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Dec 2 2017

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Home – Welcome to 4d4x Auto Trader

Starting from manually trade since more than three years and has yielded a high profit. Now the strategy is realized using a robot to trade. This is to control the emotion for trader are often lost because of the disordered emotion when trading manually even supposed it can be successful.

Now you can do all such your daily activities as normal and let the robot do the work without feeling depressed. It is fully automatic and does require the involvement or intervention trader.

4d4x Auto Trader is suitable to any broker, also suitable for all types of accounts either four or five digit. It can also use for deposit as low as USD100. For U.S. or Non U.S. clients, there is no restriction for use it because it does not use hedge strategies.

4d4x Auto Trader is created with two versions. Pro version and Basic version. Both versions are different in terms of strategy and monthly profit.

For Pro version, it is only in open position when there is an accurate signal and using timeframe M30, for the profit is between 20% – 50% per month. Basic version, it is only in open position when there is an accurate signal and rarely makes the open position. Profit for the Basic version, estimated to be between 10% – 30% per month.

If you buy one or both products 4d4x Auto Trader, you will be given a money-back guarantee and you can use it without risk for 30 days. FULL refund will be issued after all of the terms and conditions are met and 4D4X Auto Trader will also void you cannot use it again.

Please click the image below to see the backtest Strategy Tester. Please note, this is the backtest results and not necessarily the result would be the same results in the future.

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