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Jul 5 2017

Manny s DieCast Collectibles – Diecast Police, Emergency, and Delivery Vehicle Replicas Our Specialty – Collectible Diecast Police Cars, Toy Police Cars, Divco Milk Trucks, UPS Trucks, Fire Engines, NYPD, UPS Trucks, Matchbox, First Response Replicas #car #insurance #quotes #canada

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-Wisconsin State Police Dodge Diplomat–$25.95

-PREMIER EDITION Arapahoe County, CO Sheriff 1985 Dodge Diplomat–$27.95

Click HERE to see what else is coming!

Police Bobbleheads:

Male Trooper–$14.95

Female Trooper–$14.95

Classic Metal Works American Heritage Models

American Heritage 1/43 and 1/87 scale DIVCO Delivery Truck Replicas:

-Highly detailed diecast replicas

-Unique bumpers, grilles, lights, windshield wiper locations and side view mirrors to match each milk company’s truck

-Side and Rear doors open

-Painted Seat and steering wheel

-Select trucks come with Milkman Milk Carrier Replicas

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