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Apr 9 2019

Home and Business Security and Alarm System

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Home and Business Security and Alarm System, REMMONT.COM

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We live in an area where the water table is high, and we rely on our sump pumps to keep our basements dry. I am so thankful for the fact that I have a water sensor to alert me to the first seepage of water onto the floor so that no matter where I am — work, kids’ activities or on a holiday — I can act before things are destroyed! I am sure my insurance company is happy that we went this way as well, since they should never have to get a water claim from our home!

Peace of mind when we travel. The service feature we find most reassuring when we travel is e-mail notification of system status changes. They keep us assured that our home sitting-service is looking after our place. We know when and how long the house sitter was at our house. The security system gives us tremendous peace of mind when we are traveling.

We were recently victims of a fire. I was shocked to see how quickly the flames spread. The fire department arrived very quickly. I have to tell you that it’s because of your security system that they arrived so quickly. I am comforted to know that I can leave my children at the house from time to time, without having to worry. Keep up the good work watching out for us -we’re counting on you!

All I know is that I have peace of mind with the alarm as well as the instant button to protect my mother as well. So if she falls or I need assistance, with the press of the button, assistance will be there.

I am 67 years of age and live on my own in a small rural community. The closest hospital is 25 km away. I was in need of emergency medical assistance recently and when I tried to call 911, my phone went dead. Thank God I had my system installed last fall. I pressed the ambulance button and had an ambulance here within 20 minutes. Thank you all so very much.

I know someone in Terrebonne who went through a home invasion in the middle of the night while he was asleep. My system protects me from that kind of incident. It’s also very efficient during the day. If ever my home caught fire during my absence – I also heat my home with wood – my smoke detector connected to the monitoring centre would allow me to take action fast. I have a small dog and that could save his life. That’s why I am very satisfied with my Protectron system. Thanks Protectron!

M. Lemieux

Within a few weeks of signing up with Protectron, my husband left a frying pan on the stove in the morning. Then, in a hurry, I packed up the kids and left the house. Twenty minutes into the drive I received the call of the fire in my house. My heart stopped. By the time I returned home, everything was under control and the fire hazard was avoided. My house was filled with smoke and the stench lingered for days. However, I don’t even want to think of what could have happened if we did not have the security system in place.

I was away on a business trip overseas. It had been very cold that day, around minus 30°C outside. I had just bought a security system, a decision I made reluctantly, thinking that my new purchase would be useless for the new house. That night, I got an email notifying me that my heater had stopped working. My house had gone twelve hours without heating. I sent someone to repair it right away. Without my security system, I would have come home to a frozen, destroyed house.

We signed up for Protectron e-mail notification TeleGARD™, and were alerted whenever someone entered and exited our home and disengaged and re-engaged the security system. This proved to be a valuable tool, as while we were on vacation, we paid for a house- and pet-sitting service. We were able to validate the days they actually came to the house and the time they spent in our home. This gave us peace of mind, knowing that they were honouring their part of the contract.

Melanie H.

In 1995, our house was broken into and it devastated the whole family. Right after that we heard that our insurance company was sponsoring the installation of an alarm system, and our rates would go down accordingly. Well, we signed up immediately. I also have the text messaging service now so that I know when others are coming and going in our home when I’m not there. This gives me such peace of mind, and now every time I come home I feel safe and secure in the knowledge that my house has not been broken into and my home is secure. That feeling, to me, is priceless.

We had an attempted break-in. We were vacationing and our neighbour got a call that our alarm had been activated and a basement window was showing to be the entrance area. The sound of the alarm must have frightened off the intruders. We are so thankful for the system. It certainly paid for itself that night and continues to pay for itself in “peace of mind”. Thank you Protectron.

Margaret C.

My husband works shift work at the mine, which didn’t bother us until we had a little girl. Now that we have Protectron in our home. I can sleep like a baby knowing my baby girl is safe asleep in her bed and my husband has no worries while he’s underground at night! Thanks for giving us the much-needed sense of security!

Martine T.

The best thing about the alarm system is that we can leave the house knowing that everything is going to be all right, and it’s lowering the cost of our insurance. Just to know that the house is safe, day or night, it’s a relief for us.

Colette V.

“In 2008, someone tried to break in to our place while we were on vacation. We can’t prove it, but we’re convinced that our house would have been ransacked if our security system wasn’t so efficient.”

Robert Proulx

Recently our alarm went off when the house wasn’t armed. Confused, we went to look at our communication panel to see what was wrong. We were directed to the basement, where it noted a flood. Thankfully there was no flood, but there would have been! The motor on our sump pump had died, allowing the water level to rise. Our alarm saved us BIG TIME. Thanks!

We were away from home and one motion detector went off. Protectron phoned us, but the one movement was all that had been seen, so we had them just keep watch for any further movement in the home and told them if there was any to send the police and let us know when we got home. We saw where someone had climbed up to a window, leaving marks behind, but the sirens scared them away. Thanks to our Proctectron system, our home was safe.

Bill & Edith

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