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May 20 2017

Electric Car Price Guide: Every 2015-2016 Plug-In Car, With Specs: UPDATED #used #car #websites

#car pricing guide

Electric Car Price Guide: Every 2015-2016 Plug-In Car, With Specs: UPDATED

It’s a hot topic whenever anyone mentions electric cars: pricing.

Many electric cars are more expensive than their regular counterparts, though naturally they cost less to run too.

But what do today’s electric and plug-in cars actually cost? We’ve gathered together each plug-in car on sale today in one place. Every vehicle here shows the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, plus any mandatory destination and handling fees.

The prices do not include any local or federal tax incentives or rebates–so many cars here may be available cheaper, for those eligible for specific credits or rebates.

MPGe figures listed below refer to the cars’ electric efficiency, unless otherwise stated.

16 kWh battery, 62 miles (EPA), 112 MPGe, 49 kW motor

Mitsubishi’s jellybean-style electric car has never been a strong seller in the U.S, but the Japanese automaker recently slashed its pricing, making it the cheapest electric vehicle on the market. You’re still saddled with low performance and those unusual looks, but some owners could drive from a dealership having paid less than $16,000 for their i-MiEV, if they’re able to maximize their use of incentives.

17.6 kWh battery, 68 miles (EPA), 107 MPGe, 55 kW motor

Smart’s Fortwo Electric Drive is one of the cheapest new electric cars on the market. You only get two seats, but you also get rid of the gasoline car’s jerky transmission. There’s enough power to make good progress now, and if you’re able to benefit from incentives, the price starts to look quite tempting. Convertible models are an extra $3,000 but top-down electric driving is a wholly pleasant experience.

18.4 kWh battery, 82 miles (EPA), 119 MPGe, 105 kW motor

Chevrolet has put the same effort into its diminutive Spark as it did the Volt, and has managed to improve the aerodynamics and interior to match the Spark’s electric aspirations. With huge torque on offer, performance is strong and the Spark EV is good fun to drive.

24 kWh battery, 84 miles (EPA), 114 MPGe, 80 kW motor

The Leaf is one of the better-known electric cars. While sales haven’t matched Nissan’s expectations and there have been issues with battery degradation in hot weather, the Leaf is still one of the most usable electric cars on the market. 2013’s price drop made the Leaf one of the more affordable electric cars on the market.

5.2 kWh battery, 11 miles (EPA blended), 6 miles (EPA all-EV), 95 MPGe, 60 kW motor (134-hp combined)

The Prius Plug-In is a little off the pace technologically these days, but its similarity to the regular, familiar hybrid means it’s ideal for drivers trading up from a regular Prius. The short all-electric range is disappointing to some–but in terms of sales, it’s actually one of the better-selling plug-ins around.

24 kWh battery, 87 miles (EPA), 116 MPGe, 83 kW motor

Fiat’s 500e electric car may be a mere “compliance car “, but the engineers have done a great job–it’s nippy, fun to drive and probably a better vehicle than the gasoline version. Limited availability is a hindrance, though, and the price is pretty steep for such a small car. Oh, and Fiat’s boss would prefer you didn’t buy one–it’s costing him money.

7.6 kWh battery, 20 miles (EPA), 88 MPGe, 88 kW motor (195-hp combined)

Ford’s first plug-in hybrid challenger mixes good performance with impressive efficiency in electric mode. Like the Toyota Prius V, it’s a practical vehicle too, ready to handle everything family life can throw at it.

17.1 kWh battery, 38 miles (EPA), 98 MPGe, 111 kW motor

The first-generation Chevrolet Volt is on its way out as Chevy prepares to launch an all-new 2016 model in the second half of this year. Production is set to wind down soon in anticipation of the new model, but the current Volt has still been one of the best-selling plug-in cars in the U.S. over the past four years.

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