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Sep 4 2017

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Chicago Car Accident Attorneys

The consequences of a serious car accident can quickly become overwhelming. On top of all the work that will be necessary for you to recover from the trauma of the accident, you will probably be saddled with a significant amount of debt once everything is said and done. That being said, you should consider taking legal action against the party responsible for your pain and suffering.

At Karlin, Fleisher Falkenberg, LLC. our Chicago car accident lawyers know just how important this claim will be to you, and we can develop an aggressive line of legal action to help you pursue the compensation you need to offset all the costs that will come to be associated with your injuries. Though this may be a difficult time for you, we can help you do what is necessary to recover the compensation you need to fully recover from your accident.

Trucking companies and the drivers they employ are obligated to obey every state and federal safety law on the books. Though these laws are designed to minimize the likelihood of serious truck accidents, there are members of the trucking industry who willfully put others at risk by breaking the law in an effort to improve the profitability of their business.

In the event an accident is caused by a trucking company or trucker who was violating state or federal law, victims should exercise their rights and pursue legal action against the responsible party. In addition to the substantial compensation they may be able to recover by filing a suit, accident victims may help prevent future accidents by taking legal action against the industry.

After all the effort that has been undertaken to help improve awareness of motorcyclists, drivers should know what to look for and how to safely operate their vehicles around bikers. Under no circumstances should drivers be so reckless or negligent as to hit a motorcyclist. That being said, we can help you fight for your rights in court if you were hit.

Though many motorcycle accidents involve at least one other vehicle, serious accidents can be caused by the condition of the road as well. Under such circumstances, it may be possible to file a claim against whoever was responsible for ensuring the roadway was safe. In any event, we can find out who is liable and help you file a claim to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Bicyclists must face many of the same challenges that motorcyclists do, though these challenges can be even more pronounced for cyclists. Aside from the fact that they have little to protect them in the event of an accident, cyclists can do very little to mitigate the consequences of an accident in the moment.

The kind of medical and rehabilitative care that bicycle accident victims often need to recover from their injuries can impose serious financial burdens on victims and their families. It is with this in mind that we recommend victims reach out to an attorney as soon after the accident as they are able. We can help you defend your rights as a cyclist and fight for compensation.

Few accidents carry the same potential for catastrophic harm as those involving vehicles that roll over one or more times. While these accidents are commonly associated with design defects that are inherent to SUVs—particularly in regards to their high centers of gravity—rollovers may be caused by a collision or result from serious roadway defects.

Once you are ready to move forward with your claim, we can help you determine exactly where liability for the accident lies and then help you take the legal action necessary to file your claim. In the event that your accident was caused by a design defect inherent to your vehicle, our legal team can help do what is necessary to take on the company found to be responsible for creating the defect.

Even if it is impossible to ensure all vehicles that make their way onto the marketplace will be free of defect, automakers do have a responsibility to do everything they can to fix a problem as soon as they become aware of it. That being said, members of the automotive industry may still be held liable for any accidents caused by a defect that occurred before a recall was issued.

In many instances, car makers will try and reach out to accident victims with settlement offers as a way to keep the details of victims’ cases away from the public. Though these offers may seem attractive, you should not accept anything until you have spoken with an attorney. Depending on the circumstances, it may be best for you to take your case to court.

As much as some drivers may disagree with the particular limit imposed along a given stretch of road, speed limits are intended to keep people safe. When people choose to drive faster than the speed limit allows, for whatever reason they may claim to have, they demonstrate an obvious and willful disregard for the safety of others that is likely to make them liable for any accidents they cause.

Aside from the fact that they are traveling at a rate of speed that is incongruous to other drivers around them, people who speed will not be able to control their vehicle as well as they would be able to under normal circumstances. If you were hit by someone who was not obeying the speed limit, we can help you develop a claim that demonstrates just how dangerous their actions were.

People who willfully operate their vehicles with such complete disregard for the safety of others cause some of the most dangerous accidents imaginable. That being said, reckless drivers may be held financially liable for all the pain and suffering they cause.

Once you are ready to reach out to our attorneys, one of the first things we will need to do is to begin collecting evidence that demonstrates just how reckless the person that hit you was behaving. As part of that effort, we will likely need to reach out to any witnesses to the accident so that we can build a strong case on your behalf. Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, our legal team will do everything we can to fight on your behalf for compensation from the responsible party.

Under all but a few limited circumstances, public roads must be routinely maintained by the local municipality. Aside from the maintenance that will be periodically needed to repair defects like potholes, municipalities are responsible for ensuring that roadways are properly marked and security measures, such as guardrails, are in place where necessary. These represent just a few of the many responsibilities associated with roadway upkeep.

While public roads are generally maintained by municipalities, there are some exceptions to this rule. Most notably, there is a good chance that responsibility for the safety of the road within a construction zone will shift to the construction company itself. In any event, we can determine who is liable for your accident and what kind of compensation you may be eligible to pursue.

Despite the considerable resources that have been dedicated to keeping intoxicated drivers off the road, accidents that are caused by people who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs remains as serious a problem in Chicago as it does in the rest of the country. We can help you hold the party responsible for your accident financially accountable for your pain and suffering.

There are few accidents that are as thoroughly preventable as those involving an intoxicated driver. That being said, the person who hit you should have known just how dangerous his or her decision to drive while under the influence would be, and we can help you develop a claim which proves just that.

Insurance Claims

Despite all the payments you made in good faith to your insurance company, it is pretty safe to assume that your insurer—not to mention someone else’s insurer—will try to avoid giving you any more than they absolutely have to pay you. Unfortunately, even getting the bare minimum can be a difficult task for accident victims.

Bearing all of this in mind, it is in your best interests to retain the legal services of an attorney who can help you determine exactly how much an insurer owes you under policy terms—whether that policy belongs to you or the person who hurt you. In any case, we can help you understand how much you deserve and what you need to do to recover full compensation under that policy.

Consult with a Car Accident Attorney in Chicago

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car accident that was caused by the negligence or recklessness of someone else, it will be in your best interests to reach out to an attorney as soon after the accident as you are able. To speak with a car accident attorney at Karlin, Fleisher Falkenberg, LLC about the particulars of your case, please call our Chicago offices at (312) 346-8620 today.

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