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Nov 24 2017

Car – Truck Trade-In Value #win #a #car

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Value Your Trade

What is Trade-In Marketplace? s Trade-In Marketplace gives consumers real, actionable offers for their vehicles when it s time to trade or sell them.  From the comfort of their homes, consumers receive offers they can use for quick cash, or to take control of trade-in negotiations.

Other trade-in value ranges represent a model s general worth.  But a Trade-In Marketplace offer is unique to the equipment and condition of a specific car, truck or SUV.

Trade-In Marketplace offers are based on information provided by consumers.   The Trade-In Marketplace offer is backed by, and you’ll never have to accept less, as long as the car’s information and condition are verified.

How is this data calculated?

The offers shown for similar vehicles are 4 to 12 data points for actual  Trade-In-Marketplace Offers for vehicles of the same year, make, model and trim.  The low price is based on the lowest offer, and the high price is based on the highest offer within the last 30 to 60 days.  Additional data points displayed are based on the most current offers.

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