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Welcome To – Where your search for a car ends here!

Are you in the market for a new or a used cars for sale in Australia? provides a database of 1000’s of vehicles that are located throughout Australia from local car dealerships and private sellers. Our unique intelligent search platform enables you to quickly and efficiently search for a vehicle in your particular state and region narrowing down your results to your requirements. As our carsales classifieds website is driven on results, we have kept things simple by providing only what you will need to find your next vehicle.

We are constantly improving and our Active Intelligence based search system which is the heart of providing you with unparalleled performance driving split second search results. Finding a car locally in your State and Region has never been easier by using our location relative search facility powered by our custom geographical database which enables you to select only vehicles that are applicable to your location that you wish to view.

If you are in the market to buy your very first car or are unsure of what vehicle make and model you are interested in but know what engine size or body type you are seeking, we provide you with suggestion based results. will actively suggest to you other vehicle listings based on the current search you have performed. This unique form of intelligent results allows you to find other relevant vehicles that you may have never thought of or considered as an option. With so many new car makes and models coming to market this feature puts you in the driver’s seat providing you with more relevant cars of interest.

Every week local car dealerships nationwide from Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory upload their inventory keeping our listings up to date. Not only do we provide current vehicle stock from large dealerships we also show inventory from smaller local car yards to give you a wider selection and choice. Many of our small carsales yards focus on cheap car sales which is perfect for finding a second vehicle or ideal first vehicle. With so many options available to you browse with confidence knowing we have provided you with one of the very best car classifieds website in Australia.

Are You A Dealership Looking To Upload Your New Or Used Cars?

As a car dealership you know the importance of exposing your inventory to potential buyers. As the traditional methods of marketing such as paperback become redundant and digital mediums are taking its place, you as a dealer need to know that your inventory will be seen.

Is Bigger Better?

Market research performed by Vertigo Ventures has shown that larger car classifieds websites with hundreds of thousands of listings are suffering from what we call ‘Washout’. Washout is when the car website is so large that the potential buyers are faced with hundreds if not thousands of choices of a particular car make and model. This effect can cost your dealership’s marketing budget many thousands of dollars and loss of sales. Potential car buyers simply have too much choice and contact many sellers instead of focusing on just a few. In a lot of cases these leads are dead leads for your dealership as they not only waste your time they can cost you money especially if you have a pay per a contact arrangement with a classifieds website.

The development of was focused on making sales for dealerships and connecting buyers with sellers. As we use the latest state of the art Active Intelligence search facility, we have the ability give you greater exposure to the buyers by using suggestion based search. Suggestion based search allows the buyer to search for a vehicle and based on the particular search they have performed we are able to suggest other vehicles they may have never thought of before. For example if the buyer searches for a 4 cylinder Toyota Hatchback and there is only 12 listings available we may suggest a different make or model based on the 4 cylinder Toyota Hatchback. Because our search technologies are suggestion based we do not ever zero out on our search results unlike other car classifieds websites. This enables your dealership to gain more exposure for your listings.

We at do not charge per a lead or have large overheads that we roll on to the dealer, we simply have a tiered monthly fee based on inventory uploads. There are no surprises at the end of the month for your marketing department to deal with. With an ongoing development roadmap will continually be adding new products and features to enable your dealership to gain maximum sales from our technology. If you would like to find out more in regards to listing your stock contact us via our help center by Clicking Here

Wanting To Sell Your Car Fast – Is Bigger Better?

The question arises. Is a Bigger car classifieds website better to sell your vehicle on? Not necessarily. A range of factors come into play when you are looking to list your vehicle and bigger is not always better in the car classifieds industry. On websites that have hundreds of thousands of listings and hundreds if not thousands of particular car models the buyers are faced with too many choices which is what we call ‘Washout’. A term that indicates the buyers have too many choices and your chance of receiving an enquiry is very limited. Market Research performed by Vertigo Ventures has indicated that sellers listing their vehicles on smaller websites are receiving more enquiries then larger classifieds websites

Another factor you should also consider when listing your vehicle on a website is the speed of the search. How fast are the search results being displayed? If you are getting frustrated with the constant lag when searching for a vehicle chances are you will leave the website within a minute or two. If you are getting frustrated wouldn’t buyers get frustrated as well? If you list your vehicle on a slow website you are simply wasting your advertising dollars as the potential buyers will become too frustrated and leave the website without viewing your listing. We utilise state of the art Active Intelligent search technologies which results in split second search so potential buyers can browse at speed which increases the chance of receiving an enquiry for your vehicle.

Australia provides you with most cost effective, technologically advanced classifieds platform on the market to help you sell your car fast! All of our advertising packages are reasonably priced based on all budgets and requirements. To start selling begin by clicking Sell My Car

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