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Sep 30 2017

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Make Your Home Healthier
and Energy Efficient

A Better Crawlspace is Just a Call Away!

Crawlspace Repair – is not just about waterproofing or sealing and insulating. It is about crawlspace encapsulation, and the building science behind this recent crawlspace improvement industry. The relationship between your air quality, humidity, energy use, the potentials for mold and moisture build up, all factor into a healthy and efficient home. The group offers the most advanced crawlspace systems available, and are the most experienced crawlspace encapsulation contractors in the business.

In Chicago, our preferred encapsulation system is the Nu-Crawl System. a high performance encapsulation method using the latest spray technologies. The advanced method of seamless sprayed Polyurea floor barriers has quickly become the obvious choice for crawlspace repair in the region. Using the Nu-Crawl System sprayed polymers, we can create a completely monolithic and seamless floor and wall system, much stronger than any 22 ml vapor barrier offered by our competitors​. The Chicago office service areas include SW Michigan, NE Indiana and S Wisconsin. Read more about this advanced system .

Atlanta LLC offers a full range of waterproofing, concrete encapsulation, structural repair, rat proofing and spray foam insulation for basements and crawlspaces. For experience and quality, there is no other company in the Atlanta and vicinity that compares.

If you are concerned about air quality, energy efficiency and water seepage – its time to act.

For a better crawlspace, call today and schedule your free estimate and crawlspace evaluation. currently offers services to Atlanta metro area and along the I-85 corridor to Greensville, South Carolina.

Learn more about our local experienced Atlanta affiliates serving Atlanta and the SE and see how they can help tailor crawlspace solutions for your SE home.

Chicagoland and Vicinity

Now offering the Nu-Crawl Seamless Sprayed Floor Barrier and Encapsulation System, we ensure a complete seal unlike all other competitors. The seamless Floor system is ready to walk on and use for storage immediately! For a completely sealed crawlspace, visit Nu-Crawl today!

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