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Apr 27 2017

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Selling a Used Car Online

The prospect of selling a used car online in the UK is a frightening one to many consumers, who have heard nothing but horror stories about the process. Whether it’s a consumer getting ripped off by a vehicle broker, being scammed by private buyers, or simply underestimating the amount that their vehicle is worth, selling a used car online certainly hasn’t earned the best reputation. In order to make this process as smooth and as profitable as possible, consumers are advised to use our vehicle valuation service which will help them sell their car for the most amount of money by ensuring that the buyer is charged what it is worth.

The average consumer may be unaware that such vehicle valuation services are even available for online sellers, but they’re easily the best resource for those who are seeking a buyer for their car on the internet. Choosing these services over a self-defined price has a number of advantages to make it worth a consumer’s while.

An Efficient, Easy, and Fast Way to Value a Used Car

Let’s face it: most consumers simply do not remember every detail about their car’s features, making it hard to place an exact value on the car. Furthermore, a misrepresentation of these features can leave a private seller to either underestimate or overcharge for their vehicle, making it either impossible to sell or at least less advantageous to do so. A vehicle valuation tool offers a precise alternative to guessing about a car’s features and worth.

Using simple vehicle identification numbers, such as the number plate, consumers simply enter the vehicle’s identification information into an easy form online. These numbers then tell the valuation tool the exact make, model, and even year of the vehicle that is about to be sold to a private buyer or dealer on the internet. What is returned to the consumer is an entirely accurate vehicle valuation based on the exact feature set of the car as defined by its manufacturer.

It doesn’t get much easier or more accurate than that, and consumers will enjoy the precision with which a valuation service easily determines a car’s worth.

Numerous Pricing Options for Different Types of Sellers

A valuation service isn’t just precise, it’s flexible. Selling a car online is just one task that these services help to make more safe and profitable. Even those consumers who wish to sell their vehicle offline, or trade it in at a traditional automotive dealer, can benefit from using these tools.

Because they’re so precise, efficient, and flexible, online vehicle valuation tools return a car’s worth in several formats for a wide array of buyers. These include:

  • The price a private buyer should be expected to pay for the car
  • The trade-in price a dealer will pay for the vehicle on a traditional lot
  • The amount that a dealer should currently be charging for that same vehicle on a car lot
  • The overall value of the car itself

This allows consumers to weigh their options when pursuing an online used car sale. They’ll know whether they’re receiving an offer that is too low, too high, or exactly what they should expect. And they’ll be able to point out fraudulent transactions more easily, as they’ll know exactly what to look for — and what to charge.

Information Means Better Prices and Less Worry

Knowing the firm value of a used car means that the chances of a rip-off drop from sky-high to virtually none. It has always been the case that the most dangerous type of buyer or seller is the one who is most informed about a product’s condition, worth, and overall value in the marketplace. On top of this, it’s well known that the best kind of seller, and the one which reaps the highest rewards, is the seller who knows how to weed out the less serious buyer, fraudulent offer-makers, and pervasive online scammers.

In addition to a car valuation service, it’s important to read up on the typical online scams that result from the sale of expensive goods using the internet. Be prepared for all kinds of scams, rip-offs, and lowball offers that seek to take advantage of less-infomed used car owners who are selling their vehicle online. Information is the key to rising above these threats and enjoying a smooth, friendly, and lucrative sales process.

To Improve Chances of a Sale, Improve the Car’s Appearance

It’s no secret that some used cars show their age more than others. Owners of a used car which looks a bit long in the tooth should consider having the vehicle detailed, cleaned, polished, and improved before posting the listing to the internet. Buyers are more likely to pay top dollar for a used car which doesn’t look used; those who spot a used car with noticeable wear and tear will demand lower prices, and this can lead to a more hectic and less rewarding online sales process.

Overall, however, the key to a successful online sale — more than anything else — is to know the exact value of the vehicle in question. Armed with this information, it’s easy to make a quick sale that is financially rewarding for both ends of the deal.

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