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Jan 14 2018

Free Car Valuation – How much is my car worth? – Auto Trader UK, car valuation.#Car #valuation

Want to know a car’s value?

Useful whether you’re buying, selling privately or part-exchanging with a dealer

Car valuation

Enter your car’s registration and mileage

Car valuation

Select whether you’re buying or selling

Car valuation

We do the analysis and show you the valuation instantly

What car valuations will I get?

It’s useful to know what a car is worth so you can get the best price for your circumstances – whether you’re buying or selling.

We calculate these prices when you ask for a valuation:

  • The value of a car for sale privately
  • The value of a car in part-exchange when buying your next car
  • An estimated dealer retail price, so you can feel more confident on the forecourt.

How do we work out the value of a car?

We analyse all this data every day so you get a realistic idea of what a car is worth

Car valuation

Auto Trader

Over half a million used car listings on Auto Trader every day

Car valuation

Dealer websites

Over 3,500 dealer websites share their prices with us

Car valuation

Car auctions

Prices from all the major car auctions

Car valuation

Fleet and leasing

Disposal prices from fleet and leasing companies

Ready to buy or sell?

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