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Oct 28 2016

Japan Auto Direct: Importing to England and the United Kingdom #car #rental #houston

#import cars from japan

Import to UK

Japan Auto Direct provides the most informed and reliable importing service for dealer imports U.K wide. With our knowledge of the import process and access to over 50,000 cars at auction each week, we will be able to source you the best car for your yard in the U.K.

Importing Japanese Used Cars to the U.K. from Japan

The process is simple and is typically involves the following steps.

  1. When you are ready to go ahead we will get all the necessary details concerning the vehicles and your budget and begin sourcing the auctions for cars that fit your description.
  • When appropriate vehicles are found at auction we will contact you with a full description of the car including an auction report, details of our own inspection, start price and expected sale price. We in turn relay this information to you and you decide if you’d like to bid and how much you’d like to bid up to. Please note that we will never bid on a car for you without your full approval and designated budget. Ultimately the decision is yours and we will do our best to find you a car that closely matches your ideal vehicle.
  • Once we buy your car at auction an invoice and photos will be sent to you within 24 hours. Of course you can also choose vehicles from our current stock. You will then pay the FOB price (ex Japan) directly to our Japanese company bank account within 2 working days. All paperwork necessary for export will be arranged and the car will be transported to the wharf for shipping to the nearest port to where you are in the U.K. Cars are put on the first available ship, usually 10-15 days after purchase.

    The ENTIRE process TAKES 5-6 WEEKS from date of purchase.

    How much does it cost to import a car? We’re asked this question a lot so please try this handy cost calculator.

    Popular Japanese vehicles being exported to the U.K. include:

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