How do you make an agreement to take over car payments? #cars #worth

#take over car payments

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How many car payments can be missed before repossession?

In some states, the loan company can seize a car as soon as a payment is missed according to the Federal Trade Commission. The number of car payments that can be missed depends on the purchaser’s credit history and the loan company’s policy on repossession.

How do I make payments on a home equity loan online?

Many banks and financial services companies allow consumers to make payments on home equity loans online. Bank of America customers can log in online to use the Bill Pay service to pay home equity loans, states Bank of America.

How do you make bi-weekly mortgage payments?

To make bi-weekly mortgage payments, a borrower pays half of his monthly mortgage payment every 14 days instead of the full mortgage payment once per month. Borrowers can pay their mortgages this way by mail, online or through automatic bill-payment systems. Because there are 52 weeks in a year, bi-weekly payments result in 26 half-mortgage payments, the equivalent to 13 monthly mortgage payments.

How do you make credit card payments to JCPenney?

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