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Exotic Car Rental Montreal

Welcome to Supercar Rentals, Montreal’s #1 source for exotic and luxury supercar rentals. Whether you’re planning a special event like a wedding or a graduation, or you just love powerful luxury cars, we’ll do all the legwork to help you rent the supercar you want for the lowest price possible.

In Montreal, we can help you rent top notch cars from the world’s most prestigious brands, and our wide selection continues to grow by the day. If it’s fast, powerful, and absolutely gorgeous, we can almost certainly help you rent one and take it for a spin. Here are some of our most popular exotic car rentals in Montreal.

With some of Quebec’s most esteemed historic sites as well as some of North America’s most impressive contemporary architecture, Montreal provides a great backdrop for a nice drive. Its surrounding areas can be even more charming, however, and the roads connecting them all can be exceptionally fun to drive. The best example of this is the centuries-old Chemin du Roy (the King’s Highway) which begins in the Montreal suburb of Repentigny and goes all the way to Quebec City. If you don’t feel like taking on the entire 280 kilometre journey to Quebec City, you can just enjoy the Chemin du Roy between Repentigny and Lavaltrie, which will take you through some of Montreal’s nicest suburbs and conclude in a peaceful agricultural town just outside the city.

Autoroute 25 connecting Montreal’s east end to Longueuil by way of the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Bridge–Tunnel is another popular recreational driving road, offering smooth turns and fun inclines along the banks of the iconic St. Lawrence River, which runs perpendicular to the road. Further outside the city, Route 327 in the Laurentides boasts plenty of winding mountain roads right in the heart of Montrealers’ vacation country. Any one of those drives would be fantastic to enjoy from behind the wheel of an authentic luxury supercar.

Car rental montreal

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