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I googled this place and went in after shopping around the whole day. I saw a few good cars but I had my eye on a Nissan Altima 1999. I was able to test drive the car and look under the hood and do a check on it! I after buying I even received a carfax report on the car. The people here are very professional and will work with you. I was in and out in an hour and drove my car home. I am a happy camper. If you need a car that is affordable please give this place a call or drive there! You won t be sorry.

Do not buy from those guys. They are selling cars with engine or transmission issues even if body look good.

After buying it, even if you come back because of the limited warranty, they changed totally of attitude and know that they sold you a bad car.

The answer I got from the seller was:

You drove it. Nobody forced you to buy it instead of what I could expect Sorry about that, let us find out what is wrong .

Be very careful. Those guys are changing company name once they have enough bad reviews on yelp and other website.

You can check other bad reviews on one of their previous name. (La Cars Repo Warehouse)

Do not trust the big belly fat guy, he is the worse and will only make you loosing money. He sold insurance with the car and lied on the monthly fee to make sure we would sign up.

Stay away from this dealer, there are better places in the valley to get a reliable used car. Those guys should be in prison.

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