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Feb 10 2019

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Life Insurance

In their eyes you’re a superhero.

So help protect their future.

Why you might want to take out LV= Life Insurance

Our children rely on us to be there for them, in good times, in sad times and in everyday life. In their eyes, you’re a superhero. But none of us are invincible, so help protect their future with LV= Life Insurance.

Life insurance will pay a lump sum should the worst happen, so you will have peace of mind that your family will be financially protected when you’re gone.

Even superheroes need protection.

  • Get insured from £5 a month
  • Quick and easy online application
  • Peace of mind that your loved ones are protected

Exclusive member rewards

By taking out an LV=Life Insurance policy, you automatically become a member which gives you access to a range of benefits at no extra cost:

  • 24 hour member care line to help with:

– criminal and civil law queries

– health and medical questions

  • community fund supporting good causes.
  • participation in election of board directors.
  • Cover features

    • Option of choosing level or decreasing cover (decreasing cover reduces the amount paid over time, level is fixed and won’t keep up with inflation).
    • Choose the amount of insurance or monthly amount you wish to spend starting from £5 a month.
    • Choose the length of time you’d like the plan to last. After the insurance starts the premium and length of time is fixed.
    • Life insurance cover of up to £500,000 (£300,000 if you’re 56 to 65, or £200,000 if you’re 66 to 69 when you apply).
    • If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness during the plan term you can ask us to pay out your insurance policy early.
    • You can take out additional policies to increase the total amount you are insured for.
    • The amount of insurance available will be personalised to your individual circumstances such as your age and whether you smoke or not.

    Important information

    • Level cover provides a fixed sum and doesn’t change. It won’t keep up with inflation and will buy less in the future.
    • Decreasing cover will reduce each year but your premium will remain the same.
    • You can’t claim under a terminal illness in the last 12 months of the plan.
    • After your plan has been issued, you can’t change it.
    • If you die, we’ll normally pay the lump sum to your estate. Inheritance tax could apply to the part that’s worth over £325,000 (tax years 2017/18 to 2020/21).
    • If you stop paying your premiums, your insurance may end.

    About Life Insurance with us

    Video transcript

    Let me tell you a little more about LV=

    We’re the largest mutual and friendly society in the UK, so when you take a policy with us, it means that you have a direct say in how we run our business.

    You’re at the heart of our decision making and that’s something we’re really proud of.

    Back in 1843, we set out to provide life cover to help people save for their funerals and ease the burden on their families with this expense then they’re gone.

    And we’re still doing this today, so you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that you’re part of a long history of providing financial security to our members.

    As a customer, you’ll become a member which gives you discounts on our car, home, pet and travel insurance.

    As well as access to our free 24 hour member care line, for legal, health and medical enquiries.

    We pride ourselves on being the most trusted and recommended life insurer, but don’t just take our word for it.

    “Quick, easy and dependable”

    “Easy application, no misleading questions, value for money”

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