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Mar 28 2017

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Open Car Trailers

Shop our great selection of Car Trailers for Sale at our TRAILER SUPERSTORE.

Our huge collection of car trailers will allow you to find the best open deck or full deck car trailer to meet your needs, and you ll bring it home at a price that you’ll be happy paying. And if you don t know where to start, come on down. If you re in need of a car trailer for your hot rod or show car, our dedicated staff can help you find the perfect trailer among our collection of new and used car trailers.

Among our options you’ll find full steel deck and car Trailers and open deck car trailers by Premier. Big Tex Trailers and Carry-On. We also offer a variety of light and heavy duty car trailers of which are available with slide in tamps, beaver tail, removable fender car trailers, full tilt car trailers and more! Browse our car trailer collection online below or visit us in person we are confident we have the right trailer to fit your needs.

*** Trailer Superstore offers Trailer Delivery or on-site pick-up. Our Central PA location is easily accessible from Maryland/MD, Virginia/VA, West Virginia/WV, New Jersey/NJ, New York/NY, Delaware/DE and New England Trailers for Sale including Massachusetts/MA, Vermont/VT, New Hampshire/NH, Rhode Island/RI, Maine/ME, and Connecticut/CT.

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