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Ex-police car at center of heated debate

The car, which still has sheriff’s department markings, was towed by Lawrence Police.

Indiana law says the markings must go before the car is sold.

Lawrence – An east side business owner says police are harassing him. Officers say they re enforcing the law on retired police cars.

People often have mixed feelings about police cars. We certainly don t like seeing them with their red lights flashing and siren wailing in our rear view mirror. But we do want them patrolling and responding to crime, and we want them to be seen.

Right now there is a marked sheriff s vehicle sitting in a north side lot. Chief Jack Bailey of the Lawrence Police Department says they towed it. “The reason the car was towed,” Bailey said,” is they were warned a couple years ago.”

The warning dealt with the law and what it says about marked police cars and the public. It is illegal for private citizens to have emergency red-blue lights or drive marked police cars on the street.

We asked store owner James Shelley if he d ever tried to give the impression he was a police officer. His answer: “No, no it s a security thing. Lots all along Pendleton Pike put old police cars out front for the security.”

Shelley, who owns a furniture store, says it is a friend s retired cruiser, bought at auction, and he parks it outside his Pendleton Pike store during tent sales.

“It is never driven on the streets and it s just an old police cruiser,” says Shelley.

But in 2004 police reported seeing Shelley driving the unit on Pendleton Pike which would put him at odds with a state law barring retired, marked police cars on the street. Still, he was not arrested or ticketed then.

The police -ype dash board lights are gone now, and the roof antenna also, confiscated by the police.

But no charges have been brought so far in this case. Shelley, whose car was investigated twice since July 4th when he was on his honeymoon, says that s it.

Shelley: “Three times they harassed me. So I m just getting rid of it.”

MacAnally: “You feel it is harassment, sir?”

Shelley: “Do I feel it s harassment, sir? Oh yeah, it s private property.”

Police Chief Bailey: “We re not harassing anybody. If they re violating the state law they re violating the state law. We just want them to comply with the law.”

You can go to eBay and you ll find old police cars on sale. Most of the police cars we found had all markings removed.

That s the law in Indiana. A company selling old police cars must remove those police insignia.

The car in Lawrence was originally owned by the Delaware County Sheriff s Department which said it makes sure all markings like this one are taken off. However, a few years ago, a private company that was supposed to do that wasn t getting the job done.

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