, insurers are not keen on young or inexperienced motorists driving cars with large, powerful engines.
    • Avoid modifying the car or buying a car with modifications. Even something as small as buying a new stereo can count as a modification and insurers will often charge higher premiums for modified cars.
    • Fit extra security devices. Approved immobilisers and trackers added to cars can help young drivers to reduce the cost of car insurance.
    • Post-test qualifications. Consider the post-test driving course known as Pass Plus. Taking this can sometimes help bring down the cost of motor insurance.
    • Shop around! Car insurance pricing for young drivers varies from insurer to insurer. provides drivers with a great way of doing this via our easy to use price comparison site, providing access to over 90 insurance brands.

    We hope that with our advice, young drivers will be better placed to find the right level of car insurance at an affordable price. To get a young driver car insurance quote, simply click the “Get A Quote Today” button below.


    Guide To Car Insurance Groups