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Jul 31 2019

#How much would it be to rent a van – #Video

#How #much #would #it #be #to #rent #a #van

#How much would it be to rent a van - #Video, REMMONT.COM

How much would it be to rent a van

Conversion Van Rental

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Conversion Van Rentals – What They Are and Where to Find Them

If you’re looking for the perfect RV rental, conversion vans offer comfort and custom features at affordable rates. They make excellent first-time rentals for a traveling couple or individual, and some conversion vans can even accommodate up to four people. But, with all the options for RV rentals out there, how can you narrow down your choices? Let’s take a closer look at what renting a conversion van entails.

What are Conversion Vans?

Conversion vans, also known as Class B RVs, are just what the name implies: vans that have been converted to function as RVs. Whether it’s a luxury conversion van rental or a DIY job, you’ll be traveling with all the amenities of a basic RV. Class B vans range in size from 17 to 24 feet, depending on the original vehicle. These days, people make conversion vans from a variety of vehicles, like box trucks, vintage buses, and church vans. Their small size allows for an easier drive and more options for camping in compact locations, which is why they’re a good choice for newbies. Most conversion vans feature a bed, a bathroom, and a kitchenette. Some of the larger models may even include a shower.

Is a Conversion Van Rental Right for Me?

Class B vans aren’t for everyone. If you’re traveling with a group or with young children, you’re going to want something with a lot more space (and privacy). But, if it’s just you and a pet or significant other, they offer just the right amount of space. If you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors, and simply want a place to sleep after a day of exploration, a conversion van will serve as a comfortable home base.

One of the biggest advantages of conversion vans is the ability to camp almost anywhere. Camping in a large RV means calling ahead to make sure campgrounds can accommodate you, and staying away from narrow, winding roads. When you’re in a Class B, it’s a lot easier to pull off the road and camp unnoticed. You’ll also be able to explore more dry camping opportunities in a conversion van than you would in a Class A. If you’re considering a conversion van rental, ask yourself the following:

  • How many people are going with you, and how much privacy do you need?
  • What’s your camping style? Do you want luxurious features, like a shower and a television inside the RV, or are basic amenities fine?
  • What’s your driving experience? Should you stick with what’s familiar, or are you willing to learn how to drive a large RV?
  • Do you want the flexibility to pull over anywhere, or do you plan on staying in campgrounds and RV parks?
  • Finally, what are your budgetary priorities? Do you want to sink all of your money into renting a large RV, or would you rather save money for entertainment and activities?

Conversion Van Rental Near Me

You have several options if you’re looking for a Class B conversion van rental in your area. A quick Google search will show you nearby rental services, which will fall into one of three categories:

  • Renting from a large, chain company. You’ll have to look for companies that specialize in Class B rentals, since most of the big businesses only have Class C’s, Class A’s, and trailers.
  • Renting from a local business, which are usually privately-owned. Again, you’ll need to check if they offer conversion van rentals.
  • Renting from an individual via a peer-to-peer site like RVshare. Since RVshare is an online marketplace, you’ll find hundreds of options for renting a Class B RV. You’ll find everything from budget conversion van rentals to converted Sprinter vans.

Conversion Van Rental Prices

There are a number of factors that determine rental prices, like the vehicle’s age, length, and features. In general, you can expect to see conversion van rental rates like the following:

  • Class B’s that are older than 10 years tend to range from $100 to $200 per night.
  • Newer conversion vans with basic amenities are between $200 to $300 per night.
  • Luxury conversion vans, like Sprinter vans, range from $300 to $350 per night.

Most rental services require a minimum rental commitment of at least three days. You can save money if you rent for longer than the minimum, or by buying week-long rental blocks. You can also check for seasonal discounts and specials.

Best Conversion Van Rentals

Any RV rental company is going to tell you they’re the best – it’s up to you to gather the facts and use your better judgment. It may be a good idea to make a list for each site you research so you can compare prices and features. Look for things like:

  • The daily base rental rate and the minimum rental period.
  • Discounts for renting for longer than the minimum, or seasonal discounts.
  • Damage and security deposits and how they’re handled.
  • Mileage and generator limits, and how much you’re charged for overages.
  • Optional extras, like kitchen sets and linen kits.
  • What features each van has, in addition to the general quality of the vehicle.
  • Insurance requirements. Most companies offer liability insurance but require that you obtain separate auto insurance. Some companies offer additional auto insurance for a daily fee.
  • Customer service and vehicle reviews. RVshare has a rating and review system built into each ad so that you can read customer reviews about the individual owner and the vehicle.
  • Any extra “hidden” fees, like fines for returning the RV late or with full holding tanks.

Ready to Rent a Conversion Van?

Now that you know how to rent, where to look, and what to look for, you’re ready to start searching for rentals! Check RVshare if you’re looking to save money on an older RV rental or want to rent something unique. You’ll find everything from budget DIY conversion vans to high-end luxury conversions. Don’t forget to compare your findings and look for discounts before you commit. Happy hunting!

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#How much would it be to rent a van - #Video REMMONT.COM

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