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If you need a clutch, driveshaft or gearbox replacement part then you ve come to the right place. Generally speaking, transmission parts get the power from your engine to the ground in order to make your car move forwards. Check out our huge range of replacement transmission parts to find the right components for your vehicle.

  • Cheap car parts

    Suspension Steering Close

    Steering and suspension systems are crucial for a smooth ride and for safe turning and handling. From springs to steering racks, here at Halfords we ve got steering and suspension replacement parts for all car makes and models.

  • Cheap car parts

    Ignition Close

    Without ignition coils, leads, and modules, you ll probably have a tough time trying to start up your car. Fortunately our ignition parts are all you need to get your car s engine started – whilst our air, oil, and fuel filters will keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Cheap car parts

    Filtration Close

    From air filters to oil filters, and fuel filters to pollen filters, we ve got filters galore available for most makes and models of vehicles. Find the right replacement filter for your car in our filters range.

  • Cheap car parts

    Engine Parts Close

    As the heart of your car, you ll soon notice if anything is amiss with your car s engine. Our huge engine parts range has the components and replacement parts your car needs to keep your engine running happily.

  • Cheap car parts

    Electrical Lighting Close

    From switches sensors to starter motors, and indicators to alternators, we ve got all the electrical and lighting replacement parts you could ever need for every make and model of vehicle – including components for fiddly wiring systems and computerised control systems. Take a look at our range to find the compatible electrical or lighting part for your car.

  • Cheap car parts

    Cooling Heating Close

    If your car is overheating, or not warming up properly, it could damage the engine. An optimum working temperature for your engine is 90c, to make sure that the vehicle is running correctly.

  • Cheap car parts

    Brakes Close

    Get your brakes working in top condition. Browse our range of various parts for your brakes. Whether it s a worn pad, or a faulty sensor, we ve got it covered.

  • Cheap car parts

    Body Exhaust Close

    Sadly corrosion sets in for every car exhaust sooner or later, but fear not – here at Halfords we ve got quality car exhausts for pretty much every make and model. And whether you need a new bonnet, bumper or spoiler we ve got the body part you need for your car.

    Just like us, our cars need a little TLC every so often; whether it’s a broken wing mirror, worn out exhaust or simply a blown fuse, keeping on top of your car’s maintenance will save you time and money in the long-run.

    Whatever car parts or car spares you’re looking for, Halfords are on hand with a great range of auto parts so you can save money on expensive garages by doing simple jobs yourself.

    If you’re looking for replacement wing mirror glass, here at Halfords, we’ve made it really easy for you to find the right wing mirror glass with a handy tool on our site; simply enter your car registration number and it’ll do the rest.

    Not sure what you need? Then pop over to see us at your local Halfords store; our trained staff are ready and waiting to help you find what you need. Easy peasy!

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