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Feb 8 2018

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scrap cars for cash

Scrap cars for cash

Scrap cars for cash

Scrap cars for cash

Scrap cars for cash

Scrap cars for cash

Scrap cars for cash

Scrap cars for cash

4 1 6 – 3 7 1 – 3 8 7 2


CASH FOR CARS TORONTO – GTACLUNKERS is the foremost automotive recycling company within the Greater Toronto Area. We have a directive to the automotive environmental requirements as stipulated by the Government of Canada and Ontario s Clean Air Foundation.

Our recent merger with GTA Clunkers has formed a formidable enterprise that serves the Retire Your Ride program, with higher efficiency and harmonizes with the Automotive Recycling Facilities of Canada s Largest Metal Recycling Company.

Cash for Cars Toronto – GTA Clunkers does NOT adhere to limitations in the years of vehicles accepted. Simply put, we buy Cars, Trucks Vans of ANY year – DEAD or ALIVE.

Our Repeat Customers include, but are not limited to;

  • Auto Repair Facilities
  • Local Garages
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Collision Reporting Centers
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Residential Commercial Owners / Operators

Reason s to Recycle:

Vehicles manufactured prior to 1996 are typically less fuel-efficient and lack the latest technology for reducing air-polluting emissions. Across Canada, tailpipe emissions alone make cars, trucks and buses the major sources of smog pollution, especially in densely populated urban areas.

Today, vehicles are specifically designed to elevate the environmental standards posed by various governments across the world, leading to very strict vehicular emission regulations.

This process began in Mid 70’s with the development the catalytic converter – designed to reduce emissions that contribute to pollution and smog.

  • All Hazardous Materials and or Components are Removed and Diverted from Landfills.
  • Reusable Parts are Salvaged All Processed Vehicles are Appropriately Recycled.
  • An average of 40 liters of fluids is drained from each vehicle?
  • Motor oil is re-used for energy recovery in licensed oil furnaces, whilst excessive amounts are sent to be re-processed and re-used?
  • Antifreeze Washer fluids are sent to be re-processed and re-used?
  • Refrigerants like A/C gasses are sold to licensed buyers for reuse?
  • Gas tanks and their content are reprocessed for use within the Auto Recycling Program?

Various parts that are removed during the Process stage have direction :

  • Batteries with life are resold to wholesalers, whilst ones that do not sustain charge are recycled.
  • Quality used tires are resold, whilst others are disintegrated for use in highway construction.
  • Steel and Aluminum rims are recycled.

A processed vehicle is one that has been stripped and drained. This chassis is now ready to be minimized to form a manageable cube (like an oversized shoebox), and is then sold to Milling firms that melt the metal and sell it to form new bridges, buildings, vehicles, cutlery etc.

Safety and sound working ethics, allow us to pursue our goals, WITHOUT any hitches or hiccups. Foremost, our vehicles adhere to strict maintenance, so it s safe to assume that we do NOT use unsafe trucks and unlicensed tow truck operators to serve our customers.

Cash for Cars Toronto has a different approach;

  • We are a Licensed Insured Company.
  • Our Tow Truck Operators are Well Trained, Knowledgeable Bonded.
  • Our Tow Trucks are Fully Equipped, Operational, Functional and Safe.
  • All Tow Trucks have surpassed the necessary safety and warning light guidelines.
  • Our drivers are polite, courteous, helpful, kind, honest and above all, highly trained to serve you and themselves with precision, correct skill sets and conform to the necessary safety parameters set by Cash for Cars Toronto – GTA Clunkers.

You must be made aware at this point, that up to 40% of our business is from returning customers and their recommendations of our service.

Unfortunately, as you only speak with various company reps while trying to get the best quote for your vehicle, you don t know what kind of service you re going to get from the person that is supposed to pick your car up and pay you – the driver, and by that time, its too late. Now, you re committed to dealing with a senseless monkey.

Get smart, be wise, do your homework, then call us. We guarantee you won t find nicer people to do business with.

The Ministry of Transportation, Police and OPP has flagged (and even shut down) numerous companies, owners and single owner operators for their unorthodox, illegal and flamboyant disregard to public safety. This, coupled with the fact that their drivers lack the appropriate driving credentials and possess little or no towing experience what-so-ever.

Such companies have lost cars in-tow , utilize unsafe trucks to further their business activity and killed innocent drivers due to the lack of the necessary training, truck maintenance and tow equipment servicing. Furthermore, the lack of safety warning and tow lights, cause uncertainty for other road users.

Remember this information when you call other so called automotive recyclers. Do your part for a safer community.

  • Cash for Cars Toronto – GTA Clunkers, will pay you the highest cash incentive in the GTA to Retire You Ride. Our method of payment is strictly CASH, payable immediately.
  • We provide our customers with FREE towing and removal services.
  • Parked Underground? Lost keys or ownerships? No problem.
  • Our pickup schedule is suited to cater for your requirements. This means, we can create a booking to suit your needs: before or after work, 6 am or 11 pm, whatever the situation, give us a call and a friendly rep will be happy to assist with your needs.

The amount we pay out for vehicles is ultimately governed by the price of metal. Prices fluctuate erratically at times, 3-4 times per week. However, this is not always the case. It is usual to assume a change once a month.

These prices are in accordance to the demand of said metal. For example, if China states a multi-million dollar project, prices go up, as will their demand. On the other hand, if India claims a surplus of metal, prices remain static as other countries may still purchase. Alternatively, they may drop.

Over a week, prices could fluctuate $20 to $30. Over a month, up to $70.

The summer of 2008 saw metal prices rise up to $287/ton. By the winter of 2009 price fell dramatically to $25 per ton. At this time, we were collecting cars free, and in some cases, customers were paying us to remove vehicles from their property.

February 2011, prices dropped $20/ton to $190/ton from $220/ton the previous month.

We Safely Remove Your Unwanted Vehicle.

Our Service is the Fastest, Most Reliable, Dependable Hassle Free. Our Drivers are Very Kind, Courteous, Knowledgeable, Professional, Honest, Highly Skilled Very Helpful – That’s a Guarantee.

Call our Emergency Response Team @ 4 1 6 – 3 7 1 – 3 8 7 2 to Have Your Vehicle Removed TODAY.

You Won t Find Nicer People Serving You in This Industry, Than Us.

CashForCarsToronto – GTA Clunkers Serving the Greater Toronto Area.

Oshawa , Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Markham, Stouffville, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, King City, Aurora, Toronto, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Rexdale, Malton, Milton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Concorde, Nobleton, Bolton, North York, East York, York, Beaches, Woodbridge and more!

Scrap cars for cash

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