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Aug 30 2017

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Mechant Account Reseller & Merchant Account Agents

Merchant Service Agent & ISO Program

The Electronic Transfer, Inc. Merchant Account Agent & ISO credit card processing reseller program is for established merchant account reseller companies and merchant service sales agents with experience. We offer a non-exclusive revenue sharing program for your hard to place merchants such as:

– Online Firearms Dealers
– Vitamin Sellers
– High Volume Merchants
– Aggressive Buy Rates
– Lifetime Residuals. – and many more

Merchant Account Reseller Solution for Web Developers

Electronic Transfer, Inc. Brings You The Opportunity to Join the Most Profitable Industry In The World. Our web developer merchant account resellers benefit from a generous revenue sharing program; our credit card program creates a residual income for developers who integrate Fastcharge into their client’s websites.

Payment Gateway Resellers

    The Fast Charge Payment Gateway is a credit card processing solution for merchants who need a payment gateway or payment processor for their e-commerce merchant account, iPhone payment processing and many other platforms. The Fast Charge Payment Gateway is a property of Electronic Transfer, Inc. and we have 100% control on the type of merchants we can board.

Processing Networks We Work With

    Card Works Processing
    Central Coast Processing
    Check21 Payment (CKSV)
    CNG Processing
    Consocio Group
    CyBrCollect Payment
    FDMS Nashville
    FDMS North
    FDR-7 (Omaha)
    Flying J
    Global e Telecom
    Global East (formerly NDC)
    GlobalPayments Central (MAPP)
    IPCommerce Host Capture
    Jack Henry (Profit Stars)
    Network One
    WireCard Asia Pacific
    Electronic Check Processing
    Cardinal Commerce

Excellent Pay OnTime

  • With ETI, you’ll always receive what you were promised.
  • You can review your merchant account reseller transaction data 24/7
  • Toll-free numbers are available for agent and merchant support.

Merchant Account Reseller Options

  • We offer our credit card processing resellers & sales agents a choice of compensation programs depending on the chosen industry specialization, the compensation method that works best for you, and the degree of involvement in sales, installation, and service that you choose.
  • We’ll take you through all the alternatives and help you make the best choice for your situation.

Complete Credit Card Processing Reseller Training

  • You’ll receive complete sales and program training.
  • Optional service and installation training is available if you’re interested in the additional income.

On-going Merchant Account Reseller Assistance

  • Professional staff members are dedicated to the success of our sales agents.
  • ETI gives you complete support for sales and technical service.
  • Additional help is available during periodic field and home-office meetings.

Real 24/7 Customer and Technical Service

  • Lots of companies claim 24-hour/7-day support. ETI delivers. We have specially trained individuals whose only job is to support our sales agents and customers.
  • Our service associates are experts because that is all they do. No matter what the question or time of day, an answer for you or your customer is only a phone call or email away.

Exclusive Sales Presentation Materials

  • ETI has crafted professional literature and presentation materials specifically for our sales agents.
  • Full-color product sheets for merchant account resellers
  • Full-color sales presentations for credit card processing resellers
  • Full-color business cards

Products & Services:

    Payment Gateway
    Equipment/Credit Card Terminals
    Mobile Payments
    Multi-Currency Processing
    Alternative Payment Solutions (eCommerce)
    Electronic Check Processing

Merchant account reseller solutions: credit card payment gateway, gateway API and more.

Merchant Account Reseller Affiliate Program

  • Get Paid a Flat Fee Per Sign Up or.
  • Get Paid Ongoing Monthly Residuals.
  • Contact Us For More Details.

We offer our merchant account reseller partners unlimited access to our credit card processing resources and technical experts so they can be sure their systems are ready for the next revolution in payment processing. Our outstanding support, technical expertise, free marketing support and materials, and merchant account knowledge makes our Reseller Programs the choice for ISO’s/Agents, Webdevelopers, POS developers, ISVs and VARs.

Learn How You Can
Lower Your Credit Card
Processing Fees!

What Our Merchant Account Users Are Saying:

It has been my genuine pleasure to work with Jane Torvik with Electronic Transfer over the past 3 plus years. Had it not been for Jane’s accute product knowledge, efficiency, & dedication to customer service I would have “shopped” for other venues. Jane’s personalized attention to my account has kept me a happy customer. Jane Torvik is a credit to herself & to Electronic Transfer Inc. Fastcharge Payment Gateway.

Thomas J Samean
Citadel International

The customer service department is very helpful in resolving any issues at hand. We are very happy with the service Electronic Transfer and Fastcharge provides and want to thank you for your continued support.

Thanks again for all your help!

Trasi Ogle
Murray’s Gunsmithing

I am so very glad that a business associate recommended your service. I have still not heard back from some of the other merchant account providers that I contacted before I was referred to you. Pretty impressive to be up and running with our first transaction completed in less than 48 hours. Thank you for taking such good care of us, we are looking forward to a lasting professional relationship.

D.K. Rolling Outfitters Inc.
Jacksonville, FL.

I had alot of questions about my shopping cart and they walked me through the set up and since I’ve had their service there hasn’t been a time I called that I couldn’t talk to a real person to get my questions answered. I would highly recommend them for a merchant account and their shopping cart is so easy even I was able to set it up within minutes.

Electronic Transfer has been great.

Joe Huttington
Texas Firearms

The way a company performs at taking care of its customers is the most important factor in my decision about whom to do business with and certainly ranks far above price. When it comes right down to it, the customer is what this is all about and Electronic Transfer has proven to me that the company shares this view like none of the others.

Donald Jenkins
Expressway, Inc.

I have been running a one-person business online since 1994, but until I threw out my swipe machine and switched to Electronic Transfer the cost of accepting charges was always too high. Even if I was on vacation or accepted mostly checks, my credit card fees were always over $50 EVERY month.

Now with Electronic Transfer I pay only a modest fee each month for retaining access to their services. I’m money ahead and my clients get an automatic immediate email receipt letting them know their charge has gone through.”

This is how to do business online!

Mark Gisleson

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Electronic Transfer, Inc. offers merchant accounts and credit card processing to accept Credit Cards. ETI has helped merchants with their Credit Card Processing since 1989 – This web page is about Merchant Accounts, Hypercom, Credit Card Processing, Virtual Terminals, Card-Swipe Terminals, VeriFone, Website Payment Processing, Secure Gateway, Wireless Credit Card Terminals and iPhone Credit Card Systems.

Privacy Policy ETI is an ISO/MSP of Westamerica Bank, Santa Rosa, CA. American Express Approved Separately

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