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Sep 13 2017

Fleet Management – GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions #gps #fleet #tracking


Fleet Tracking

Fleet monitoring solutions provide the critical information needed to:

  • Gain visibility into all aspects of your fleet activity
  • Identify and correct inefficient use of resources
  • Optimize dispatching and routing – driving increased business opportunities and customer satisfaction
  • Extract business intelligence from vehicles and assets of all varieties
  • Access high-value data needed to manage your fleet by exception

Are you getting the most from your fleet? Do you have maximum visibility into your fleet for optimized fleet performance and increased productivity?

The simplest and best way to reduce operating costs is to gain visibility into fleet activity. A Webtech Wireless Fleet Tracking solution provides you with the critical information you need to optimize fleet performance and ultimately increase productivity.

Aligned with your business priorities

Maximize fleet utilization and reduce operating costs

  • Gain visibility into fleet activity and access the data you need to optimize your fleet operations.

Prevent theft and unauthorized use

  • Equipment that isn’t monitored is at risk for theft. Use our Fleet Tracking solutions to safeguard your assets by automatically detecting unauthorized movement and locating vehicles and assets in real-time.

Improve customer service and protect your brand reputation

  • Improve customer service by ensuring your shipment is delivered on time to your customers. With full visibility into your fleet, you can easily estimate the time of arrival, identify nearest vehicles, optimize routing, and re-allocate resources. Insight into driver behavior can also help you coach your drivers to adopt driving practices that will positively impact fuel consumption and brand reputation.

Solution Features

  • Real-time location monitoring
  • Vehicle time on site
  • Find nearest vehicle
  • Google Maps traffic and weather data
  • Posted speed limit monitoring
  • Real-time notifications
  • No installation require

Real Customers, Real Solutions

“Quality and reliability are what we look for. Webtech Wireless delivers that.”

—A. Cole Pate, Strike, Senior Vice President

“Sierra Pacific Industries uses 15% fewer trucks to haul the same volume.”

—Steve Gaston, Sierra Pacific Industries

“To realize the full benefits, telematics must be seen as a complete fleet solution.”

—Kevin Bookey, National Foods, Transportation Manager

“All team members now have a visibility display of the location of cranes and vehicles letting everyone know where they are in real-time, making our operations safer and more efficient.

—Andy Hodges, Owner and CEO, Northwest Companies

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