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Jan 24 2018

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GPS Tracker for Cars, Vehicle Positioning, Fleet Management, Devices, and many more.


Car tracker

Being able to run reports that highlight potential issues with daily inefficiencies, driver error, or overlap of service is allowing Bunzl to run their fleet of delivery vehicles and subcontractors with improved efficiency, improving their overall service levels, and increasing our customer satisfaction .

Darren Bonney National Transport Manager

Car tracker By using Fleet Logistics (Ezy2c) we have gained better control of our fleet. By having up to date knowledge we can utilise vehicles more efficiently, redirecting the best vehicle when new pickups are needed, saving time and money and gaining new business. We can better satisfy our customers ”

Bill Petersen, Managing Director,

Car tracker“Not only does the Ezy2c solution allow us to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle that’s sent the alert, but also shows us where

the nearest vehicles are, so we can send someone to go and help out immediately ”

Brad Winthrop Director of Operations

Car tracker

This level of customer service is what our clients really appreciate and the Ezy2c GPS system allows us to maintain these high standards

Mark Tanis Logistics Manager

Car tracker

We have definitely achieved the Return on Investment we set out to achieve when we embarked on this project. Interestingly we have found so many ways to utilize the information we are now gathering on our business

Chris Cotterell National General Manager

Car tracker

We have used GPS Vehicle Tracking devices from a number of suppliers over the years with limited success, until we found Ezy2c. Ezy2c solutions are robust and feature rich, yet highly competitively priced. We would recommend them to anyone with a number of vehicles and remote employees you want to keep track of

Hadrian Morall, General Manager

Car tracker

We believe GPS tracking supplied by Ezy2c has improved the efficiency of truck scheduling within our operations. The system enables us to monitor trip times and speeds on certain road conditions

Brian Smith, Managing Director

Brian Smith Timber Transport

Car tracker

Constructatruck Rentals are delighted with the iridium GPS unit they have added a more efficient tracking process and allows us to monitor the overall usage of our fleet. It has been a pleasure working with Ezy2c and Steve Walters who is making the process of receiving our new units painless Much appreciate the support! Shane Corbett, Rental Manager

Car tracker

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