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Sep 20 2017

Car touch up paint tips: discover how to do car paint repair on your own now. #book #value #of #cars

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Car touch up paint tips:

Discover how to do car paint repair on your own now.

Fix stone chips and scratches in your vehicle s paint with car touch up paint.

Professional body shops typically repaint an entire area to fix scratches and stone chips. However, you can easily repair minor paint damage with just a few car touch up paint items from Advance Auto Parts. Don t expect perfection from your car paint touch up, especially if your vehicle has metallic paint.

First, prepare the bare metal so the car touch up paint will stick, then build up the blemish with paint. Finally, sand the new paint until it is flush with the paint surface. The process is simple — it just takes patience.

Rely on your Advance Auto Parts Team Member to provide you with car paint touch up and additional repair supplies you may need. And don t forget about our complete line of quality auto parts.

Why you should do car paint touch up:

From the time your vehicle leaves the new car showroom, it is subjected to door dings, stone chips and errant shopping carts. The cumulative effect on your paint can be disastrous. Not only will your vehicle look old and worn, bare sheet metal will allow rust to form in a matter of days.

Advance Auto Parts has everything you need to do repairs at home, including car paint scratch repair and car paint chip repair.

What you will need for car paint repair:

Do-it-yourself difficulty guide for car paint repair:


Estimated time required – 1 -3 Hours

How to perform your own car paint repair — and save money in the process.

Have your Advance Auto Parts Team Member confirm what type of paint is on your vehicle and which car paint repair products are right for you.

  1. Complete paint touch up kits with everything you need — for car paint scratch repair and car paint chip repair — are available for your vehicle. Ask your Advance Auto Parts Team Member which kit will work for you.
  2. A stone chip can penetrate your vehicle s finish to bare metal. It must be properly prepared by sanding to remove surface oxidation. This sanding stick is part of a touch up kit.
  3. You must build up the repair with several coats of touch up paint. Let it dry between each coat. Build the paint up until it is higher than the paint surrounding the repair.
  4. With a small sanding block, sand the paint repair until it is flush with the paint around it. Use #600 wet or dry sandpaper to blend the repair into the surrounding area.
  5. If your vehicle is not clear-coated, use rubbing compound to bring up the shine. If it has a clear-coat finish, get a wax remover and wipe off the surrounding paint.
  6. Spray the sanded area with clear coat.
  7. Lightly sand clear coat with #1500 sandpaper on a soft sanding block, then wipe off the dust particles with a cotton cloth to clean the work area.
  8. The final step is to apply a few good coats of wax to protect the repaired area from moisture.

Trust Advance Auto Parts for the car paint repair supplies and quality auto parts you need for routine vehicle maintenance jobs.

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