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Jul 26 2017

Car Payment Calculator from Nationwide #cash #for #junk #cars

#payment calculator for cars

Figure Out Your Monthly Car Payment or Purchase Price With Our Auto Payment Calculator

Now that you’ve estimated your pay off schedule using our auto loan payment calculator, learn about the different auto loan options from Nationwide Bank ®. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying your first car or your tenth, Nationwide Bank has the auto loan financing information to make the choice that’s right for your situation.

Also, remember to protect yourself and your auto with comprehensive car insurance coverage .

Rebates and cash down – Total amount of cash and/or factory rebates used in the purchase. The larger the down payment, the smaller the loan required to finance.

Trade allowance – The total amount you are given for any vehicle that you may trade as part of the purchase.

Amount owed on trade – Total outstanding loan for your current vehicle.

Non-taxable fees (optional) – These are additional fees that are not subject to sales tax.

Taxable fees (optional) – Additional fees that are subject to sales tax.

No sales tax deduction for trade-in – Check this box if you live in a state where sales tax is calculated on the full purchase price.

Insurance products offered through Nationwide Insurance are NOT insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency, nor are they guaranteed by, deposits of or obligations of Nationwide Bank.

Calculators are provided to help you determine how a loan, line of credit or a deposit product may affect your budget. The results offered are estimates and do not guarantee available loan terms, cost savings, tax benefits, etc. Nationwide Bank does not offer a guarantee of the calculator results.

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