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If you are involved in leasing commercial real estate in any capacity whatsoever – whether experienced or a novice – you’ll find the information and tools offered at this site to be a powerful resource.

Here you’ll find tips, techniques and strategies for leasing commercial real estate as well as comprehensive information about every critical aspect of the actual process itself. Without question, this web site is the information source for learning how to understand, negotiate and administer a commercial lease.

Those who will benefit from the information include:

Real Estate Brokers

Anyone Involved in Commercial

Real Estate Issues

It’s a basic fact that almost every business enterprise will enter into a lease for some type of commercial space every three to five years. Available education on the subject of leasing has, up to now, been lacking and very hard to come by. You’ll find this site to be one of the few places where you can easily collect the information you need and find the answers to your questions. on the entire process of leasing space, from start to finish.

You’ll find that this site offers valuable information and “real-world” knowledge and techniques for leasing commercial space that even highly experienced professional have found invaluable. Leasing commercial real estate is a process. a lot of ideas and knowledge that combine into a successful lease agreement that meets the needs of all the parties involved. To that end, this site also provides the knowledge necessary – for you, your employer or, as the case may be, your client – to respond appropriately to the issues of significance surrounding the more important and/or most misunderstood lease clauses.

The first thing you need to do is to add this site to your bookmarks. This way you can repeatedly take advantage of the powerful techniques, tips, and strategies that you will find throughout this website. You can be assured that your time here will be well spent and that you will be both educated and enlightened, no matter your level of experience.

Steven M. Wennerstrom, President
The Center For Commercial Real Estate

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