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Nov 23 2016

Car Rental Portugal #car #wraps

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Portugal Car Rental – Car Hire Price Comparison

Portugal car rental offers you the option to compare all major and independent car rental suppliers and to book your car rental in real-time online. We offer rental cars in all major cities of Portugal and you can save up to 40%.

Portugal Car Rental shows a price comparison of all the leading car rental providers including Sixt, Europcar, Alamo, CarTrawler to find you the very best deal on your car rental.

Use our Portugal car rental quote system and in 2 minutes you will have a comparison of all providers in Portugal. Then choose your preferred car rental agency and car hire rate. We offer a great range of vehicles at every destination from cheap economy cars through to luxury convertibles. Start now and simply complete the form for an instant online quote.

What Makes Portugal an Outstanding Tourist Attraction?

Did you know that Portugal is among the top 20 developed countries with a high Human Development Index? Portugal is Europe s westernmost country of main land Europe. Bordering it is the Atlantic Ocean, and Spain. Its history dates back to the Iberian Peninsula, Roman settlement and Portuguese explorers. Its language Portuguese is spoken around the world and is popular in its former colonies of Brazil and Southern Africa. It has territories in the Iberian Peninsula with two archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean.

Why is Portugal enlisted among the top 20 most visited countries of the world?

Every year Portugal receives over 13 million tourists. Its hot spots include Madeira. Lisbon. Algrave. Porto Santo and Alentejo. It has mountain peaks and islands popular for various attractions. Its mainland is a hot spot for winter sports like skiing. Portugal s Mediterranean climate makes it a warm European country. Visitors find the mountainous regions and its coast a great site for summer vacations. Tourists who prefer to have fun in winter can experience snowfalls in the northern parts between October and May.

Tropical archipelago of Azores and Madeira exhibit a subtropical climate. This is a region of great biodiversity ranging from mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. Its wild cats include the weasel, hare, mongoose, and wolves. It has some endangered species like the brown bear among others. For a variety of fresh water fish, Portugal has the giant European cat fish in its lakes and other marine life. Among these are sardines, tuna and the mackerel.

What makes Portugal a tourist attraction in all seasons?

While travelling on vacation is bound to be expensive, Portugal offers its tourists the best services at affordable costs. Its tourists are mostly European including visitors from Spain, Germany and British. The country s airports have affordable travel rates from top airliners. Its competitive hospitality industry has affordable accommodation and entertainment joints. What s more, travel companies give amazing discounts in the cheap car hire travel options. Every year there are new hot spots within the islands and the mainland. These tourist destinations are safe and offer exceptional attractions.

Car hire and public transport in Portugal

Portugal is a fast growing economy with reliable transport facilities It has ultra modern motorways and railways. The Porto metro light rail and Orient station are some of the busy station. The landmark Vasco da Gama Bridge is a sight to behold. Visitors often take photos of the Tagus River and it bridges. With the car rentals you find clean environment friendly vehicles. This is a cheap car hire alternative that saves on fuel and reduces pollution. Within the cities and towns there are airports with quality facilities for business and leisure travelers. Taxi services are available on a 24 hour basis. For convenient and comfortable transport within the regions car rental services are the best. These are private and safe car hire with amazing special rates of daily and weekly charges. Service industries in Portugal are reliable and tourists can pay for services using credit cards.

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