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car body panels

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Panels – Plugs – Filters – Gaskets – Clutches – and more – we have it all..

Car body panelsMany factors claim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for your needs, but Autosupplies arguably fits that description the best.

Not only does the company supply service items such as spark plugs, glow plugs, brake pads, clutches and oil, but also paint, body panels, heavy-duty workwear, cleaning fluids, tools and other garage equipment .

David Clarke said: “We aim to supply anything a garage or customer buys, and I’ve looked at various retail ‘models’, rather than other motor factors, to create the offering we have today. You need to look around to get those ideas.”

Car body panelsWith the collective experience the team has, Autosupplies ensures it only stocks tried and tested brands – ones with a solid track record, that have proved themselves over the years, and the team have used themselves and worked with extensively.

Those brands include Coopers, First Line, Gates, Mintex and NGK.

The brands stocked at Autosupplies are always being reviewed, to ensure it is abreast of the latest technology and developments.

David said: “We need to get our customers’ full attention. I go out one day a week to meet the businesses we supply and to hear what they have to say, and I’m especially keen to find out if we have any weaknesses.

Car body panels“It’s important I keep my feet firmly on the ground, and to do that I’ll also work on the phones on a regular basis. At the end of the day Autosupplies’ customers give me ideas for the business,” he added.

Car body panelsCar body panelsCar body panelsCar body panelsCar body panels

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