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Mar 29 2017

Classic Car Insurance #sports #cars

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Contrary to popular belief, collector cars aren’t just vintage vehicles from Gatsby’s era. They can also be exotic, limited edition, or even military vehicles. If the car isn’t your primary vehicle and you only use it for weekend drives, car shows, and other similar events, then it could be a collector car. More [+]

So whether your ride is a limited edition Alfa Romeo, a ’46 Chevy pickup, or Ford’s first Model T, make sure you have classic car coverage that meets your needs. We partner with Hagerty to provide classic vehicle insurance, which comes with low rates and the ability to manage your policy online.

And with Hagerty’s Guaranteed Value coverage, securing the true value of your vehicle is easy. In the event of a total loss, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get every penny of your vehicle’s insured value. Now that’s coverage you can depend on.

Is collector car insurance required?

You can sometimes add your vehicle to your regular auto policy. However, it’s possible your collector car doesn’t meet today’s safety standards and is too big a risk to insure under your main coverage. A specific classic vehicle policy may also provide the broadest range of coverages and top replacement value.

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