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Nov 29 2017

Cheap Backpacker Campervan Cars for Sale, Backpacker Camper Vans Car Sales, Australia #used #cars #tampa

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There are four types of sales vehicles listed on;

  1. ‘PRIVATE SELLERS’ can post their vehicle on – free of charge. In doing so our goal is to create an online platform that offers the widest range of backpacker vehicles in Australia. If you are interested in a vehicle from a private seller, simply fill out the enquiry sheet and wait for a response. It is up to the private seller to contact you in regards to your enquiry.
  2. EX-TRAVELLERS AUTOBARN customers are automatically entitled to a silver listing when posting their vehicle on The vehicels come with strong service history. To contact any EX- Travellers Autobarn seller please fill out the enquiry form and wait for a reponse. it is up to the private seller to contact you in regards to your enquiry.

  • SYDNEY TRAVELLERS CAR MARKET vehciles are all based at the new car market in Kings Cross – which is called Sydney Travellers Car Market . Feel free to email or visit the sellers directly at Level 2, Ward Avenue Car Park, Kings Cross. (Please do not confuse the Sydney Travellers Car Market with the company called Kings Cross Car Market – they are a licenced car dealer).


    Thinking of buying a car in Australia? Planning to sell your car in Australia? Then you can’t miss this OPPORTUNITY! We are presenting a FREE WEBINAR about everything you need to know when buying or selling a car as a backpacker in Australia. There are only limited spaces so don’t miss out on this GREAT OPPORTUNITY – FOR FREE – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


    If you are interested in buying a vehicle, but you can’t find the right one for you at the moment on just fill in our enquiry sheet. We will do our absolute best to find you exactly what you are looking for!


    REGISTRATION: Before buying a car you should make sure that the desired vehicle has at least 3 month registration, if not even more. it can also be a bit tricky selling your vehicle in a different state from than it is registered. has all of the forms to assist you in this matter. For more information about your registration please feel free to contact us on 1800 674 374. Once you arrive in Australia and complete the purchase of your vehicle you have two weeks to register the car in you name. To complete the registration process you will need to have the vehicles registration papers, compulsory third party insurance (see below), and decide for how long you would like to register your vehicle (3-12 months).

    INSURANCE: Every car you buy comes with a GREEN SLIP. This is compulsory insurance throughout Australia and ensures that every person in an accident is insured. The GREEN SLIP does not insure your vehicle or the other person’s vehicle. There are plenty of options to insure your vehicle – check out NRMA or simply check out the insurance offered by Travellers Auto Barn.

    If you decide to buy a vehicle from a private seller we advise you strongly to get the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic. Spending $100 might sound a lot to you for an inspection, but if you end up spending $2000 during your trip fixing up your vehicle, this can certainly ruin your holiday experience. For all other questions please don’t hesitate to fill out our enquiry sheet.

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