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Dec 2 2017

Flipping Cars for Fun and Profit #value #car

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Flipping Cars for Fun and Profit

Published on September 18th, 2006

The No Limits Ladies have posted an article on how to flip cars how to buy used cars for cheap and sell them again for a profit.

I find used vehicles for sale, often times through and I price them using When I find one that I know is in more demand, with a motivated seller at or below private party pricing, I go look at it and sometimes buy it. Then I drive it for a while for free, and sell it when I m ready, for more than I bought it for. Then I roll that money into the next vehicle, or sometimes keep a bit for myself.

According to the article, the steps to flipping a car are:

  1. Screen used car ads for in-demand cars priced below market.
  2. Make a cash offer for below the asking price.
  3. Make necessary repairs.
  4. Get the car cleaned and detailed.
  5. Have the title free and clear, ready to hand to the buyer.
  6. Show the vehicle in a safe location.
  7. Don t negotiate you don t need to sell the vehicle, so wait for your price.
  8. Accept only cash.

This doesn t interest me I m not a car guy but if you re mechanically inclined, this could be a great way to make some extra cash.

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