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Aug 10 2017

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How to Find a Zero Down Car Loan

Need a car loan?  Don t have a few thousand dollars set aside for a down payment? At, we cater to those buyers who need to finance a vehicle with no money down .  We work with a nationwide network of dealers and lenders who are ready and waiting to consider your auto loan application even though you don t have a few thousand dollars to put toward your new car, truck, or SUV on the day of purchase.

Getting a No Down Payment Auto Loan

Choosing The Right Lender. Not all dealers and finance companies are willing to consider extending credit to buyers who don t have a down payment ready to go. Since we work with an array of lenders, however, we know which ones offer zero down car loans and financing on a regular basis.

Trade-in Value. Contrary to popular belief, your hard-earned cash is not the only form of down payment.  A second is trading in a vehicle. Now you might say that the vehicle you re replacing is not worth much. It could be high-mileage, damaged, non-operational, etc. However, many dealers in our network will give you MORE for your trade-in vehicle than it s actually worth in order to help you qualify for the car loan you need.

Rebates. In addition to vehicle trade-ins, many auto loan lenders in our network accept new car rebates as a form of down payment. Instead of signing onto a true 0 down payment car loan, which will often necessitate high interest rates, a new vehicle rebate can allow you to receive better loan terms without actually putting down your own money.

Applying Online. By submitting your application online, you can get preapproved for your zero down car loan BEFORE ever stepping foot on the dealer lot. This not only puts you in an optimal bargaining position, it quells the anxiety of getting approved so that you can enjoy the car buying experience.

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