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Feb 16 2019

Massage Therapy School Tuition

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Massage Therapy School Tuition

How much does massage school cost?

Massage therapy education is offered both in private and community colleges in Canada and the United States.

Typically, private colleges are fast-paced programs that are usually more expensive. Community college programs are usually slower paced and less expensive. The program lengths vary, but may be 600 to 800 hours in length, completed in full-time or part-time study.

It is perhaps interesting that a quick online survey of private schools offering massage programs reveals that many of them do not post their fees on their websites. This is in contrast to the easily available fee structures posted on most community college or university websites. Now, this may or may not be ominous. But just remember that this is an industry where clever charlatans can make a small fortune, so be wary of handing over large sums of money before confirming exactly what qualification you will be granted upon completing a program.

Of course, taking a massage therapy program will cost more than just tuition. If you are studying full-time, you will experience lost wages. Traveling to a new city to attend school can be expensive, and you will have standard living costs, such as food and rent. Additional expenses may include a massage table. professional uniforms, textbooks and other learning materials.

While massage therapy does offer a quick entry time as a profession, with many programs taking a year or less to complete, it requires a significant outlay of cash to get started. Between tuition, lost wages, living expenses, materials, travel and the expense of getting started in the profession once you graduate, it may well cost you tens of thousands of dollars. This is a big investment in time and treasure, so be very sure ahead of time that your interest in the profession is based on sound research and genuine insight, and that the program you are entering will allow you to graduate with recognized qualifications. Speak to current students, graduates, and state and national licensing boards. Think about where you would like to work upon graduation and contact those places before enrolling in a program – ask them if they would hire a graduate of the school you’re thinking of attending.

Looking for a massage school? Check out our full list of massage therapy schools for a curriculum near you!

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