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Sep 13 2017

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Cloud computing

We help you accelerate your digital transformation with the ability to control end-to-end application performance and security from an employee and customer perspective and better manage the lifecycle of your legacy and cloud IT services.

Fast changing business models require flexibility across your organization

  • IT teams need to work with different business functions to develop new innovative customer insight and interaction channels
  • Service diversification and profitable growth requires the flexibility to easily add new cloud services or remove those that are outdated
  • The ability to up- and down-scale capacity on demand is essential to support geographic expansion

Downtime and data loss have a significant impact on your business

  • Achieving high levels of cloud application availability and performance, combined with the need for access anywhere, is a significant challenge
  • Traditional IT security defenses are becoming less effective, significantly increasing your chances of being hacked
  • Data privacy regulations are now more onerous around the world

Managing the lifecycle of diverse IT environments is getting more complex

  • CIOs need to overcome higher regulatory, security and operational hurdles to move IT workloads to the cloud
  • Employee productivity and customer experience are heavily impacted by data silos between business applications and functions
  • Secure, mobile access to cloud applications for employees and customers on the move is now an expectation

Enable digital innovation and reduce costs with the cloud

Turn your IT function into an on-demand service center

Run IT innovation programs in “start-up mode” with proof-of-concept cloud services, a fast time-to-market and instant scalability.

Focus on your core business activities, supporting employee productivity and greater customer intimacy.

Accelerate your geographic expansion, service diversification and revenue growth.

Ensure business continuity with integrated cloud security

Reach the highest levels of cloud application performance with our best-of-breed solutions to route cloud traffic more effectively and efficiently.

Choose a sovereign data center or virtual private cloud capabilities to ensure data privacy and comply with local regulations around the world.

Select additional layers of security around your cloud infrastructure, from vulnerability scans to web filtering.

Master your budget with smarter cloud application management

Simplify and standardize cloud and data management across the compute, storage and network layers and cloud vendor ecosystem.

Reduce OPEX with pay-as-you-go cloud services while improving the ability of your digital business to innovate.

Take your IT legacy into the future with a progressive and thought-through migration to the cloud.

Our hybrid private and public cloud services are tailored to your business. This includes private links into the hyperscale cloud providers and hosting in 38 secure Orange data centers in 15 locations all over the world.

Services and technologies that enable your cloud to evolve as fast as your business

We build and operate best-of-breed private/public and hybrid platforms.

We provide experts, processes and tools for your IT transformation.

We install, deploy and operate your critical applications.

Private cloud flexibility and security transforms space exploration

“Esacloud will allow our scientists to do rocket science rather than IT, and our business to jump ahead in time more than five years.”
Filippo Angelucci
CIO and Head of Information Technology, ESA

Why choose Orange for cloud?

Data centers

located where you are



to manage your digital transformation using world-class project management and quality assurance frameworks [ODCA (Open Data Center Alliance) cloud maturity model, ITIL® and ISO 20K]

Data protection certifications

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001, CISSP, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

World-class partners

Telco DNA and strong cloud expertise

All of our infrastructure is in – or is moving to – the cloud, including our unified communications and SDN solutions, to improve the convergence and flexibility of IT, connectivity and security resources.

Customer stories

“Orange has helped us to focus on the data, instead of on the infrastructure. Now we can offer solutions that can be released and shared in minutes and not months, and this makes a real difference to our very demanding technical and scientific user community. The private cloud solution has all the.

Jose Fernandez Balseiro, Chief Technology Officer and Lead Architect, ESA IT

European Space Agency

“Orange used its technical expertise to carefully design the new platform in Val de Reuil. The results have been extremely positive: we have increased both the availability and the reliability of the communication platform.”

Abel Jabol, CIO, Conseil national des barreaux (CNB)

Analysts viewpoint

Recognition from respected industry players is a testament to our focus and commitment to provide outstanding service and solutions and strengthens our commitment. Our goal is to deliver real value to multinationals as an ICT partner you can trust.

Service strengths

Supporting your communications doesn’t just take the best products on the market. It also takes strong global processes and a highly qualified team who serves you across borders, languages and diverse in-country infrastructures.


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