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Jul 31 2019

#Online vacations / #Video

#Online #vacations

#Online vacations / #Video, REMMONT.COM

Online vacations

Online Vacation Center Reviews

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Employee Reviews

“It feels like your second family”

I have been working at Online Vacation Center full-time (More than a year)

Everyone is willing to help you succeed, training, schedules and payment possibilities

The beginning is a bit stressful because you have to learn all everything that the cruise industry offers

Advice to Management

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Online Vacation Center Response

“Years of experience with Online Vacation”

I have been working at Online Vacation Center full-time (More than 5 years)

-Compensation at Online Vacation Center is very good, and it only gets better over time.
-Great work/life balance and schedule flexibility.
-Fun environment, it makes the day go by without feeling like you are “trapped at work.”
-Management listens to suggestions from the sales force, which in turn leads to policies that make the job much easier.
-Employees are treated as individuals, management is understanding of non-work, related emergencies and are flexible when they do occur.
-Working remotely is a huge bonus once you are allowed the privilege.
-Discounts on trips/free cruises, hotels, flights etc.…
-There are a ton of contests and regular incentives to earn extra money/gift-cards.
-In such a competitive industry, the management and marketing team assures we can compete with and exceed promotions from other agencies.
-Vacation time is generous, and you are encouraged to take it.

I will preface this by saying all jobs have things that are not viewed as favorable by employees; however, I can say that Online Vacation Center has significantly less than other companies I have worked for.
-Health Insurance is more expensive because it is a smaller company, but conversely you are not another cog in the wheel of a gigantic enterprise, so it’s a trade-off.
-If you are not self-motivated you will not do well, but then again this is not the company’s fault.
-A large part of this job is service related, so for people that only focus on sales, they will eventually see a downturn in their business.

Advice to Management

I have worked at Online Vacation Center long enough to see the real changes that have been made at the highest levels of management. The changes have been for the benefit of the employee over the long term, even if it makes the business less profitable in the short term. I can only speak from the perspective of a Personal Vacation Manager, but I have the best job in the building, it’s a lot of fun, it’s interesting, at times stressful, but it’s incredibly rewarding. I would recommend management keep going in the direction they are heading, in my opinion it is only making this place better and making the sales staff more efficient. Keep listening to employees for suggestions to make the job easier.

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#Online vacations / #Video NEF2.COM

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