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Apr 14 2019

Counseling and Psychological Services

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Counseling and Psychological Services, NEF6.COM

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Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services supports the psychological and emotional well-being of the campus community by providing counseling, consultation and crisis intervention — all of which adhere to strict standards of confidentiality .

About Counseling and Psychological Services

Flexible, Individual Approach

Counseling and Psychological Services takes a flexible, individualized approach to addressing each student’s needs. What works for one student may be inappropriate for another. For example, while many students’ needs can be met through individual counseling at our campus center, other students are best served through one of our many groups, while still other students have concerns that are most effectively addressed through specialized programs or open-ended psychotherapy off campus. Counseling and Psychological Services seeks to match each student with the most efficacious resources available.

What to Do When We’re Closed

When Counseling and Psychological Services is closed, a clinician-on-call can provide telephone consultation about urgent mental health concerns .

Please note: if you have an urgent matter during scheduled business hours, it is recommended that you contact the office by phone. Emailing our staff is inappropriate for matters requiring urgent or immediate response.


The Outreach Program at CPS offers a wide range of initiatives to all members of the Columbia community, such as:

  • educating the community about CPS clinical services;
  • building liaison relationships with deans at undergraduate and graduate schools, residence life staff and others to provide information about student wellness and consultation regarding students of concern, while maintaining student confidentiality;
  • working closely with student groups, promoting mental health awareness on campus; and
  • offering workshops and presentations to Columbia students, deans, faculty, teachers’ Assistants and administrators on mental health and wellness topics.

If you are interested in more information about professional development training and workshops, please contact CPS at (212) 854-2878.

Is the treatment at CPS confidential?

Strict standards of confidentiality are maintained in all of our clinical services. Within Counseling and Psychological Services and Medical Services, clinicians work as a team and consult with one another, as needed. When necessary to insure the quality and coordination of health care, there may also be communication between the two clinical services and other divisions of Columbia Health.

The clinical services maintain secure and private treatment records. These records are not part of students’ educational records and are not available to students’ deans or faculty. To further protect the privacy of students, Columbia Health requires students’ written consent to release information about their care.

There are rare exceptions to the right to privacy and to the confidentiality practices described above, such as in situations that pose a threat to life or in which there is reason to believe a child is being abused.

If you have questions regarding our confidentiality policies, please contact the Assistant Director for Operations, Sara Berger at (212) 854-3101.

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